Wednesday, November 10, 2004

[Ta Kung Pao, Oriental Daily & The Sun 11/11/04]

Bernice Liu was rehearsing for her "Dances in the Air" routine for this year's TVB anniversary, where her partner will be Raymond Lam, but the two are yet to rehearse together yet. Bernice went through her routine a few times and each time she was rather shaky afterwards because the moves require quite a lot of strength and on the final attempt, she became entangled in the wires and was stuck in mid-air for a while and when she finally landed on the mat, she was absolutely exhausted. "Luckily I haven't eaten, otherwise I would be sick!"

In the past, Bernice has taken part in the 'Human Cannonball' and 'Storming out of the Fire' and now she has this difficult wire act and she thinks that this is because she has a dance background and the company want to make the most of this. In the actual performance, she will be suspended twenty feet in the air and she will be without wires attached and without the soft mattress, so she is a little frightened but the opportunity is not to missed because she does not have much chance to do wire work.

To avoid her parents getting worried, Bernice has not yet told them about the details of this act as she laughs: "I will not be telling them to come and watch me live because I am worried my mother will not be able to handle the tension. I would rather they watched me on the TV first because it will seem less dangerous on the screen." When asked if her good friend (Moses Chan) has told her to be careful, she pretended not to understand and laughed that she has a lot of friends who are concerned about her.

When Raymond's earlier incident was mentioned about him fainting at the charity run, Bernice was full of support for her partner: "He has just come back from China and hasn't done much exercise so it was quite hard work for him. I know that many people couldn't complete their run on that day and if he had done some practice runs he would have been okay."


[Ta Kung Pao & The Sun 11/11/04]

Dubbed as 'King of Dancing', Wu Fung was together with Joe Ma, Nancy Wu, Winnie Shum, Jack Wu and some other members of his team to rehearse for their act in the TVB anniversary celebration. Wu will be working with Joe for the first time in this item, entitled "Young Dance Tunes Seek the Dream Garden" and he comments that Joe is not bad, with the figure of Tse Yin.

Wu is good friends with Nancy Sit and in response to the news of Nancy's love affair with a man much younger than her, he indicates he has never seen the man in question and believes that it may all be exaggerated news. When it was mentioned that Nancy had admitted that the romance is in its early stages, Wu laughs that he must congratulate her and as long as the man truly loves her, then age is not an issue and he totally supports her. However Nancy is rather traditional and is finding it hard to overcome this barrier. Wu feels that it is only normal for Nancy to feel embarrassed, because it is never easy to have a second love in your life, especially when you have shadows of a past marriage hanging over, but as long as they are in love, then they should not care about so many things as happiness is most important.

In an internet poll, Joe has recently been voted second place for "The Perfect Figure" after Andy Lau and he says that as he has been busy filming recently, he has not done as much exercise and has to rely on medical remedies to keep himself fit, but after winning this award, he will be doing more exercise to keep himself in shape. He says that he is totally happy at losing out to Andy.


[Oriental Daily 11/11/04]

Myolie Wu, Joe Ma and Heidi Chu were filming in the airport departure hall earlier for "Passion for Black Forest" earlier and Myolie responded to suggestions that she had upset the director, resulting in her having to film a wet scene for five hours, saying that this scene was the hardest that she has ever had to film, but it was not a horrible trick by the director. She says: "It was only for three or four hours and although it was quite hard work with my whole body soaking wet and having to roll on the ground, it was necessary for the storyline and I knew about it a long time ago, so it is nothing to do with anyone getting upset. The company had arranged for a body double to take my place. The magazines are always writing rubbish and I am used to it so I just laugh it off."

As for the rumours that she had fallen out with Joe, Myolie immediately says that they have been for dinner together and Joe always takes her to eat many different things and afterwards, even their kissing scenes were not awkward. Joe also supports Myolie, saying that this news is purely entertainment. Mentioning a scene where a six year old child actor has to hug Joe and cry, Joe says that this young actor was very good and could cry as soon as the shoot started. His own son is just a few years old, but he has not thought about allowing him to act.


[The Sun 11/11/04]

Winnie Yeung took part in an event for the Wai Ying Women's Society as a new member and revealed that she hopes to do some charity work through this membership. Also, Winnie says that she will be playing a character that is always yelling at people and is a thief in the forthcoming series "Hotel Turmoils". Although the character is very hateful, she is still very happy about it: "I can finally play the villain and I am often rehearsing at home with my husband. It is fun yelling at him all the time. (How is your childbirth plan coming along?) I will wait until filming finishes, I can't wait much longer because I am not young any more!"


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