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[Oriental Daily & The Sun 06/11/04]

Bernice Liu and Moses Chan were revealed by a magazine on a 'secret date' in August and since them have been spotted holding hands at various events and looking to be in love. However, recent reports indicate that despite being the envy of many onlookers, this loving couple have raised the displeasure of TVB boss Catherine Tsang, who has attempted to split them up by urging Moses to 'put his career first' and leaving him in a situation to let go of the relationship and send Bernice back to Hawick Lau. The report goes on to say that in order to get one back on Moses for leaving her, Bernice made up to twenty calls and SMS messages to Hawick, who is filming in Dunhuang, in the space of one day, all asking if they can get back together again in an attempt to spite Moses for his actions.

Reporters heard from an anonymous TVB executive that Bernice's attempts to 'win back' Hawick were very sincere. With these actions just as the Liu-Chan relationship was heating up proves how much it meant to Bernice. As a result, for Hawick in Dunhuang, he could only turn her down against his own will.

When reporters called Dunhuang and spoke to Hawick, he admits that Bernice has been calling him a lot to chat, but when asked about her trying to win him back, he laughs: "You're joking... not at all! (Has Bernice moved you with twenty calls in a day?) Haha, there were never twenty calls, she sent me SMS messages and we just had a chat. (Chatting about reuniting?) Although there are some issues between us, we are still friends and I will not talk about relationships. (How do you feel about Moses giving up his love?) In our current position, everyone is looking to forge their careers, Bernice is the same and so I am, so I am not looking for a date just yet because work comes first."

Bernice is currently rehearsing for the TVB anniversary celebrations and she responded to reporters via her manager, saying that she has called and sent SMS to Hawick, but she will not think about whether there are twenty a day or not. As for trying to 'win back' Hawick, Bernice says this is not true and will not respond.


[The Sun 06/11/04]

With the approach of the anniversary, as well as the fight for the 'My Favourite Female Lead' award, there is also focus on the winner of 'Most Improved Female Artiste' and Shirley Yeung is in the favourite position for this award with her performances in "Angels of Mission" and "Blade Heart". In response to Charmaine Sheh's earlier comments indicating she will not be voting for her, Shirley indicated she did not mind, saying: "I don't make series to win awards, the most important thing is a chance to shine. In 'Angels', not only was I able to shoot many fighting scenes, I also had to play a flirty love cheat and that was very challenging. (Are you confident in winning?) Of course I am confident, but that would just be the icing on the cake. (Charmaine seems certain she will not be supporting you.) Everyone has their own opinions and she is just choosing who she feels is the best." Conversely when asked who she thinks will take the award for favourite female lead, Shirley says graciously: "Charmaine did a great job in 'War and Beauty', so of course she should win."


[Ta Kung Pao, Oriental Daily & The Sun 06/11/04]

"War and Beauty" has aired and gone, but due to the great success of the show, the female leads have landed themselves with a number of advertising contracts and Sheren Tang shot a set of stills for a facial mask ad yesterday. There have been suggestions that Gigi Lai has not been very flexible with her fee for making advertisements, whereas Sheron has been very accommodating and therefore has taken many jobs that were supposed to be offered to Gigi as a result. In response to this, Sheren says: "How can you say that? Our performance directions are very different, so if they ask her, then they will not ask me!" Sheren says that she does not put much emphasis on the money when she makes ads as there are some jobs that she will not accept and will push up the fee to turn people away, such as breast enhancement or performing at discos and clubs. As Sheren is a staunch feminist, she feels that the value of a woman should not be judged on the size of her breasts. She also opposes slimming by taking pills, so the ad that she did for slimming does not require the use of pills. She feels that apart from making money, she should also show responsibility towards society, so she will in no way skew the market and there is plenty of room for everyone.

Talking of skincare tips, Sheren says that she does not really put much emphasis on her skin, but when she returned from America ten years ago, she found her skin very saggy and poor, making her look quite bad, so she started a new skincare routine. Although she started late, it is better than not doing it all and at least she can keep her looks as she was ten years ago and not age her skin prematurely.

Sheren is hot favourite for the 'Favourite Female Lead' award at this year's anniversary and some betting companies have placed her as favourite with odds of 4-1, but she laughs that she does not bet. As for magazine suggestions that TVB has already decided to award her with 'Outstanding Female Artiste' for the second year running and give the female lead award to someone else, Sheren says that she does not mind whether she wins an award or not as it is all just a game and not worth getting excited about.

When Gigi Lai's friends heard the news about her being second in the running for favourite female lead, they suggested an idea for her and that was to bet on both her and Sheren to win as that way it doesn't matter who wins then there will still be a celebration! Gigi was left speechless as she felt like she was a racehorse! Gigi has been rehearsing hard for her item in the anniversary, but this has brought out all her old injuries and left her with neck pains and leg pains and she could only continue after medical attention.

As for Jessica Hsuan gaining third place in the polls so far for 'My Favourite Television Character', the odds have changed in her favour as they fell from 126-1 to just 21-1. Jessica was asked on the phone yesterday about this and she was very happy, saying that this has boosted her confidence because filming for "Lady Fan" was one of the hardest jobs in her 12 years in the industry and to be able to enter the top three with this role makes her extremely happy.

TVB's anniversary comedy version of "War" has had its cast confirmed, with Eric Tsang and Nat Chan both playing Yu Fei and On Sin in drag, whilst Lydia Shum will be 'XXL' Yuk Ying in their 'faithful re-enactment' of the original. Producer Lam Ka Wing has requested that they do the acts 'seriously', but there is bound to be plenty of improvisation with all these comedy experts around. As for Yee Shun, she will be played by Nancy Sit, the Emperor will be played by Carol Cheng and Bowie Lam and Moses Chan will reprise their roles of Suen Pak Yeung and Hung Mo respectively. Bowie will be performing his final suicide scene with XXL Yuk Ying whilst Moses will have to carry the 'Fat Yu Fei' Eric in the scene where he takes her across the snowy courtyard after she injures her ankle. Just looking at the setup ensures quite a scene!

The original female stars in the show, such as Sheren Tang, Gigi Lai and Charmaine Sheh have not yet confirmed their appearance in the sketch as this will depend on their schedules.

With the DVD versions of "War" being launched earlier this week for open sale, the limited edition issue of just 1700 copies has led to demand far exceeding supply and some retailers have already hiked the price from the original $588 to $888 and even $980. In the Causeway Bay area, sets are even being offered at $1600 each.


[Oriental Daily & The Sun 06/11/04]

Diana Pang, Tommy Wong Kwong Leung, Kingdom Yuen, Akina Hong, Marco Ngai and Gordon Liu were guests on the latest episode of "Super Trio Show" to be recorded two nights ago and with her reputation for her assets, Diana was extremely careful when playing the games, often doing up the buttons on her shirt to avoid exposing herself, but in the 'Candle Blowing' game, she caused quite a stir when she placed her breasts onto the candle platform, whilst Eric Tsang shouted: "More forward! More forward!". In another game during a mad scramble for the umbrella, she caused even more screams from the audience as she popped out of her tube top and revealed herself again through her soaking top shirt. After the game, Diana had to rush backstage to get changed quickly after wrapping herself in a towel. Afterwards, she said: "I have taken plenty of protective measures, so I shouldn't reveal too much. Everyone else took their outer tops off for the game, but I kept mine on. I was already wearing three layers - if I wear too much I can't exercise!"

During the filming of this episode of the show, not only did Diana bring some sauciness to the proceedings, at one point in the recording, she seemed to lose control of her etiquette and sprouted out some expletives. During the 'Over to you' game, Eric set the topic of 'words you can't say at the new year'. Tommy started off by swearing first and then Diana returned the favour and even Chin Ka Lok couldn't help commenting: "Wow! Even Andy [Lau] replaced those words for one colour plus another colour in the past and still got into trouble!" [Explanation: The Cantonese for 'Almond plus Orange' sounds a lot like a rather unpleasant swear word.]

Akina wore a very low cut top for the games and when she carried Marco over the 'Stony Path', she screamed: "Wah! What do you have that is so hard sticking into me?" as she tried unsuccessfully to steal some of the risque focus from Diana. Later Marco explained that she meant his belt buckle.


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