Sunday, November 14, 2004

[Ta Kung Pao 14/11/04]

"The Conqueror's Story Hundred People Swordplay Event" was held at Olympian City yesterday and a group of cast members including Kwong Wa, Melissa Ng, Cerina De Graca, Eileen Yeow and Sherming Yiu took part and showed off some swordplay skills led by Master Li Hui. Among all the stars, Kwong Wa seemed to be the most popular with many fans there to support him and holding up banners that read "Chu King Kwong Wa No. 1" and "Kwong Wa and Kitman Together Forever". Kwong Wa's wife Kitman Mak was together with him throughout yesterday's event and when they headed towards the audience, a male middle aged fan said to them: "Success through one series!"

In response to the fans expressing good wishes for his marriage, Kwong Wa says that his fans like him, so of course they wish for him to be with his wife forever. When asked if this puts any pressure on his marriage, he says it will not and he will not be afraid as long as he is following the right path. Talking of the show only receiving average ratings of just 28 points, Kwong Wa says that this is already not bad because it is all about the time and place and he has done his best, so that is enought. He says: "A show may be good, but may not bring in the figures, this has happened before in the past."

Recently there have been reports that alleging that Kwong Wa has been asking for astronomical fees, wanting $1.2 million for just one advert and two still photographs and frightening off the advertising sponsors. Kwong Wa did not seem bothered by this and asked the reporters in return whether $1.2 million was expensive. He says: "I don't know, but don't say that I am overestimating myself. Everyone does things based on sincerity and there are different views on things. I do not talk about money, I talk about the job." When asked if he will not budge on a price, he says definitely not and laughs that he is the most flexible when it comes to prices and he feels that if he takes a lower fee, then he should not be accused of 'bringing down the market'. Does he feel that he is worth $1.2 million? Kwong Wa says: "Of course! If it is for charity, then I can do it for free, but because it is commercial, then demanding a fee is very reasonable."

Sherming and Melissa also took part in the swordplay demonstration yesterday, but Sherming was described by the MC as being rather clumsy, whereas Melissa was praised by Master Li, who posed with her for a photograph. Afterwards, Sherming was asked why her performance was so poor. She says that she has just returned to Hong Kong from Singapore, where she was demonstrating waterskiing for a show and this left her with aches and pains, that affected her performance.

Sherming says that apart from filming in Singapore, she also visited many places and tried a lot of lovely food, leaving her very little time to sleep. When asked if she had any romantic encounters, she laughed she did not as the men over there are not her cup of tea. She says: "Acutally the girls in Singapore are more open and sexy and will openly approach men in the streets for a chat and then invite them for a drink."

However, Sherming feels that the girls there are not too pretty, but the men in her party became targets for their flirting, causing them all great amusement. Also, she has been to Malaysia and she laughs that this work is not bad because she can also travel at the same time.


[Ta Kung Pao 14/11/04]

Ron Ng and Leila Tong were guests at the opening of 3D-Gold's new Causeway Bay store yesterday. As there was a presentation of 150 souvenir gift packs containing a pearl ring and a gold calendar card for next year, the event attracted many members of the public who were queuing up outside from the early morning.

Ron was presented with a watch by the sponsors and he says that he does not buy jewellery very much but will buy watches sometimes. The most expensive watch he bought was one worth $20,000. The MC did a psychology test with Ron and he chose a pear shaped diamond, which indicates he is very family orientated and has a lively personality. He feels that the result was quite accurate as he rarely goes out and likes to stay at home.

When asked if he has given diamonds to his girlfriend before, Ron says that he has only given them to his mother because at the time he did not have any money and diamonds were not fashionable when he was dating, so he has only given flowers and music boxes to his girlfriends. He has also given diamonds to his grandma though. Has he received any precious presents? Ron says that his fans have given him some clothes and some designer jewellery before.

Leila says that she has only received diamond jewellery from her brother and the most expensive present was a watch given to her by her manager for her birthday one year. She was presented with a necklace yesterday worth a few thousand dollars. Recently, Leila has been busy rehearsing her dance routine because she will be dancing with Adam for the TVB anniversary celebrations. Later she will be heading out to Hengdian to film a series and she says that she is not used to the food there because it is too greasy. She adds that it is very boring filming there, because she is just a girl and daren't venture out, so she will stay in her room and play games or watch DVD's.


[Ta Kung Pao 14/11/04]

TVB is working in conjunction with Yan Chai Hospital to raise money by selling charity cookies and the opening ceremony was held yesterday in Olympian City where many artistes and Miss Hong Kong representatives were present to lend their support, including Bernice Liu, Anne Heung, Kate Tsui, Fu Sze Sze, Tang Wing Chi, Nam Yik Pong and Wong Hing.

Kate was asked to take the cookie tin out of the bag to pose for a photograph, but she clumsily dropped the tin on the floor and daren't bend over to pick it up, leaving her rather embarrassed. During the cookie sale, she secretly placed $500 into the box and took some cookies to present to her fans. She explained that her fans were there with their paper signs to support her and had spent all their money on making the signs and did not have any money to buy the cookies, so she decided to buy them some cookies to repay them. Is she worried that she does not have enough money with her just launching her career? Kate says that she is fine for now.

Bernice said whilst selling the cookies that she wants to buy a few tins to take back to her colleagues at TVB and was asked whether she would buy some for Moses. She replied: "You buy it, I won't buy it for him!" Bernice has been busy rehearsing for the anniversary performances recently and she says that she will be wearing 'pantyhose' suits with Raymond for their routine. When asked if Raymond would be 'showing off his bumps' whilst in the skintight suit, Bernice laughs that she does not know, because they have not tried their costumes yet. However, to keep fit, she will not be buying him any cookies! When asked if she is worried about revealing too much of her body wearing the costume, Bernice says that she will wear plenty of protective clothing underneath the suit.

Last year, Bernice won a car and there was also an apartment on offer, but there are rumours that in order to cut down on budget this year, TVB will not be giving away a car, but just putting up a cash prize as the top reward. Bernice feels that it doesn't matter what the prizes are as long as there are some then people will be happy. She won a car last year and she is still driving it, so she does not plan to sell it because she wants to keep her luck with her. She admits that her progress in her career has not been bad as she has filmed a number of series this year.


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