Thursday, November 11, 2004

[Oriental Daily & The Sun 12/11/04]

New generation 'Housewife Killer' Moses Chan was filming yesterday with Niki Chow for new series "Scholar meets Soldier" yesterday in Yuen Long in a scene where Moses, who is an official is hung from a crucifix by some robbers, but he is rescued by female constable Niki. During filming, Niki was hoisted into mid-air by the wires and needed to borrow Moses's shoulders for support as she dangled above his head. Being stood on in front of everyone, Moses seemed a little embarrassed and daren't look up as she hovered overhead. His fans will be very upset when they see this!

When asked how he felt about being 'stepped on' by a woman, Moses says he does not mind and adds: "It doesn't matter, it's all filming, but it has been hard out in the sunshine all day today." At this point, he changed the subject and revealed that he was actually quite relaxed in this show because apart from yesterday's scene, there were very few action scenes for him. He also says that he will be performing in two items for the anniversary show, but he has not had time to rehearse for either yet, so he is quite worried about this. He has been so busy that he did not even know that his partner for the 'Clog Dance' Gigi Lai has injured her ankle, but he is not worried that this will affect the performance because everything usually turns out just fine.

As for the heroine Niki, she was very confident, but was worried about taking a wrong step. She says: "I wasn't embarrassed about being above Moses, I was more worried about standing on him. In this show, I am responsible for all the wire work, all the fighting, so I have done it all! (So you can become an action star?) Not quite, I am not experienced enough yet, I have to train for a little longer first." Luckily Niki has a Chinese Dance background and so was not put off by all the fighting scenes in the show.


[The Sun & Oriental Daily 12/11/04]

Charmaine Sheh was filming with Tavia Yeung and Kevin Cheng on location in Sai Wan Ho for "Yummy Yummy" earlier and the scene tells of Charmaine hugging Tavia and crying over a lost love, played by Mark Kwok. Charmaine was very relaxed with her performance and she says that she has had two experiences of losing love, so she knows that the pain feels like: "I once cried for a whole week and my eyes were so swollen I couldn't face anyone. This pain can only be eased by time, but it is all part of growing up and from now on I will not let myself be hurt like that any more and be careful about who I choose as my boyfriend. Also I put too much into my feelings, now I am focussing on my career and that will not make me cry."

Kevin was very popular with the locals whilst filming and he claims that he can attract viewers aged from three to eighty, but he admits that he will not receive any awards at this year's anniversary: "At the moment I am rolling stones to pave my path for the future. I hope that I can film many different genres of show and receive support from viewers of all ages."


[The Sun 12/11/04]

Gigi Lai was interviewed by a radio programme yesterday and revealed that she was going to be recording a radio drama, but she had to postpone it because she had a throat infection. Gigi says she has not made a radio drama for a while now and the last time was many years ago, when she was still a singer. This time she plays a talent manager, who has a love affair with Leo Ku and she says that her role is a little like Mani Fok from EEG. Since "War and Beauty" was aired, Gigi has been approached to produce another album, but she says that her singing is not up to professional standards really and she is not as young or cute as Twins, so she will stick to singing TV theme tunes for fun only!


[The Sun 12/11/04]

With her clear cut professional woman image, Yoyo Mung has received sponsorship from Beau Geste Beauty Plus to be their spokesmodel in a contract worth nearly $1 million. She will be appearing in sixteen different looks that each show off her beauty to its best.

Yoyo shot a set of promotional stills earlier and in order to bring out this product's European feel, she asked Hong Kong's famous fashion designer Dorian Ho to be her stylist. He created sixteen elegant designs for Yoyo, including a revealing backless number and a short dress. In order to gain near perfect results, Yoyo even sacrificed her long hair by cutting it short.

The sponsors looked after Yoyo well and took over ten different flavours of birds nest products for her to eat during the shoot. Just this beautifying and precious "Birds Nest Meal" made Yoyo very happy indeed.


[The Sun 12/11/04]

Earlier there were rumours that Fiona Yuen's relationship with boyfriend Brian was rocky and when attending friend's functions, they appeared to be arriving separately and when asked about her other half, Fiona seemed to be rather hesitatant in answering. Earlier Fiona was spotted on her day off shopping on her own in Causeway Bay, buying clothes and sweet soup and wandering around for a good few hours, without her boyfriend at her side or even any other friends for that matter.

Afterwards, Fiona was asked by the reporters on the phone why she was on her own and at first she did not want to talk about it, but after a little thought, she admitted that she had split up with her boyfriend about a month ago and her emotions have settled down now. "We had been dating for two years and I do miss him, but our personalities just weren't right for each other, so it was better to call it a day rather than drag out the pain."

She also says that she has someone in pursuit at the moment, but she does not want to think about this just now because she is busy working. When asked if the relationship broke down because of a third party, she responded sharply: "It is nothing to do with anyone else. I am still friends with Brian and we still care for each other, just in a different way."


[Oriental Daily & The Sun 12/11/04]

Shirley Yeung was rehearsing for the anniversary show at TVB City yesterday and one of her actions requires her to stand on Bosco Wong's thigh. Although Shirley weighs just over 90 lbs and is by no means heavy, she still found it quite difficult to stay balanced without any support. When asked if she had been rehearsing with boyfriend Gregory Lee, she immediately responded: "He is not my partner and he has to rehearse for other acts, so it is best if I rehearse this with Bosco."

Charmaine Sheh was also rehearsing for her act yesterday and she smiles: "This is my first rehearsal, I know that Gigi Lai and Bowie Lam have done some rehearsing already and she has injured herself. I am quite nervous now because I am afraid of injuring myself too. I only have today to rehearse for it, so I have to make the most of the time."


[The Sun & Oriental Daily]

The anniversary celebration is a chance for the female leading artistes at TVB to show off all their beautiful outfits and jewellery and as one of the MC's this year, Sonija Kwok has had special treatment from the company, who have arranged everything for her and saved her the worry.

Sonija arrived at her jewellery sponsors Larry Jewellery earlier to select her items and brought her mother along to help her out. After over an hour, Sonija finally selected two sets of earrings, necklaces and bracelets, totaling over $800,000. Sonija also laughs she is interested in buying some of it: "All girls love diamonds, but I will not accept diamond gifts from men easily. These precious gifts usually mean that they want something from you, so I would rather buy them myself."

Sonija's jewelled accessories are sparkling and beautiful, but compared to the tens of millions worth worn by TVB's 'Big Sisters', it is hard to compete. So to draw the limelight on the evening of the anniversary, Sonija will be showing off her best assets, thanks to the help of designer Dorian Ho, who has chosen several sexy and alluring outfits for her. Sonija laughs: "Although it is very low cut, I do not mind some healthy sexiness. Dorian and I have worked together for many years and I trust his eye for fashion."


[Ta Kung Pao, Oriental Daily & The Sun]

"The Last Breakthrough" will begin airing on Monday and a group of cast members held a "Love Send Off" promotion yesterday, starting at TVB City, where TVB General Manager Chan Chi Wan presented them with a flag. Afterwards, the cast members were driven in 4x4's to the Kowloon West Heliport, where they proceeded to 'load supplies' onto the helicopter. Nick Cheung, Raymond Lam, Sonija Kwok, Leila Tong and Andrew Lian then accompanied the helicopter to a promotional party at a hotel after a ten minute helicopter ride.

Raymond will soon be appearing in "Jade Solid Gold" to perform the title song to "Breakthrough" and the cast of the show will be attending to show their support for him. As he will be singing live, he is currently rehearsing hard and when it was mentioned that TVB are really promoting him, giving him so many title songs to sing, he laughs that this is just to save money!

As Raymond no longer has a contract with Cinepoly, he has no intentions to release an album just yet. He admits that he does like to sing, but he needs enough time to rest and prepare first before he can give his best performance in the recording studio. As for TVB's intentions to form a record department, Raymond says that this is of course a good thing. With his earlier fainting incident giving him the title of 'weakling', Raymond became the brunt of everyone's jokes as he boarded the helicopter, but he says he does not mind because everyone just cares for him really. In order to avoid being car sick and then plane sick, Raymond had not eaten breakfast that morning, but as he boarded the helicopter, he was stuffing himself with the promotional biscuits as he admitted: "I am very hungry... but the plane is turning sharply and I am afraid of being sick again."

Sonija nearly made the headline news earlier when her mother made her two boiled eggs for breakfast as usual, but maybe her mother's memory is not so good any more and she completely forgot about them and left the house with Sonija. When they returned, they could smell something was burning when they arrived and luckily prevented hitting the headlines for the wrong reasons!

Sonija is always attended to carefully by her mother, but seeing that her mother is starting to find it difficult to cope, she will be employing a maid to help her mother out. Later, Sonija will be heading out to Beijing to film for new series "Roaming Sword" for four months and does not plan to take her mother with her, preferring to hire some assistants in the mainland to avoid her mother being too tired. As for recent reports that Charlene Choi had a traffic accident whilst filming in the mainland, Sonija says that you cannot be too afraid about these things as long as you keep your wits about you.

Yesterday was the first time that Sonija had flown in a helicopter and she says the feeling is like being in a roller coaster. Whilst flying over Tseung Kwan O, she put her hand out of the window at one point, but the wind pressure was too strong. The view was beautiful though. Talking of "Breakthrough" not qualifying for this year's anniversary awards, Sonija says helplessly: "This is out of my control, but I have great expectations for the show because the storyline is very meaningful and I hope many people will watch it."

Returning to TVB for "Breakthrough" but not part of this year's nominations for awards, Nick says with a smile that he is a little disappointed but laughs: "TVB has many viewers in South East Asia and I was planning to enter Hollywood with the Male Lead award!" Despite this, Nick is confident about the series and at the promotion yesterday, he really worked hard and nearly broke the traffic regulations!

During the 4x4 trip as the entourage travelled through a busy Jordan Road, Nick leaned more than 70% of his body out of the car in an attempt to attract the attention of the crowds in the street, but with so many people and traffic around, what he did was quite dangerous. Later, Nick explained: "You only find riches through danger! You have to really push promotions to attract the viewers. However, I did have my safety belt on when I leaned out of the window."


[Ta Kung Pao 12/11/04]

Sheren Tang appeared at a promotional event for "PIP Happy Commune" two nights ago wearing next to no make up as it was a short notice event and she had not had time to put her make up on. As for reports that she had a spot flare up, she admitted openly: "Yes, I have had a flare up."

When it was suggested that the flare was caused by nerves about the 'My Favourite Female Lead' award, Sheren says: "Don't be so sensitive, I don't want this to be a topic. Actually, I had known someone would go through my rubbish and it is so dirty, but I will not handle my rubbish in any particular way as a result as I will not be affected by this. The press have been following me all along and when I was at the market buying food, I did not have make up on and had some spots. It is all part of family life and it is very normal! They found a Chinese painting in my rubbish, that can't be bad!"

As for TVB only arranging jewellery sponsors for Sheren in addition to their MC's, there have been hints to suggest that the awards is as good as hers. Sheren says once again not to be so sensitive, but she did not ask the company for a sponsor as she prefers to wear 'cheap jewellery', because it is less pressure. This arrangement was all done by the company.


[Ta Kung Pao & Oriental Daily 12/11/04]

A host of veteran stars including Kwan Hoi Shan (aka 'Uncle Ha') and his wife were at a local community event yesterday and 'Auntie Ha' revealed that Uncle Ha's health has been improving recently and he can walk by himself and is often talking. Uncle Ha has been taking Ginseng and Tianqi powder that costs $1200 a bottle, but it is working very well, so he will soon be advertising for this product.

Auntie Ha says that during the SARS outbreak last year, Uncle Ha's condition did worsen and was admitted to hospital with a stroke. At the time, the doctors were not very optimistic and she is looking after him without any expectations, but she is pleased that he is improving. As for the fee for this advertising job, Auntie is pleased with it and will buy some good things for Uncle Ha to eat.


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