Wednesday, November 17, 2004

[Ta Kung Pao & The Sun 18/11/04]

TVB's anniversary celebration show will be held tomorrow (Friday) night and all the female stars have been out and about seeking jewellery and outfit sponsors to be the grandest one at the extravaganza. Yesterday morning, Charmaine Sheh was at a jewellers in Central, trying on some items and although she is preparing to wear three different sets of jewellery on the night, one set of antique rubies has not yet arrived in Hong Kong, so she just tried on the emerald and diamond sets.

The store manager reveals that as Charmaine may be winning an award at the anniversary and as she is a beautiful girl, then she decided to sponsor her. These two sets of jewels are Columbian Emeralds that are worth $36.8 million with a weight of 200 carats. The set of diamonds is worth $12 million, totalling 38 carats and the set that is yet to arrive is a set of antique rubies that originally belonged to an English duke and it will be brought to Hong Kong especially tomorrow. As the value of antiques continuously rises, a conservative estimate of the value of the rubies is around $38 million, which takes the total value of Charmaine's sponsored jewellery to nearly $100 million, taking the lead in the female star's jewellery league. The manager says that even if Charmaine doesn't win an award, then she will still present her with a set of diamond jewellery to keep, but she would not reveal the value of this. When Charmaine heard this, she immediately thanked her greatly.

With such a large sponsorship, Charmaine smiled happily: "I am so shocked and thankful to the boss and I hope I will not disappoint her. (You seem to be in the lead so far among the female stars?) Everyone hopes to look their best for the show and I am not competing aggressively, just being vain." The jewellers will be sending a security team to protect the jewellery on the evening and they have heavily insured the items during their travel from Europe, to Hong Kong and TVB City.

Kenix Kwok also revealed her jewellery combinations for tomorrow night's celebration and appears to have overtaken even Charmaine with her priceless collection including a $30 million set of Moulin Rouge diamonds, $30 million of pink rubies and a priceless natural purple pearl and ruby set, totalling over $100 million. Kenix says that the jeweller likes her healthy image and feels very honoured, but she does not feel that the competition is over the figure on the values. She says: "I don't think it is just on value, why don't you just treat the anniversary show as a jewellery exhibition. Even if you say that we are competing for the award, then we should compete in a sporting way. Not winning the award does not mean anything."


[Ta Kung Pao 18/11/04]

TVB annouced the final top ten nominees for the "My Favourite Male Lead" award and these are (in no particular order):

Patrick Tam (Split Second)
Bobby Au Yeung (Shine on You)
Moses Chan (War and Beauty)
Ron Ng (Twin of Brothers)
Bowie Lam (War and Beauty)
Joe Ma (A Handful of Love)
Dayo Wong (To Catch the Uncatchable)
Roger Kwok (To Get Unstuck in Time)
Frankie Lam (Armed Reaction IV)
Raymond Lam (Twin of Brothers)

When Adam Cheng found that he was not on the list, he was a little disappointed, saying that this does not mean that his acting is not good, just that his series was aired late in the year and this made him lose out a little. Adam thinks that Dayo will win and as for the cast of "War and Beauty" as hot favourites, he says it is all down to the show bringing out the characters.


[Ta Kung Pao 18/11/04]
(Pictures from The Sun)

Shirley Yeung was rehearsing for her item for her routine in the anniversary celebrations earlier when she fell over, aggrevating an old neck injury, but after treatment at the hospital, she is fine and was accompanied home by her boyfriend Gregory Lee afterwards to rest.

Shirley was working with Bosco Wong for the item and Bosco indicated yesterday: "At the time, Shirley was drawing a bow, whilst standing on my thigh, but she was leaning a little while she was standing there and I tried my best to grab hold of her, but she still fell forward. When she fell onto the floor, she hurt her old neck and shoulder injury. As Shirley was screaming and crying and as she had previously had an injury, then although she was still conscious, it was decided to take her to hospital to be checked out. Her boyfriend Gregory rushed to the hospital and when we found out that everything was okay, then I gave them both a lift home."

As for whether the performance will be cancelled, Bosco says: "Shirley feels that after so much hard work, it would be a shame to cancel it, so she will get some good rest over the next couple of days so she can be back on form for the performance. We will be simplifying some of the more difficult moves though." Bosco goes on to wish Shirley a speedy recovery.


[Oriental Daily 18/11/04]

It would appear that tomorrow's TVB anniversary celebration is not only about giving out awards for 'My Favourite TV Characters', in particular the female lead award, but the stars are even competing in other areas, for instance Kenix Kwok is leading so far in the jewellery sponsorship stakes wearing over $100 million worth of gems. As an MC hosting tomorrow's show, Carol Cheng was asked if she was afraid of being overshadowed by all these leading ladies and she says: "It doesn't matter! As long as everyone is happy and the viewers enjoy the show then that's all that matters." As for whether the $30 million early leader Gigi Lai will be adding to her collection, her assistant would not comment.

Jessica Hsuan and Roger Kwok were at a promotional event together yesterday and Jessica was asked whether she would try and pull some votes by lunching with the executives. She said with a dual meaning: "No, I treasure my own personal time!" When asked about reports that suggest she will be marrying her boyfriend very soon, she says: "I have not mentioned about getting married, I don't want to talk about this today."


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