Tuesday, November 16, 2004

[Ta Kung Pao & The Sun 17/11/04]

Charmaine Sheh, Raymond Lam, Tavia Yeung and Kevin Cheng took part in the blessing ceremony for new series "Yummy Yummy" yesterday and after earlier reports of her lunching with Lok Yik Ling and Catherine Tsang, Charmaine was asked whether she is now confident about winning the anniversary award. She laughs: "Is it that easy? I did not arrange to meet them, they asked me to eat with them and we do meet up for lunch usually, but with the anniversary approaching, everyone is rather sensitive." She admits that she is confident of winning an award, but the two things cannot be linked together in this way. She also refused to reveal what the conversation was about, just mentioning that Catherine told her to keep working hard and the company will give her plenty of opportunities.

Charmaine says that if she wins the award, then she will think about meeting someone for marriage, because her grandma who is in her nineties has seen her working so hard and has hurried her to get married and give up working. When asked whether her target partner will be the winner of the male lead award, she laughs that she has not thought about this matter, but he will be her perfect male lead. Charmaine has chosen her outfit and jewellery for the anniversary show and as she has a few sets to choose from, she has not worked out the value, as the most important thing is that it suits her image, but she is interested in seeing Gigi Lai's $30 million worth of jewels.

On the other hand, Gigi, Bowie Lam and Moses Chan were rehearsing for their 'clog dance' for the anniversary celebration and when asked about Charmaine's lunch meeting, Gigi laughs that everyone has lunch meetings with the bosses. Bowie also laughs that after the success of "War", all the cast members have had lunch meetings with the bosses and Moses Chan says that he is often on the phone to the bosses. As for what they talk about over dinner, Gigi says it is just an ordinary meal, because the company likes to meet with its staff once a month.

Although Yoyo Mung has worked with TVB for a number of years, this is her first appearance at an anniversary celebration. She says: "Dancing with Adam, even with a dance background myself is quite nerve-wracking. Also, I have to prepare an evening gown, so the feeling is like getting married, having to rush around to prepare. I have chosen my outfit now and I have sponsors for my jewellery, but I don't know the value of it. I have also bought some shoes to go with the dress." She says that she does not care for the competition between the ladies as long as her own outfit matches her.

Talking of "Split Second" only reaching ratings of 26 points in the final week, Yoyo mentions that is it better than one of her other series "The Green Hope" that only reached 25 points. She says that the good reviews and fresh storylines are more important. Kevin says that he is a little disappointed because after several months of hard work, then naturally they had hoped for better results. Maybe this genre is too fresh, so he had suspected that it would not be too suitable for all of the audience, but they wanted to have a breakthrough, so there was a conflict of interests. He says: "Whenever something new comes along, then it is a risk and there will be a day when it will succeed. 'War and Beauty' for instance was another new experiment, but it did well." He thinks that the company should not stop trying new things because of ratings, otherwise they will not be able to keep all the viewers and in the long run, fresh is what they want.

Adam Cheng and the eight beauties will be doing a 'Horn Dance' and were rehearsing yesterday. Some of the female artistes were absent, but those taking part included Anne Heung, Tavia, Leila Tong and Yoyo. During rehearsals, Adam accidentally pulled apart Tavia's collar and nearly went where he shouldn't have. A rather embarrassed Adam was asked if he had a reputation and he replied: "I have made mistakes, but there have been no complaints! (Who was it?) I was in a muddle so I made a lot of mistakes to start with, but I do it sincerely, thanks to the arrangement of the company." Adam says openly that this performance will not only overcome difficulties with the costumes, the dance moves have left him with headache and sore knees. However, he is determined to pull off the performance as he says jokingly: "TVB spirit - no-one dies for nothing!"


[Ta Kung Pao 17/11/04]

Nancy Sit attended the TVB Sales Presentation yesterday and as she had not yet changed into her evening gown when the blessing ceremony took place, even her black outfit was no shadow to her happy expression. Talking of her 'junior' boyfriend, Nancy laughs that everyone is talking to her about this and she feels that even in middle age, she still has hope! She was even approached by some diamond jewellers yesterday offering to arrange her wedding jewellery for her, leaving her rather amused.

Nancy says that he is often away from Hong Kong because of work and is currently in America. She has booked a vacation for January next year to go to America for a stage appearance before attending an awards ceremony in LA's Beverley Hills, where she has been presented with an award for "Chinese Success", along with John Woo and Jet Li. When asked if her 'lover' will attend, she immediately corrected that he was just a friend. She adds that her daughter is currently studying over there at the moment, so she will be travelling with her children so that they can spend the Chinese New Year together.

In the past, Nancy would always take advantage of the peak season at the new year to make more money, but this year she has given up the opportunity, is this because she is taking the chance to see her 'friend'? She denies this, saying that she had arranged this holiday last year and despite him having made an apperance already, her daughter had told her to give herself some time.

During the ceremony yesterday, Kate Tsui, Fu Sze Sze and Winnie Shum were among the stars making offerings, when they accidentally knocked over the extra large incense sticks. Luckily Nat Chan's great reflexes were on hand and stopped them from falling to the ground.


[The Sun & Oriental Daily 17/11/04]

Michelle Ye was preparing her outfit for the anniversary yesterday and although she is not favourite for any awards, she has still had a design made for her by Dorian Ho as well as $1.5 million of diamond jewellery sponsorship. Michelle reveals that her dress will be a deep V design: "This year will be the sexiest outfit since I entered the industry, but to respect the event, I will be dressed very glamourously." She is thankful to the sponsors for having the faith to offer her jewellery to wear and she does not really mind about the value, provided it looks good on her. She cannot compare with the 'big sisters' of TVB anyway.

As for her outfit, she is trying hard to keep fit so she will look her best: "I am confident in Dorian and he will try and show off my best features. The gown is very beautiful, but I will take all the precautions and there will be no danger. I have not taken part in the celebration for the last two years, so I am glad to be part of it this year." As for whether she is confident of winning an award, she says this is all about the right place and right time, so as long as she has done her best then that is enough.

As 'TVB's treasure', Liza Wang has been sponsored two sets of jewellery by Chopin Jewellers to wear at the anniversary celebration. As the designs are not available to buy in Hong Kong as yet, they have been flown in especially from Switzerland for the occasion.


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