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[Ta Kung Pao, Oriental Daily & The Sun 07/11/04]

Riding on the success of "War and Beauty", TVB has launched the DVD special edition and arranged for some of the leading stars, including Gigi Lai, Sheren Tang, Charmaine Sheh, Bowie Lam and Moses Chan to take part in a special autograph session for the first hundred people to buy the set. However, the actual number of people to arrived for autographs was over double that and the event went on for over an hour.

The cast members were very friendly to the public and did not disappoint fans asking for autographs and photos. As 'Yuk Ying' Gigi had sprained her ankle, she received special protection from the security staff in case she was pushed over by the crowds. She was limping when she arrived and her left ankle was wrapped in a bandage. As she was the firs to arrive, she visited the washrooms and was surrounded by a group of security guards who made a path for her and caused a sensation as she gave the impression that the 'Lady Concubine' had arrived. Gigi's popularity at the event was quite high, but Sheren was not weak either, even though she had lost her voice through illness the previous day. She explains: "I was suffering quite badly with flu and I even lost my voice yesterday and was so worried I would not be able to speak today!" When she saw Gigi, she commented to her: "Why are we both so unlucky?" As they were both unwell, they chatted to each other and kept the other company, leaving Charmaine on her own. Charmaine glanced over at the pair a few times, but did not have the opportunity to join their conversation.

Gigi's injury was caused during rehearsals for her anniversary dance routine. She says that she had injured her ligament before and this was not serious, but it needed to be bandaged to avoid swelling and she has to stop rehearsing for the time being and rest her leg. However, she says she will not give up on the performance because of the injury and she thinks she can begin rehearsing again in a few days time. A British betting company has laid on odds for who will take the TVB awards this year and Sheren is the favourite with very low returns. Sheren says she is not aware of this, but she will go in without any expectations. As for Charmaine, she says she does not know and goes on to point out that she does not condone gambling. She laughs: "There will not be much return if I win!" With Sheren taking the top spot for the award, Charmaine says: "I will tell more of my fans to vote for me!"

Talking of the anniversary "War and Beauty" comedy special, Gigi says that the most classic scene for her was Yuk Ying stripping down to her camisole, so she thinks that Lydia Shum should re-enact this particular scene, but she does not know if Lydia would accept it. As for Eric Tsang taking Sheren's role of Yu Fei, she says: "That's horrible, he'd make her look like a melon. (Do you mind?) I don't think he will be as scary as Bowie last time though. (What tips do you have for Eric?) He needs to wear six inch heels for it to work, then he will steal the show!"

As for earlier reports that Gigi has increased her fee for advertisements compared to Sheren's more reasonable rates, Gigi says that their work is very different and cannot be compared in this way.

Moses's relationship with Bernice Liu has always been somewhat unclear and recent reports have suggested the couple were forcefully split up by TVB boss Catherine Tsang and with Bernice unable to win over Moses, turning back to her old flame Hawick Lau. In response to these rumours, Moses wears a relaxed attitude as he says: "From the start I have only treated her (Bernice) like a colleague and these are all rumours that have been passed around, so I don't want to talk too much about it. As for Catherine splitting us up, of course not! As a reader, then I think that this would be more entertaining for the story, but it did not happen in real life."

Moses also adds that when he sees Bernice, they will only talk about work and as they both have the same manager, then they do not feel embarrassed and if there is work for them both to do together, they will still do it. Moses indicates that Catherine does look after him, but does not intrude in his love life. When asked if Bernice had been sending him text messages, Moses says she has not and they only chat when they see each other.


[The Sun & Oriental Daily 07/11/04]

Bowie Lam, Marco Ngai and Kevin Cheng were guest models for fashion label Aigle on Friday and Bowie captured pictures throughout the event using his mobile phone as he seemed to be very absorbed. As a hot favourite for this year's TVB "My Favourite Male Lead" award, Bowie laughs that he has finally finished filming for "Healing Hands III" and can put his time into pulling in the votes. He laughs: "It was Sheren getting all the limelight before, now it's my turn!"

Talking of Dayo Wong overtaking him on the internet stakes, Bowie sighs: "I don't like gambling and with characters from the series already being labelled as crabs, I don't want to be referred to as a race horse now! Dayo has always been a strong competitor as well as Bobby, but I am always in the crowd in previous years when Louis Koo and Gallen Lo won, so I hope this year my chances of winning will be better. Some friends have already called to congratulate me on winning and I am afraid they will have jinxed it for me. If so I will have to slap them!"

As for Kevin, who is a favourite for the "Most Improved Male Artiste" award, he indicates that he thinks Ron Ng will win and he voted for Sheren Tang and Roger Kwok to win.


[Ta Kung Pao & Oriental Daily 07/11/04]

Console game fanatic Ron Ng has been sponsored by a gaming product and does not need to worry about not having the latest games to play. Appearing as a guest for the launch of 'Halo 2' for the Xbox, not only did he receive his fee, but also a copy of the game and a chance to try it out there and then.

Talking of plaing games, Ron says that his record is playing non-stop for four or five days when he first joined the dancer training class and had time to play games with his colleagues. He says that they did know when to stop and did remember to eat and sleep. As a result, he does not agree with children who become too absorbed with game playing and when he hears about children losing their lives because of this, he feels that it is a great tragedy. When he becomes a parent, he will teach his children not to become addicted, but will not stop them from playing games.

Ron is currently heavily promoted by TVB and is busy filming for "Courageous Kunlun" before moving onto new series "Hotel Turmoils". As he tore a ligament whilst filming, the doctor has instructed him not to do any rigorous exercise and so his choreographer has had to adapt his anniversary routine to compromise and has not arranged anything too strenuous for Ron to do. As for the "Most Improved Male Artiste" award, Ron says the he faces stiff competition from Bosco Wong, Kevin Cheng and Sammul Chan.


[Oriental Daily & The Sun 07/11/04]

Michelle Ye spent four days in hospital earlier suffering from a severe throat infection and recently returned to TVB upon her discharge to continue filming for new series "King of Herbal Medicine". She reveals that she is feeling a lot better now and after this incident, she truly values her health, saying: "All the money I have made just goes to the doctor, the bill came to a six-figure sum. Luckily I have health insurance and that will help out."

Michelle also indicates that originally she was to film another series straight after "King" but she smiles: "I reflected my opinion to the company and said I needed to rest because I am scared of not having a life to enjoy the money I earn." As for whether rumoured boyfriend Xiong Ni has called to ask about her, she said very nonchalently: "I have not been in touch with him as I have been very busy lately."


[The Sun & Oriental Daily 07/11/04]


TVB series "Split Second" has stirred up much criticism since it has been aired. Reader Ms Lo complains that the storyline is illogical and the suggestion that the Chief of Police played by Ko Hung received bribes is detrimental to the image of the police force.

Miss Lo goes on to point out that as the ICAC was established in 1974, there was a pardon issued for all the police officers at the time who received bribes, so if Ko Hung's character received bribes in 1973, then there is no reason for this to be held against him. As for a Criminal Intelligence Bureau Senior Inspector (played by Kevin Cheng) to interview and investigate a Chief of Police, then this is the wrong procedure.

The show's producer Lo Wing Yin responds saying: "Ms Lo seems to know the storyline so well, so she must be a super fan of the show. However she needs to be more patient and watch the rest of the show to find out that Ko Hung has been set up and it will not affect the image of the police force. When we filmed the show, we did all our research beforehand and if there are any more doubts, we will investigate this further and respond to the viewers comments."


[The Sun 07/11/04]

This year's Miss Hong Kong winners Kate Tsui, Queenie Chu and Fu Sze Sze took part in a Tung Wah Charity event on Friday in their finest evening wear and Queenie's outfit stole the show. She says: "Our clothes were all from the same sponsor, but we did not choose them at the same time."

Queenie will soon be representing Hong Kong at the Miss World pageant and she has already asked for advice from Sze Sze, who earlier returned from Miss International with the Miss Friendship award and learned that you have to make sure you are always made up. Sze Sze says: "When I went for dinner with everyone on the first day, they were all in full make up, high heels and long dressed and I had to immediately head to the washroom to top up my own make up."


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