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[Ta Kung Pao & Oriental Daily 10/11/04]

Raymond Lam and Charmaine Sheh were filming for new series "Yummy Yummy" in a hotel in Tin Shui Wai yesterday and although Raymond had earlier fainted during a charity run, he seemed to be full of life yesterday as he indicated he was feeling much better now.

Raymond says: "Usually, running for half an hour on a running machine is okay, but on the day, I fainted after 420 metres and it was a pretty poor show. Maybe because I have been filming one show after another recently and have not ha enough rest. However, after this incident, I have found that I have a lot of friends around me who care for me, but there are those who wil show their concern by joking around like Ron Ng and Sammul Chan who pretend to be holding an oxygen mask as they ask about me. I guess it was quite embarrassing, so I am ready for a few months of jeers!" With earlier revelations about blood in his stools, Raymond says that he is no longer suffering from that now, but after his fainting incident, he will be booking time out to go and have himself checked over at the hospital.

Raymond will be doing a 'web dance' at this year's anniversary celebration, where he will be suspended in a web by wires and do some difficult manoevres. He says: "I have not rehearsed it yet, but I have seen the demonstration tape and it looks like you have to practice for ten years before it you can do it, so I am a little worried." Raymond says that in order to give a good performance, he will do his best to get fit.

With reports that Sheren Tang has received sponsorship via TVB for her anniversary outfit, Charmaine responds that she does not mind as the company will look out sponsors for its artistes every year and this year they had already asked her about it. She already has contacts with a jeweller, so she did not need the company's assistance. Charmaine's jewellery sponsorship this year will be worth nearly $10 million and she has also spent a five figure sum on her specially designed dress.

As for the good response to the "War and Beauty" DVD set leading to a further issue of 2000 sets and the price being hiked up to three times the original, Chamraine says happily: "Luckily I took part in the DVD autograph session and was given a set for myself, the serial number was 1233." Although there is a market for it at the moment, she will definitely not sell her copy.


[Ta Kung Pao 10/11/04]

TVB's anniversary is approaching and there have been many rehearsals for performance items by its artistes recently. Yesterday, Adam Cheng was joined by his beauties such as Anne Heung, Yoyo Mung, Michelle Ye and Winnie Yeung to rehearse their 'cha cha' dance and as each lady represented a musical note, during rehearsals, Adam got himself into a muddle and sighed that this task has got him stumped.

Adam says: "There is a lot of pressure on me this time because they are all pretty girls and if I get one wrong then I will get it all wrong because I have to treat them all fairly!" During the rehearsal, Nat Chan and his wife Cecilia Wong visited and when she saw Adam, Cecilia commented on how well he is keeping because he could partner Maggie Cheung and Cerina De Graca in "The Conqueror's Story" despite their difference in age. Adam laughs: "Cecilia is the fairest person, it's not just that I can match them, I can match anyone. There were reports earlier that suggested that I did not match with the female leads, what an irresponsible and tasteless report that was!" As for the mediocre results for "Conqueror", Adam says that he is not happy with it yet, but he feels that even if the ratings go up by one point a week, then after six weeks, it will have reached the thirties.

Christine Ng was also rehearsing at TVB City yesterday and she says: "I am taking part in three dances this time, so as soon as I have time, I will come and rehearse. Even the crew say I am hardworking, but I feel that it is not about how long you have been in the industry, after all it is me who is going on stage, so the more practice I get the better!" She also says that after the anniversary, she has a long string of plans, including a negotiation for her to take part in TVB's new sitcom that will begin filming at the end of the year into the beginning of next year, as well as a book launch and some advertising work.


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[Oriental Daily & The Sun 10/11/04]

Sonija Kwok and her boyfriend Deric Wan are often apart because of work and there have been constant rumours that their relationship is breaking down. Yesterday there were again reports that Sonija has feelings of 'could do without' about Deric, but despite denials from both parties that there has been a split, the hesitant response from Sonija raises many doubts and questions about their relationship.

Sonija took part in a show as a guest model in a bra top showing off her small waist and in response to the reports, she admits openly that her relationship with her boyfriend has passed the initial hot romance stage and as they are always apart, then they have not seen each other for a long time. When asked whether their relationship is stable, she seemed rather shaky in her response and thought a while before saying: "I don't want to say too much. At the moment my career comes first." Also, Sonija seems to have lost a lot of weight, but she says this is not over love affairs.

Deric was asked about this on the phone and he insists that his relationship with Sonija is stable and they talk to each other on the phone all the time. As for the magazine reports, he says that he has never believed what they write and he will leave it up to them what they decide to write.

Sonija is among the six female MC's at this year's anniversary celebration and has received sponsorship of jewellery via TVB to the value of $800,000 from Larry Jewellery. Kate Tsui's jewellery will be worth $270,000, but Carol Cheng shows her clout as the total value of the two sets of jewellery she will be wearing on the night will be a massive $27.6 million dollars, sponsored by Ronald Abram, leading all the female stars on the night. Lydia Shum and Liza Wang's jewellery sponsors are still being finalised.

The show's producer Lam Ka Wing says that as Sheren Tang requested the company to help her find a sponsor, she will also be wearing jewellery on the night worth $500,000 and the company was not being unfair in arranging this.


[Oriental Daily & The Sun 10/11/04]

'Yuk Ying' Gigi Lai is an avid dog-lover and although she has been working so hard that she has an ulcer in her eye and injured her ankle whilst rehearsing for the anniversary celebration, she still went to help out at the local SPCA dog sanctuary yesterday as a volunteer. As she limped around walking a big dog, it left her rather flustered as the dog darted from place to place.

Despite being injured, Gigi insisted on diong the work yesterday because she wanted to set an example and urge people to be responsible pet owners and not abandon their cats and dogs. Gigi feels that animals have intelligence and they can be very good friends to humans and so they should not be bought lightly and then thrown away when the entertainment value passes because this is too cruel.

Gigi understand that to keep pets requires a great love for animals. She used to have three dogs, among them were two large dogs called Rambo and Tyson. When she was at work, they broke down a door in her home and destroyed a sofa, so when she returned from home it was a total mess and she was very frustrated. However, she did not blame the two dogs and realised it was because she did not spend enough time with them and that her home was too small for them, not giving them enough space to run around in. Eventually she gave the dogs away to a friend who lived in a detached house and she has just kept a small Pekinese.

Gigi says that her little dog is very intelligent and whenever she is unhappy, he will know and not disturb her. Every day, before it sees her emerge from her room, it will not bark to avoid waking her up and so she laughs that her little dog is even more caring than a boyfriend! Gigi encourages people to adopt pets from the sanctuary if they really want to become pet owners.


[The Sun 10/11/04]

TVB's "King of Herbal Medicines" was filming in Yuen Long's Lychee Garden yesterday and Michelle Ye revealed that after the location shoot, she would be heading to hospital to do a small eye operation. She says: "I need to block some of the ducts in my eye because I am not secreting enough fluid in my eye, leaving it very dry. Even after assistance from the doctors, it is still not better and I need a more permanent solution this time." After the operation, Michelle will have to head back to TVB City for the anniversary celebration rehearsals and she says: "I have to keep going. As I was working last year I could not do the anniversary show, but this year I will be playing the drums and doing the cha cha dance with Adam Cheng." When asked if Xiong Ni would be visiting to lend his support, her face dropped and she said: "There is no chance. I have said before it is not so easy for him to come to Hong Kong. (Would you like him to support you?) Of course not, work is the most important thing for me now."


[The Sun & Oriental Daily 10/11/04]

There have been reports recently that Nancy Sit has been dating a computer engineer seventeen years her junior and whilst filming in TVB City yesterday for "Virtues of Harmony", Nancy was asked about this person's identity, when she responded: "Yes, he is a good friend and when he was going back to America, I went to see him off at the airport, he asked me to take something back to my eldest daughter. I never thought that I would be photographed. (Was he the one who walked on the beach with you earlier?) Yes!"

She admits that they are just in the early stages of romance and do not want to have their relationship affected by anything else. As for the age difference, she says: "He is younger than me and I am rather conservative, but it was a good start! When I was one of the 'seven princesses' I was not this stressed or followed so much. At the moment I don't want to say too much and just go with the flow, my career always comes first." She also praises him for being very caring and even if they cannot develop their relationship further in the future, then she will treasure their friendship.


[Oriental Daily 10/11/04]

Stephanie Che's mother Che Suk Fan and her husband Chan Chin Hung were jailed for seven years earlier for stealing over $10 million from a friend and on charges of money laundering. Yesterday, their appeal was heard in the high court and rejected immediately, but the appeal court was not able to decide whether their sentence should be reduced and the hearing for this has been adjourned.

The hearing began in the morning , but Stephanie did not arrive until the afternoon. Che's lawyer indicated in court that for Che in her fifties, she has been through an immense pressure during her 18 months in prison and has lost 35 lbs. He feels that the sentence is too harsh and should be reduced.

Later, in a telephone interview, Stephanie said calmly: "Whatever the result, I will respect the court's decision. Of course I hope that my mother's sentence can be reduced and to be reunited with her again soon."

Case reference: CACC 163/2003


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