Sunday, November 21, 2004

[Oriental Daily 22/11/04]

Kate Tsui, together with Linda Chung, Fu Sze Sze and Lai Lok Yi were at the Hong Kong Stadium for a charity walk as part of the Tung Wah Charity Fundraiser, joining five thousand members of the public. As this year's Miss Hong Kong, Kate is usually dressed up for the occasion and wearing high heels, so she was glad to take the chance to take a rest from the heels as she reveals that she is planning to take lessons from a masseuse to give herself a foot massage.

Kate says: "Usually I wear a lot of high heels and they leave my feet rather painful and tired so I would like to learn how to do foot massage. When I was younger and unwell, my mum would make me bitter tea to drink. Now I do go to see the herbalist to rectify my health and have even tried accupuncture and the effects are quite good. Also with the government promotion of Chinese medicine and even the introduction of a university course on it, then I would like to learn some techniques such as massage and reflexology."


[Oriental Daily & The Sun 22/11/04]

Sheren Tang losing out on the female lead role award is done and dusted, but the internet community has been driven into a frenzy, with allegations of it all being a fix and even a call for a protest against TVB, asking for fans of Sheren to join together and go to TVB City this afternoon to voice their outrage against the results. Airing for the first time today, the current affairs debate programme "Hong Kong Live" has agreed to arrange for fans to meet the TVB executives and are even inviting Gigi to attend.

Despite being unsuccessful, Sheren has won the hearts of the public and she expressed that after seeing all the responses from the internet and the viewers, she was so moved that she was speechless. As for the calls from fans to "Overturn Lai and Support Tang", Sheren urges everyone not to be so irrational and as it is all just a game after all. As for the suggestion that Gigi had signed a contract with TVB just before the show, Sheren says: "Don't make so many judgements, I don't believe this at all." As she has already experienced all the gossip churned up by the lead up to the award, Sheren admits that she did break down into tears before the show and finally had to use prayer to calm herself down. Charmaine Sheh who also lost out on the award has been reported to have spoken about her pressure and Sheren feels empathic towards her, saying: "I have cried before the event from the pressure, but luckily I have God. (Will you help Charmaine?) I would like to. I asked her to come with me for baptism earlier, but she would not, but I will ask her again." Sheren says that as long as she has work to do and money to make, then this is enough. She says that when she returned home after the anniversary, there were still over ten reporters' cars outside her home and she felt a massive pressure from them, so she hopes that she can return to being a normal citizen soon: "I am not one who likes to be in the spotlight, so that is not suited to me."

Sheren was a guest at a prize giving ceremony at Cheng Ming Ming's beauty school and Ms Cheng revealed that when Liu Xiao Qing visited Sheren before, she had reminded her good friend that winning or losing is not important and awards are just a game as well as saying that she must further her career in the mainland. Sheren says that she has thought about this and there have been a number of offers from Mainland agents, so she hopes she can break into this market.

Gigi Lai was at a radio station interview yesterday, but denied that she had exchanged an award for the contract and pointing out that she would not be discussing contracts with TVB until next week, so she has not agreed anything with them yet. She will definitely not become a salaried artiste, because ash has been in the industry for over ten years and hopes that she can maintain flexibility in her work. As for Sheren suggesting that the award was some kind of motivational aid for Gigi, she responded, saying: "This is just how she sees it, the award is not that important, just a very valuable souvenir from TVB. I am not trying to dumb this down, just facing things without any expectations."

Filming for "Yummy Yummy" yesterday, Charmaine Sheh was asked about suggestions that Gigi is not worthy of her award and said, feeling sorry for Gigi: "Life never goes as smoothly as you want it. I believe that Gigi would not exchange an award for a contract, I know that it was not easy for her to take the award."



[Ta Kung Pao 22/11/04]

Since "War and Beauty" became the talk of the town, Bowie Lam's popularity has gone through the roof and although he does not need to film at the moment, his workload has not lessened as he takes part in numerous promotional events. Bowie's contract with his management company M8 will be up for renewal next year and he says he will take some time out then to have a rest and seriously consider his future career moves. Bowie feels that although he has taken the TVB male lead award, he is still a blank canvas and has to start from the beginning again to plan how he will deal with his career and his life. He knows that everyone gave him their votes to allow him to win, so he will not become conceited or over-confident and hopes that in future series, he will give an even better performance.

Bowie says that after winning the award, many people are referring to him as "Big Brother Bowie" and he feels uncomfortable with this title and is afraid of people calling him this. Although the dust has settled on the awards ceremony, there are still many criticisms against Gigi Lai on the internet and Bowie says: "Awards are difficult to justify and this year's competition was very strong for the female lead award. However, Sheren has been very gracious in dealing with the matter and I hope that next year she will have the same great success. Also I feel that Gigi has worked hard for her roles and as the result has already been finalised, then we should all accept it."

As for the rumours that Gigi had signed a contract just before the anniversary to secure her award, Bowie does not believe this at all, and as Gigi was also very nervous on the evening of the presentations, you could tell that it was not previously arranged.


[The Sun & Oriental Daily 22/11/04]

Michelle Ye was invited by a brand of beer as a guest at the Macau Grand Prix Race yesterday and although she just wore a PVC tube top, jacket and short skirt, she was as not as sexy as some of the near naked racing girls present there, but she still attracted a group of men surrounding her taking photos and was by far the most popular beauty there as she showed off her irresistibility.

Afterwards, Michelle was asked if she felt that she was irresistable and she said flatteringly: "It is nothing to do with me, just that the outfit is rather eyecatching and this brand of beer is very famous, so it was the brand that attracted the people to gather round. (Were you afraid with so many people around you?) A little, and it was very crowded and sunny, but even under these conditions, for so many people to come and see me makes me happy. (Did anyone take the chance to get close to you?) Of course not, thanks to the crew who were around to protect me, it was all very good." Also, after being infected by the driving bug at the event, Michelle reveals that she is interested in buying a Porsche because it is very luxurious.


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