Friday, November 26, 2004

Em's note: For those who are under 18 and may not remember who Carol was, she was the female 'Peter Pan' of TVB in the late 80's and early 9o's, where she was always playing the 'little girl' characters because of her beautifully innocent and youthful performances. She hasn't been around on TV much since she got married, so it is nice to see that she is still dropping by to say hello to her fans once in a while!

[Special Report from The Sun by Jacqueline Law 27/11/04]

Carol Yeung, originally called Yeung Wai Ling chose her artiste name 'Yeung Ling' to include the radical for a sheep because this is an animal that represents liveliness and flight. After over ten years in the showbiz industry and many television series, she even had a chance to try out the big screen action, but she never really 'sprang' to fame. However, despite many years in the dye pit of the entertainment circles, she has still managed to maintain her purity and innocence. Even when she first met her husband, he admitted that it was her absolute childlike innocence that attracted him to her.

Time has not left a mark on Carol's face, maybe because her youth spreads from her heart. When I first met Carol, I thought wrongly that she was just a child, but after getting to know her, I have found that her honest and genuine nature is truly a gift from the heavens. It is this truth from the heart that gives her the aura of having angels surrounding her and protecting her, so she has never had the chance to grow up.

When her son Wong Lok Tin was born, Carol's life was rewritten.

Between Carol and me, there was once a story that made us both laugh and cry. I remember a few years ago, when I saw her that her usually baby soft skin was coming up with spots, I recommended some skincare products to her, but after a while she did not get any better and she went to see a skincare specialist. The doctor gave her about ten days medication, but the spots still did not recede. Later, she went to see another doctor and that doctor immediately suggested that Carol should do a pregnancy test, but even then she insisted there was no chance she would be pregnant. When the report came out, it revealed that Carol was three months pregnant, but she did not even know. This is just the way that she is!

Carol says: "Before I got married, I depended on my mother for everything. After I got married, then everything was dependent on my husband. After my son was born, then I decided to change myself, so as well as watching him grow up, I also watched myself grow up. In the past, when problems arose, I would be like an ostrich and bury my head in the sand, not seeing and not knowing, letting other people sort things out. Now that I have my own child, then how can I hide and pretend not to see any more? In the first six months after my baby was born, whenever he cried, I did not know what to do, so I just cried with him. So my son grew up amidst my tears because there were many when I was looking after him."

Now, Carol is says confidently that she can read her son's expressions and know what he is playing at. With her son's upbringing, she has developed her own maturity and sense of responsibility and now her goals are more far reaching. She says: "I hpe that this child can grow up in a healthy family and home that is full of love, so I have to learn to give and to love, not only to my son, but also to my husband and mother. In the past, I only knew how to be loved and never thought about sharing the responsibility with my husband, but now I am actively learning to become a tamed wife who can help her husband out. When there are problems now, then I will no longer hide away, but positively seek a solution. I believe that each person needs to learn continually in order to grow up. The most important thing is to be willing and have the confidence to succeed."


[Sing Pao 23/11/04]

On the set of "Yummy Yummy" yesterday, were Kevin Cheng, Kiki Sheung, Carlo Ng and Ben Yeo and Carlo was dressed in a ninja costume. In the show he plays the judge and will play many different characters as he chooses the contestants for the competition. Kevin plays a chicken seller in the first scene and maybe he was too nervous, but he lost his phone the previous day.

The scene was filmed in a market and attracted a crowd of locals to watch, crreating quite an atmosphere. Playing the chicken seller for the first time, Kevin says that it is quite difficult because the scene just showed him catching and tying up the chicken. He said: "Earlier, the company had arranged for me to get some experience at the Kowloon City Market and learn from a chicken stand big sister. We became good friends and I even took her for dinner. I thought that I could show off my skills today, but the tasks I have been given are very simple, so I hope that I will be okay. I have tried to catch free range chickens in China, now that is very difficult. (How was the shoot?) Originally I was a little upset because I only finished work last night at 4am and when I got home, I found that I had lost my phone. When I called back to the company to see if it had been found, I did not get a response and I thought it was gone forever. I am lazy and stored all my phone numbers in the phone, so losing the phone was a small matter, losing all my numbers was a bigger problem. As a result I was a little unhappy, but this morning, the lady in the dressing room called me saying that she had found my phone. I was so happy that I jumped up and my whole body just relaxed, so I have treated everyone today as well as thanking that lady of course!"


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