Monday, November 22, 2004

[Ta Kung Pao 23/11/04]

TVB's new infochat show "Hong Kong Live" aired for the first time yesterday and guests included this year's "Favourite Lead Roles" Gigi Lai and Bowie Lam as well as singing sensations Gigi Leung and Alex Fong (Lik San).

The exciting moment when Bowie and Gigi were presented with their awards pushed the ratings to 39 points, but the result caused viewers to say that Gigi was unworthy of her award. TVB executives Chan Chi Wan and Lok Yik Ling stood out to support her and Mr Chan explained how the winners were chosen, openly admitting that the TVB judging panel contributed to 40% of the result and it was not entirely built on public opinion. The decision was made by TVB's professional angle and no-one questioned the result. Also, with the rumours that Gigi won because she agreed to sign a contract with TVB, Ms Lok says that Gigi just has an ordinary contract with the company and she has never discussed about moving into TVB management, but there will be considerations about signing Gigi in the future. At this point, Mr Chan jokingly waved a blank piece of paper and smiled at Gigi, saying: "Come on, I'll take you upstairs to sign the contract now!"

Gigi herself explained the story of the contract on the show, saying that as she has been very busy recently, she has not been in any discussions about her contract. As for all the gossip that has arisen after the award ceremony, she says she will pay no notice because during her eighteen years in showbiz, she has had her fair share of gossip and if she really minded, then she would never have reached today. She also denies falling out with Sheren, praising her for being such a dedicated Christian as well as an excellent artiste, with great talent and a loving heart. During the show, many viewers called in and a Miss Au Yeung says that she was a senior in Gigi's schooldays and when she praised Gigi's performance, Gigi could not hold back the tears because she was so touched and smeared all her make up. She said emotionally: "Because I have a baby face and my figure is quite eyecatching, I have not had the opportunity to play many good roles, until 'War and Beauty' came along, so I had to make the most of this chance." As for changing her tune about the TVB contract, she explains: "Maybe I was talking about just an artiste contract and not a management contract, but I hope that TVB will sign me!"

As for Bowie, he has kept himself clear of any rumours, laughing: "As long as Dayo Wong doesn't criticise me then it's okay! (Will you try to be the go-between?) There is nothing between them [Gigi and Sheren]."

Despite rumours that some of Sheren's fans were staging a contract outside TVB City today, this never materialised.


[Ta Kung Pao 23/11/04]

The new series of US production "Without A Trace" will begin airing on TVB Pearl this week and it tells of cases dealt with by the Missing Persons Unit. At the end of each episode there will be a special broadcast in conjunction with the Hong Kong Police about local missing persons cases entitled "MPU" and to mark the event, a press conference was held yesterday, attended by representatives from the police and artistes Sammul Chan and Annie Man.

Having just finished filming "Courageous Kunlun", Sammul has been busy recording the theme tune for it and he is very happy at the chance to sing for it. As for why he has still not released an album after signing for a record company for so long, he says: "I hope that it will be released next Easter or Summer. I have been busy filming non-stop recently and originally I was to start on another series in December, but as I have not been able to rest since my accident and I am losing my memory, I am feeling very tired, so I turned down the series and will be taking a break in the hope that I can get some herbal and accupuncture treatment."

Talking of there being many other singers in Universal and having recently signed Eason Chan, is he worried that his album will be postponed indefinitely? Sammul says confidently: "It has no relevance, different people have different market and I have the TV market to help me."

Annie's contract with her management company has expired and she has decided not to renew and is currently looking for a new manager or maybe sign for a mainland company because she has heard that next year, the rules about Hong Kong artistes working there will be relaxed and she hopes to make more money there.

Also, she has recently made an ad for a skincare product and as she has a line to speak in it: "My skin is as beautiful as getting married!", then it led to many people mistaking her as already married and even some good friends and colleagues have asked her, bringing her much bemusement. Annie laughs helplessly: "I have already explained over five times and I really regret saying that line now." In reality, will she get married in secret? She says there is a chance because she is afraid of hassle and she might even get married on holiday, but she will tell her friends and family first.


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[The Sun 23/11/04]

Sheren Tang was interviewed on a radio show yesterday and when it was mentioned about the female leads bribing the executives with handbags and meals, Sheren said boldly: "I would not do this, but I don't know if anyone else did. I am a fair and honest person and a spokesperson for the ICAC (Independent Commission Against Corruption). When we first did the costume fitting for 'War and Beauty', no-one treated me as a leading role. Later when they found out that I had a large role and went down well with the viewers, then they called me a lead role. People have to be fairer in the future and see who has worked the hardest before labelling the leads."

As for Sheren's rumoured boyfriend Kevin Cheng, he was filming in a market yesterday for "Yummy Yummy" and he says that although Sheren lost out on the award, she is still very optimistic: "I have not comforted her, it is not as though she did not get an award. She says that you have to keep looking forwards in life and not look back! The most important thing is that you enjoy it and keep working hard."


[Ta Kung Pao 23/11/04]

Shirley Yeung has proven her success in the past year by taking the "Most Improved Female Artiste" award and since becoming a spokesperson for a slimming product, her endorsed products are being popular as many young girls work with her as their target. Seeing this success, the company's boss has increased her salary to thank her for her hard work.

After her bikini look, Shirley's latest ad shows her wearing a colourful miniskirt dress with a frizzy hairdo in a seductive 'wildcat' look. The sponsors say that this image will bring out Shirley's slimmed waist and firmed thighs and the hip-hop look will bring a new fresh feel to her. Shirley says: "Today's image is a new experiment for me and I think it's quite unusual. I hope that it will bring something new to everyone." Although she has a rather wild look, Shirley is still as graceful and elegant as ever and not once does she lose the air of a Miss Hong Kong, just gaining a little more youthfulness.

Shirley was shooting in front of a set that was filled with balloons and when some of them burst suddenly, Shirley was pale with fright and the crew were all deafened with her piercing screams!


[The Sun 21/11/04]

Congratulations! Former Miss Hong Kong winner Vivian Lau married Lam Hau Kee after a four year courtship and held a sixty-table banquet at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre in Wanchai. Bride Vivian wore a diamond necklace given to her by her mother-in-law and looked like a lady of fortune. She says that after her marriage, she would like to help her husband with his business and learn some skills. When asked where she would be going for her honeymoon, she says: "We will not go until next year because we are very busy at the moemnt. We were thinking of going to Europe for a couple of weeks, but we will be going on holiday soon with some friends and family to somewhere with sunshine and beaches so that everyone can relax!"


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