Monday, November 29, 2004

[Ta Kung Pao 30/11/04]

The Christmas lights were switched on at Olympian City on Sunday evening and guests Bernice Liu, Rosemary and Yumiko Cheng were dressed as Greek goddesses. Bernice was Aphrodite, the goddess of love, Rosemary was Athena, the goddess of wisdom and Yumiko was Iris, the goddess of the rainbow. Mr and Mrs Chau Kai Pong were the guests of honour. Having been skilled in dance for many years, Bernice showed off her splits and received a round of applause from the audience, whilst Rosemary also caused a stir when she stripped off to reveal her waist and back, even Bernice came to have a look!

When asked how long she had to practice to do the splits, Bernice says that she could always do it as she has been dancing for over twenty years and is pleased with her performance. Bernice reveals that she can do ballet, tap and jazz dance and she has a teaching certificate from Canada, so has had her own students, but she does not have time to teach any more after moving to Hong Kong. Does she feel that she has not had the chance to show off her talents? She says: "No, I have performed in the Miss Hong Kong and anniversary shows."

When asked how she felt Rosemary's dance went, Bernice says that as it was jazz dance, then it was very stylish. Rosemary has been rehearsing for three days for the performance and she has been learning modern dance for five years. She felt good about her performance, but there was a little pressure as this was her first proper performance.


[Ta Kung Pao & The Sun 30/11/04]

Veteran TV producer Siu Sang passed away earlier and yesterday, a group of artistes whom he had mentored - Kent Tong, Michael Miu, Felix Wong and Michelle Yim, paid tribute to him on the TVB daytime magazine show "Hong Kong Live" as they recounted some memories of Uncle Siu.

When the 'three tigers' Michael, Kent and Felix spoke about Uncle Siu, they were all in agreement that he looked after the newcomers and had an excellent eye for talent. Once he had decided that you had potential, then he would give you opportunities and help you to grow. It was thanks to Uncle Siu's advice and support that they have their achievements of today. They were all deeply saddened at the death of their mentor, but they will accept the truth because he was 77 years old.

As a member of the mourning committee for Uncle Siu, Kent was asked when the funeral will be and he said: "At the earliest, it will be next month because Uncle has said before that he is afraid of fire, so we have to wait for a space to be allocated in the cemetary for him. The funeral will be a Buddhist ceremony." When asked if they had informed Tony Leung about the death of Uncle Siu, Michael said: "Actually Tony never made any series with Uncle, only Andy and I worked with him the most, so we have not contacted Tony yet."

Felix filmed "Demi Gods and Semi Devils II" with Uncle Siu and found fame from the series, but he recalls that he was very disobedient and would not shave his head and it was only after much persuasion from Uncle Siu that he agreed. He says: "It took over a month for him to convince me and he said that he was confident that this series would take my career to a pinnacle. Uncle really did have an eye for success."

Michael also filmed with Uncle, working on "Chor Lau Heung" and forged a hero's image in the viewers' memories: "After Adam Cheng's earlier portrayal of Chor Lau Heung, I was only a newcomer then and there was a lot of pressure on me. It was Uncle who gave me the courage to perform." Knowing that Uncle died peacefully is comforting to them all and Michael adds: "Uncle was very vain, so he had to look good even when he passed away. We should not be too sad, because he has gone to another world now and is no longer in pain."


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[The Sun & Oriental Daily 30/11/04]

After taking the award for "Most Favourite Female Lead Role" at this year's TVB anniversary, it would appear that Gigi Lai has won yet another battle against Sheren Tang. In the sales presentation clip for "Powder and Rouge" earlier, Sheren was asked to play the lead female role opposite Bobby Au Yeung. This series is due to begin filming in January next year, but reports indicate that the lead female will be Gigi and the male lead will now be taken by Moses Chan.

"Powder" is set in the 1920's and 1930's in the backdrop of a wealthy family. Other stars will be this year's "Most Extraordinary Male Artiste" Chan Hung Lit , Yoyo Mung, Mandy Cho and Cecilia Yeung. When producer Mui Siu Ching was asked about whether the change in the lead was because of the awards result, she said: "Not really, everyone knows that the sales presentation clips are not a preview and it is never confirmed that those stars in the clips will be the actual stars of the show. I feel that Gigi is very suited to the role and I have met with her. She says that she has wanted to work with me for a long time so even if she has to film one series straight after another, then she does not mind and will still do it." Gigi was unable for comment at the time of going to press.

Reports indicate that Gigi and Moses will not play a couple, but just a brother and sister in a large family. Gigi is married to a feeble man played by Tseung Chi Kwong and Moses plays a rich playboy who has relationships with Yoyo and Sharon Chan. As for Chan Hung Lit, he will play the head of the family, which will also include Anne Heung and Kiki Sheung.


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