Tuesday, November 02, 2004

[Ta Kung Pao 03/11/04]

TVB's special anniversary programme "Stepping Up in Hong Kong - Conquering the Giant Buddha" was filmed at Lantau Island's Giant Buddha statue yesterday, hosted by Cheng Dan Shui and Sonija Kwok and artistes taking part including Jessica Hsuan, Steven Ma, Myolie Wu, Cally Kwong, Anne Heung, Shirley Yeung, Gregory Lee, Linda Chung, Joyce Tang, Sunny Chan, Yumiko Cheng and Deep Ng. As well as the stars taking part in the team race, there were over a hundred other runners up the steps to the Buddha, with the winner doing a lap of honour with Jessica.

Sonija just hosted yesterday's show, but she will be taking part in the second stage of the run up the steps of the International Finance Centre later. As she has not done any major exercise for a couple of years, she is a little worried her fitness level will not be able to hold out. Jessica says that she was not to confident at running up the over hundred steps at the Giant Buddha because she has not done any exercise for twelve years and if she felt unwell at any stage, she would turn back because she did not want to be airlifted to hospital. However, after yesterday, Jessica would like to be able to find the motivation to do more exercise and keep fit. She says: "Since I was admitted to hospital for eight days whilst filming 'A Step Into the Past' and had to have over 20 packs of saline drip, I realised that health is most important, otherwise even having ten milion dollars would be no use. At the time, I said to the heavens that I would rather give Him all my wealth in exchange for my health."

Couple Gregory and Shirley were teamed up with Yumiko and Deep for some of the games, but they broke the rules during a Tofu-feeding session and were disqualified. As for deep, the tofu gave him a stomach ache, probably because it disagreed with the milk he had for breakfast. Gregory and Shirley won some photographic vouchers in the competitions and when asked if they will go and have some wedding photos taken, Gregory says that they don't have to have wedding pictures taken, they can use it for family photos. If a wedding photography company asked them to do an advertisement together, would he agree? He says he does not mind. Shirley was also excused from running up the steps yesterday because she will be taking part in the second stage and is currently training by running in the park.

Talking of TVB's anniversary male and female lead awards, there have been some betting companies releasing odds for them and Sonija is an outsider to win because she only had one series aired last year. She feels that Sheren Tang is likely to take the female lead award, or Ada Choi. Later she will be taking part in a China Central Television production in Beijing and will stay there until April. Is she worried that constantly filming in Hong Kong will affect her popularity with the public? She says that as long as her series continue to be aired in Hong Kong then it does not matter. She has also thought about buying a property in Beijing as she hopes to have properties in China, Hong Kong and Canada, but she is yet to fulfil this wish.

Steven Ma was filming for "Virtues of Harmony" until the early hours the previous night and then had to head to Lantau Island for this event yesterday, so he was feeling very tired, especially in the eyes. He says that he did not want to take part in this event at first, but as the company had invited him in good faith so many times, he agreed in the end and luckily he has been doing a lot of exercise lately, so he was still able to complete it despite not having enough sleep. Steven says that many people have pointed out that he has lost weight, but he has just reduced some of his body fat, but has actually put on weight. He says that he would like to have a six-pack so that he can shoot some rather masculine photographs showinga naked upper body, but nothing pornographic!


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