Friday, December 10, 2004

[Oriental Daily 11/12/04]

Bernice Liu was present at the premier of Ice Dynasty's production of "Sleeping Beauty" and she says that she has recently been decorating her new home. She has moved from a small house to a big house and admits that this is because her income has increased a lot. She says: "My income is okay! The company has been very good to me in the past few years and my shows will be airing soon. My old home was too small, so I had to move into a larger house to store all my things." Bernice also says excitedly that she has a new member of her household, that is a little curly haired dog. At first Bernice wanted to call it "Honey", but her family objected. She explains laughingly: "My family say that if I call it 'Honey', then when I have a boyfriend, then who will respond when I call out 'Honey'? So now the dog is called 'Mac' and my dad really loves it."


[Ta Kung Pao 11/12/04]

Ekin Cheng has suddenly changed his image lately and cut his hair short. It turns out that this is because he will soon be filming TVB's new series about the Government Flying Services and he has earlier filmed the sales presentation clip for it.

Ekin says that in order to play this character, he has to cut his long hair from many years and he will undergo some formal training from the squad, having to get up at 8am every morning. Ekin likes to take part in exhilarating activities and he uses 'like to the extreme' to describe his feelings towards this character. He says that to be able to play a flying services pilot may turn him into a flying fanatic and he might even want to apply for a pilot's licence, but he says that the requirements for eyesight is very strict and he may not pass, so he would consider having surgery to correct his vision for it. Ekin will not be required to film abroad for this series, but Ekin will need to be in and out of the restricted area at the airport and he says excitedly: "Filming for this show means I will be at the airport a lot and it will be good fun. Usually we can't go into the restricted areas and I have only been in once."

As for whether there is a need to cut his hair any shorter, he says he will have to speak to the officials before he knows for sure, but even if he has to, then he does not mind. Since he left TVB's childrens programme and filmed his first series, he has never had his hair short and had once announced that to cut his hair would mean he would lose all his luck, but he clarified this yeterday saying: "Having it neither long or short is not good, cutting it short is okay."

In the past, Ekin has spent Christmas partying at home and so he has decorated his home with a great festive atmosphere and will create many party games. His manager Sandy Lam sees that he is always very happy and has invited him to hold the party at her home this year. Not having a party this year, Ekin will not bother decorating his house and will just be piling up some presents in preparation for Sandy's party.



[The Sun 11/12/04]

Having recently split up with her boyfriend, Fiona Yuen has been hanging out with fellow singleton Stephanie Che, who has introduced her to a German friend from university. Fiona says that he is tall and handsome and they are getting along very well.

Fiona, Stephanie, Linda Wong, Timmy Hung and Johnny Tang were among the stars in Shenzhen yesterday, taking part in the "Yan Oi Charity Golfing Tournament" and Stephanie brought her German friend Nickcolas along with her. This handsome man had previously become good friends with Fiona and had been on a few dates with her. It was revealed that in order to prepare for the event yesterday, Stephanie had asked Nickcolas to help them polish up on their golfing skills and on the first day of practice, Fiona had struck a chord with him and she praised him yesterday, saying: "He is not only tall and handsome, he is also my countryman (Fiona returned to Hong Kong from Germany) and it has been a long time since I spoke in German with someone in Hong Kong. We exchanged telephone numbers, but he will be going back to Germany on Monday, so I don't think we will continue dating."

At this point, Fiona indicated that she does not oppose women taking the lead in relationships: "As long as it is not too far, then it is okay, because the men of today are very indecisive!" When asked if her friends have been pulling the strings for her, she laughs: "I've just broken up and I haven't even told everyone yet, so why would they do that? However, if I start dating again in the future, then I would agree we need to spend more time observing each other first so we can really get to know each other."

Timmy revealed that he will soon be filming a Qing costume drama for TVB and will be shaving his head for the first time, but he feels it is worth it: "To be able to film with Yuen Wah, Yuen Biao and Leung Ka Yan, who are all my 'uncles', then this is an opportunity not to be missed."


[The Sun & Oriental Daily 11/12/04]

Mandy Cho was wearing a short black dress at a promotional event for a car showroom and having been extremely busy lately, she smiles that she has received many offers of work from outside TVB. "I have had plenty of opportunities to 'make some real money' and I am pleased with the fee. (Is it five figures?) Yes, similar to last time. I also have some openings and MC work over the Christmas period, so I will not have a break." However, Mandy will not be buying herself a present for Christmas as a reward, but will be buying presents for her family instead.

Mandy also indicates that she will be meeting up with some fans for a party next week. She says: "Even if I am not in the news, they will make screenshots of me from the TV and put them up on the net, so that I can relive the memories and that is very touching."


[Oriental Daily & The Sun 11/12/04]

There were reports yesterday that Selena Li's father was met with creditors chasing him to repay his debts at his electronics business in Shatin's Fotan, causing him to bring down the shutters on the business. Currently filming in the mainland for TVB's "The Herbalists Manual", Selena was asked about this and indicated: "My dad's company is in Shatin Fotan, but I did not see him before I left Hong Kong and I never speak to my dad about his business affairs, so I don't know anything about his company. (Do you think he is having financial difficulties?) We don't talk about these things, so I really don't know."

When she was told about the news, Selena seemed rather concerned and in turn asked the reporters about who these people were: "Hearing you say this, then of course I am worried, so I will call my dad and find out what is happening."


[Ta Kung Pao 11/12/04]

To spread the word about how precious life is, there will be a digital film made based on real life stories called "Children of Heaven and Earth" and the artistes invited to take part include Damian Lau, Dik Lung, Kiki Sheung, Sammul Chan, Shaun Tam, Marsha Yuen, Louisa So and Zac Koo. Yesterday, they appeared at a press conference and described their feelings towards this film and a lady who had given birth to two sons with disabilities told her true story about how she brought up her children through great hardship and everyone was very touched. At one point, Marsha broke down in tears and she explained that she has a freind at church who has a problem with her unborn child and she asked everyone to pray for her.

Marsha will be playing a paediatrician in the show and in one scene it tells of a baby whom she is caring for dying. She is worried that she will be crying so much she cannot stop, so luckily there are no lines in this scene. As this is a gospel film, then the fee will be nominal. Marsha says she does not mind as long as there is a good moral and educational value to the production. When asked if she has plans to marry her boyfriend Patrick Tang and have children, she says that for now, her career comes first and she does not want to get married yet. However, she does like kids and after she gets married, she will definitely have children.

Earlier, whilst filming for "Guts of Man" (Courageous Kunlun), Sammul and the crew discovered the body of an abandoned baby on Stanley Beach and at the time, seeing the drenched and lifeless body, he felt very sickened and asked himself how someone could be so cruel. He feels that we need to educate the next generation well and so he feels that making this film gives him a strong direction in life. As a Christian himself, this is the first time he has made a gospel film and he admits that he will only be asking for half his usual fee. At the end of December, he will begin filming for Eric Tsang's new movie.


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