Thursday, December 09, 2004

[Oriental Daily & The Sun 10/12/04]

On and off the screen, Gigi Lai and Charmaine Sheh have portrayed the quarrelling duo, but during a Chinese New Year promotional clip shoot yesterday, they played the good sister act as they tried to sell airtime to the sponsors, using the greeting "from harmony grows fortune" to convey their message. They also acted like twin sisters as they helped each other with their hairpieces and Gigi laughed: "We are like the advert for the Twin Girl Brand!"

Although during the anniversary period, there was a lot of conflict between them for the "My Favourite Female Lead Role" award, after the ceremony, they have put aside their competition and will ask about each other. When Gigi indicated that she did not like to stay in hotels when she went on holiday, preferring to stay with friends, Charmaine said warmly that she would welcome Gigi to her home: "My home is in Hawaii, so you can come and stay at my house. We have our own pool and garden." When Gigi heard this, she was a little taken aback and said that she was very envious of Charmaine to have a home abroad. When asked if she had thought about buying a property abroad, she says that all her family live in Hong Kong, so she has no need to and will have to stay with others when she goes abroad.

Charmaine is currently filming for new series "Yummy Yummy" and next month she will be heading over to film on location in Singapore. Filming will continue until at least the Chinese New Year. Usually Charmaine will head to the states for the new year, but she does not think she can do that this year. She laughs that if Gigi wants to go there on vacation, she can go and keep her mother company for her. Unfortunately, Gigi will not be able to do that as she will be filming for her own new series "Powder and Rouge". Charmaine's work schedule is very tight this year so she thinks she will only have two days holiday that she plans to spend sleeping. However, she hopes to be able to light some fireworks or fire crackers and even better if she is with her family. Charmaine says: "That is why I will have lots of children when I get married and have a big family to fulfil my dream."


[The Sun & Oriental Daily 10/12/04]

Sheren Tang has been the new pet of the advertising industry after her performance as "Yu Fei" and yesterday she became the "Queen of Diamonds" as she modelled over $1 million of diamond jewellery. Wearing a rather sexy dress, Sheren was afraid of revealing too much, so she would not take off her fur shawl and kept holding it down tightly. When the press asked her to put down her hand for their photos, she said rather unwillingly: "You are looking at the diamonds, leave some room for people's imagination. (Have you exposed yourself before?) Not me, but there was another movie star who did, so I have to be careful."

Sheren was the guest of honour at the jewellery event yesterday and she was given a diamond necklace worth over $20,000. Sheren indicated that she really likes heart shaped cut diamonds as it feels like someone has given you their heart. However she is not waiting for someone to give her one: "I am very careful, if someone presented me with something so expensive, then I would suspect that they were up to no good. Feelings are not judged by these things, if it can be bought with money, then it is not very precious. The way to my heart is by choosing a design that I like rather than its value." Sheren also indicated that she has not been dating anyone in recent years and the happiest thing for her is that people praise her acting because this is priceless. She also hopes that her performance career can be as eternal as a diamond.


[Oriental Daily 10/12/04]

Roger Kwok's "Square Pegs" broke ratings records when it was aired and created the legend of 'Ah Wong' at the TVB anniversary awards last year. At the time, many people called for TVB to film a sequel, but the decision was made to end it on a high, especially as the original show had Ah Wong returning to his normal self and so the idea of a sequel was shelved.

However, the fans of Ah Wong have finally got some good news as TVB has decided to film a modern version of "The Legend of Ah Wong". The show will be led once again by "Square Pegs" producer Wong Wai Sing and main leads Roger and Jessica Hsuan, but the story will be completely different. Currently filming in Guangxi, Roger does not have any special reaction to the news of "The Legend of Ah Wong", saying: "I will have to wait until mid-December when I return to understand the details, so if you ask me now if I feel pressure or if I am happy, then I have nothing special to tell you."

Roger's co-star Jessica seemed rather excited about it: "Of course I am happy, the best thing is to work with the original cast and crew. I don't care about whether the show does well or not in the future, the most important thing is that the filming process is happy and it isn't a sequel, so there is no pressure."


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