Saturday, November 20, 2004

More coverage from the Anniversary:

[Additional reports from The Sun 20/11/04]

The Sun's predictions for the anniversary results came out to be correct as Gigi beat the hot favourite Sheren Tang to win the "My Favourite Female Lead" award and Sheren took the "My Favourite Extraordinary Female Artiste" award for the second year running. "War and Beauty" became a big winner as Bowie Lam's 'Suen Pak Yeung' took the top TV male lead award.

Before the female lead award winner was annouced, the heart rate of the final top five were taken and they were all over 100 bpm, with only Sheren Tang appearing to be very calm. When Gigi Lai, who scored a pulse rate of 103 bpm she was full of emotion as she delivered her acceptance speech. Bowie indicated that he has already arranged a celebratory party with the other cast members of "War and Beauty".

The huge show was a great opportunity to see all the female stars in their beautiful gowns, with Kenix Kwok and her $100 million diamonds and Sonija Kwok and her revealing dress, but it was Gigi Lai's backless camisole dress that caught people's attentions as she really looked the part of a winner.

Despite Sheren's earlier comments about the competition between the ladies as 'dresslines getting lower and lower' and 'jewels getting more and more expensive', no-one took much notice as the ladies paraded their fineries on and off the stage. As this is likely to be Priscilla Ku's last year taking part in the anniversary, she decided to show her ultimate respect as she wore over $300 million of her own jewellery that she had designed herself.

Some of the ladies in their evening gowns:
Michelle Ye went for the sexy look, revealing her mid-riff very alluringly.
Sonija Kwok did not beat the others on value, but her deep V cut gown made up for much of that.
Charmaine Sheh lost out on the female lead award, but maintained her composure with over $80 million worth of jewels.
Ada Choi sported a goddess look and of course did not go away empty handed.
Kenix Kwok had her $100 million of gems, but lost out in sexiness to Gigi!

Shirley Yeung was injured whilst rehearsing for the anniversary performance and was finally persuaded to give up her part in the show to allow her injury to rest, with Nancy Wu taking her place instead. However, for fear of losing out on an award, she still took part in the show to sit in the audience and was arranged to sit beside TVB executive Lok Yik Ling. When she was finally awarded "My Favourite Most Improved Female Artiste" she was moved to tears as she received the award on stage: "I thought I would not be able to attend the anniversary and I have to thank in particular Liza Wang because she was my mother in 'Blade Heart'." When Liza who was standing beside her heard this, she patted her and said: "As an artiste, you will have to bear some hardships."

As for Nancy Wu who took Shirley's place in the dance routine, she said: "I only received notice this morning, so it was quite a rush. I was quite scared when I stood on the other person's thigh as even the dancers found this hard. (Did you mind being second choice?) No, as long as Shirley recovers soon. (Are you afraid of not being able to handle it?) I am okay, maybe as I have a background in Chinese dance, so the company asked me to do it. As long as Sir Run Run is happy, then that's all that matters." Shirley's boyfriend Gregory Lee breathed a sigh of relief when he heard his girlfriend had pulled out, saying: "She really wanted to take part, but pulling out is good because she does not need to do the action again as there may be a shadow over it." As for the show's producer Lam Ka Wing, he said: "The doctor urged her to take more rest and not to do any more dangerous activities, so she finally decided to pull out."


[Additional Photos from Oriental Daily 20/11/04]


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