Tuesday, November 23, 2004

[Ta Kung Pao & The Sun 24/11/04]

Liza Wang, Myolie Wu, Bosco Wong, Christine Ng and Shek Sau were at the costume fitting for new series "My Sassy Mother-in-Law" yesterday and after a while away from filming, Liza described her character excitedly: "I am the bossy mother-in-law and everyone has to spoil me, even you!" (pointing at the press).

When asked why she agreed to film this show, Liza says: "This is a company production, so I have to do it and the role has been tailor made for me as I have filmed very few comedies, so it should be good fun." As for Shek Sau who plays her husband, they have worked together numerous times before and in Liza's first series "Four Daughters" (Sei Chin Gam), Shek played her boyfriend. Liza laughs: "This time the role is very suited for him because he dare not answer back to me in the show!"

Although she has to play the sassy mother, Liza will try to make the character quite lovable and try not to be hated by the audience. As for the long hours in filming, will she be asking for more time to rest? She says: "No, I hope that the company will make the necessary arrangements. Luckily we don't have to film on the mainland and it will just be filming for about two months." Also, with all the gossip after the anniversary, Liza remarks: "I don't know, don't ask me - I was not the judge."

Currently being heavily promoted, Bosco Wong has had the opportunity to work with a veteran in each of his series, such as Francis Ng, Damian Lau and John Chiang. Working with Liza this time, he says that he is happy he can work with so many experienced artistes, but also a little apprehensive. Luckily, he finds that they are not arrogant at all and are willing to teach him, especially John, who is rather playful and as they have worked together twice now, they are rather close and refer to each other as father and son. When Bosco has time, he will visit John and as for whether they will adopt each other, then he laughs that as long as it is in the heart then formalities do not matter too much.

He also adds that he likes working with veterans because they know about things he has never met before and will offer him advice, bringing him a lot of benefits. When asked who else he would like to work with, he says openly: "Lydia Shum." Although they had worked together on "Enjoy Yourself Tonight" before, they have not filmed a series together and Lydia is renowned for her love shown to the younger generation. He laughs: "The best thing would be to be able to work with Lydia after this series with Liza!"

In the show, Myolie will play Liza's daughter-in-law and will have many argument scenes with Liza. Myolie admits that she is a little frightened and nervous and although she has worked with Liza before in "The Awakening Story", they had very few scenes together before and she has never been scolded by Liza before, just taught. However, working with senior artistes will always cause some pressure. As well as argument scenes, Myolie will also have some underwater scenes and she laughs that since entering showbiz, she has always had to shoot watery scenes when it is cold and she sighs helplessly.

Christine plays Shek Sau's childhood lover in the show, but as Liza plays a princess in the show and snatched Shek away, then Christine laughs: "I have to fight with Liza over a guy, that's very satisfying!"

In fact, Liza is Christine's idol, so when she heard that she would be working with Liza, she agreed without a second thought, hoping that she will be able to learn from Liza. As for her character being very studious and graceful and the real Christine being far from that in charaacter, she feels that there will be some difficulty in playing the role and laughs she will have to take some lessons from 'Lady Yuk Ying' (Gigi Lai). Talking of Gigi winning the female lead award giving rise to much gossip, as her good friend, how has Christine been comforting Gigi? She says: "The viewers each have their own preferences and everyone has their own idols. Although Gigi is not a TVB contracted artiste, but her show 'War and Beauty' pulled in the ratings and reviews, so this is a convincing win and I hope that she will cheer up and not give herself too much pressure."

Also, another of Christine's good friends Anita Yuen is often away from Hong Kong filming, but when she found out that Christine will be filming an ancient drama, she especially went to buy her a coat, in case she was not used to it and leaving Christine extremely touched.


[Ta Kung Pao 23/11/04]

TVB's new infotainment show "Hong Kong Dragon Vein" held a press conference yesterday and the two hosts Anna Yau and Ellesmere Choy were present with Fu Sze Sze as a guest. Sze Sze says that she has especially studied three pages of information for the show that covers the development of the logistics industry in Hong Kong. She says that before she entered Miss Hong Kong, she studied Materials Engineering in Singapore, but she was not particularly interested in the subject as it was her second choice after medicine.

Sze Sze says that to study medicine in Singapore is quite difficult, because 70% of the intake is male and only 30% are women. Is this a little unfair? Sze Sze says that the Singaporean government reckons that women will get married and not work after graduating, so this will waste their investment and development. Will she consider studying medicine in Hong Kong then? She says she will not because studying in Hong Kong is very difficult and she likes her job now. Her family agree to her not studying and becoming an artiste because many girls can become doctors, but not everyone has the chance to work in showbiz.

Sze Sze then revealed that since the Miss Hong Kong competition, her weight has been steadily rising an even her father has told her to start losing some weight. She sighs: "As well as wanting me to learn Chinese, my dad is always nagging me to keep fit! I know I have put on some weight and I have already started taking action to lose it, but I daren't step on the scales because I am afraid I will not be able to accept reality." Sze Sze says that if her weight can return to 112 lbs, then this will be her ideal weight.


[Oriental Daily & The Sun 24/11/04]

Gigi was a guest on a radio show yesterday and when asked about the complaints received from viewers about her winning the female lead award at the anniversary, she said: "I will not think about it, I will not debate or think back to things in the past because I have to look to the future."

She admits that maybe she was too playful in the past and mocks herself saying: "My brain had not yet matured and I let go of too many opportunities and made many wrong decisions. I did not know how to express myself or be myself and I have experienced so much and met so many people now and heard so many rumours and so much gossip along the way. However, in the past few years, I have come out of my shell and in the areas where I am lacking, I will work hard to improve and ignore any idle gossip along the way."

Playing the unhappy lovers in "War and Beauty" together, Gigi and Bowie Lam have broken into the Jade Solid Gold charts with their duet and sub theme "Poison" and recently filmed a music video to be shown with the song. They will also be performing live in a challenge against the full time singers. However, the two are established singing stars in their own right, as Gigi released her debut song "White Shirt" eight years ago that led to an eight record deal. As for her future as a singing star, Gigi says she is afraid now as she is not sure she can face the endless promotional work, having to do stage performances, advertisements and promotions. At the moment, with her filming, stage shows and advertising work is already enough for her, so she would rather not be greedy and let go of her singing career. She laughs: "If I sing my own series theme songs, then that is another thing. TVB is promoting its own artistes to sing theme songs at the moment and I am interested in singing something for my latest series 'Healing Hands III'." Gigi reveals that she will soon be recording a radio drama with Leo Ku, who also happened to be the male star of the music video for "White Shirt" all those years ago.

In Bowie and Gigi's music video, the two drink red wine in a rather romantic scene, but Gigi laughs: "Talking romance with Bowie in modern clothing is rather weird!" This is the second time that they have shot a music video as the first one was for karaoke and this one is for TVB. Bowie's dedication to TVB has raised the topic of his contract arrangement with TVB and he laughingly jests: "Why have I not been invited to lunch by an executive? (You can invite them?) I am not that kind of person."

There have been rumours that Gigi and Sheren Tang have fallen out after the awards ceremony with reports that they are refusing to appear together at events. The latest story is that Movie Mogul Wong Jing had originally planned to take advantage of the "War and Beauty" popularity to make a film starring Gigi and Sheren and with Anthony Wong as the male lead, however Gigi turned down the part with suggestions that this was because she did not want to work with Sheren again. When Gigi's manager was asked about this yesterday, she said: "There was no particular reason for turning him down, but I did it a long time ago and did not know at the time that Sheren had a part."

Wong admits that he did invite the two ladies to film, saying: "I was thinking of asking them both, but they took a long time to confirm, so I did not want to reveal it." As for male lead Anthony, he laughed: "Gigi's not filming? And I thought I could be like the Emperor in 'War and Beauty' with many wives! I don't believe that they are at odds and even if they filmed together, I would be stuck in the middle becuase I often hang around problematic women! Haha.. only joking!"


[The Sun & Oriental Daily 24/11/04]

Three metropolitan beauties Charmaine Sheh, Sofie Rahman and Amanda Lui were invited by Lancome to take part in a promotion to model the latest creations by Hong Kong's top make-up artist Don Au yesterday.

This is the first time that Charmaine has modelled for a this cosmetics company and appeared with a simple, natural look to bring out the shape of her face and the superb quality of her skin. She laughs that she is very happy with her fee and also loves the image, saying: "I like simple make up, because if there is too much, it gives the impression of a child trying to look like an adult, so I think I am suited to a fresher look. (Which part of you do you find most beautiful?) I like my eyes because they are big and I have naturally curly lashes, so people have said that my eyes can speak."

As for beauty tips, Charmaine says: "I take care of keeping my skin clean because I always have to wear make up for work and if I don't cleanse properly then I will get spots." Although Charmaine is an undisputed beauty, she is not very vain at all and was a tomboy when she was younger: "I only started wearing make up with I was 22 when I took part in Miss Hong Kong. When I was young, I did not steal my mother's cosmetics because I was more of a tomboy and liked wearing trousers!"


[Oriental Daily 24/11/04]

Cutie Mui, Sherming Yiu, Shawn Yue and Alex Fong (Lik San) will be doing some fancy wakeboarding for the Tung Wah Charity Gala and it was Cutie who suggested this event to the producer in the hope that she can promote the sport. When asked if she was worried about the weather being too cold, she says: "Filming in December, it will be quite cold, so I would suggest wearing some insulating clothes to get into the water, but the producer says he wants us to show our love by wearing bikinis with lifejackets. We don't mind - as long as the two men wear their trunks then Sherming can show off her top and I will show off my bottom!"

Shawn seemed a little embarrassed as he responded to Cutie's suggestion, saying: "I will dress like Superman and put my trunks on the outside of my sports gear! I don't really want to wear trunks because I don't want to scare the audience or have anything unsavoury appearing on the TV, but if there are donations of $200,000 per item, then I will wear them!"


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Whilst filming for "King of Herbal Medicines", Frankie Lam was seen to be changing his lines himself and as the number of changed lines increased, the producer has decided to change the ending completely to match up with these alterations and originally having a love affair with Frankie in the show, Michelle Ye has been written to become a pair with Kenneth Ma, whilst Frankie pairs up with Selena Li.

In response to this, Michelle says: "I know that the ending has been changed and I will end up having a romance with Kenneth Ma, but this is the will of the producer and I will respect this." As for Kenneth, he agreed, saying: "I have heard that they have arranged for me to be a pair with Michelle at the end of this story. As for why they have changed it, then I don't know." However, producer Wong Wai Sing denies this, saying: "No, the ending was always like this and has never changed."


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