Wednesday, October 27, 2004

[Ta Kung Pao, The Sun & Oriental Daily 27/10/04]

The battle for the 'My Favourite Female Lead Role' award at next month's TVB anniversary is hotting up between the favourites with no clear leader emerging from the nominees. Reports revealed yesterday suggested that whilst Charmaine Sheh was in Malaysia earlier, she had indicated that she stood an 80% chance of winning the award, with Gigi Lai and Ada Choi sharing the other 20% and 'Yu Fei' Sheren Tang nowhere in the running. As a result she has been accused of undermining Sheren's ability. Taking part in a caring for the elderly event yesterday, Charmaine admitted that she had said she stands a 70-80% chance of winning, but she has not undermined any of her opponents because her personality will not take her to these lengths. She finds the report very frightening and despicable and she is very upset by this.

Charmaine has just returned from Malaysia and she indicates that by saying she stands a good chance of winning does not mean she feels the award is already hers because until the final moment, no-one knows who has won, but this is just the confidence that she is giving herself. Filming "War and Beauty" has already given her the greatest rewards for this year and during the interview, she just mentioned that she liked Gigi and Ada's characters in their shows and therefore she did not mention Sheren. She did not say anything about what their chances of winning were and some of what was written was totally false.

There were also reports in the magazines yesterday that Gigi has suddenly become rich and the target of the tycoons. Charmaine laughs when she hears this and says: "You don't know that she was already a rich lady a long time ago. After so many years in the industry, she has a lot of savings and as she is very shrewd with her finances, it is only normal for her to have property and cars! As for becoming the prey for the rich, this is not unusual at all because she is so beautiful then of course there are plenty of pursuers. I have a suitor of my own, but he is not a rich man though." When asked if she has been invited to tycoon dinner parties, she says that she does not have time. If she had time? She smiles that she will not reply to these theoretical questions.

Charmaine was pleased to take part in the event with the elderly yesterday because she has a ninety year old granny, whom she calls at least once a day to ask about her grandmother's lifestyle or just for a chat, so they share a very good relationship.


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[The Sun, Oriental Daily 27/10/04]

Since starting filming for "King of Herbal Medicines", Michelle Ye has not been very well and earlier she was suffering from bleeding in the eyes and recently she has not been very well with a throat infection. Originally she was due to film in Yuen Long's Lychee Garden, but she called in sick and the other artistes such as Frankie Lam and Kenneth Ma were reportedly not happy at being delayed.

Michelle was caused about this report and she said weakly that she is resting at home and was unable to work because she was ill. She has already taken leave with the crew and she does not believe that the other artistes will be angry with her because she has already been ill for a few days before taking time off and they should not reprimand her. She also says that she does not have any relatives in Hong Kong so there is no-one to take her to the doctors so she has to wait until her manager finishes work before going with her.

Although Frankie had already set out for work, he denies that he was unhappy saying that if you are ill then you cannot work and everyone should look out for each other.


Bowie Lam released his new album last week and as he has the help of many good friends such as Gigi Lai, Bobby Au Yeung, Maggie Siu, Yoyo Mung and Kenix Kwok, he has promised that if his record sells well and reaches platinum, then he will take them all on holiday.

Bowie also reveals that when he was out with his girlfriend earlier, he was immediately approached by a group of reporters who flashed them with cameras and gave them a surprise. It turns out that he has been dating his girlfriend on and off for two years but as she is from outside the industry, he had not wanted to reveal his relationship and hopes to keep this low profile. Also, there have been reports that Bowie plans to renew his contract with TVB in exchange for the anniversary award, but Bowie explains that he still has a contract with M8 and although he did have a meal with TVB executive Lok Yik Ling earlier, they did not discuss contracts and he has not decided what he will do yet. When asked if he would exchange signing a contract for an award, he says: "With the results of 'War and Beauty', I, Bowie Lam, do not need this to exchange for an award. If I have to sign to get an award, then I would rather not have it."


[Ta Kung Pao 27/10/04]

Vivien Yeo, Charmaine Lee, Charles Szeto and Vin Choi were the stars from "Sunshine Heartbeat" taking part as guest models for a promotional event yesterday. This is Vivien's first job since the show began airing and as well as receiving gifts from the sponsors, she has also received a fee. As for how much this was, she would not reveal exactly, but says she is very satisfied.

Since joining TVB, Vivien has had a constant stream of advertisement offers and now she is a member of the 'Jade New Army', there will be even more work in the future. When asked how she will be rewarding herself with the additional income, she smiles: "I have put it all in the bank because my mum says I am not to spend money unwisely. However, next month I will be going back to Malaysia and will take my parents out for dinner."

Vivien hopes that she can make more money and take her parents on holiday because she has three brothers and sisters and when they were younger, their father paid for their education and piano lessons by giving up on many luxuries, not even going on vacation, so now that she is able to, she would like to repay this duty to them. Also, she hopes to be able to buy an apartment in Hong Kong so that her parents can come and visit her without staying in a hotel. She luaghs: "Apartments in Hong Kong are very expensive though, so I will have to work harder!"


[Oriental Daily 27/10/04]

Ron Ng and Sammul Chan were filming yesterday in TVB City's ancient street for "Courageous Kunlun" yesterday in a scene that tells of them returning from battle, riding horses in their armour and looking dashing as they return in victory to the welcome of their villagers, who cheer them along.

Sammul and Ron had earlier injured their neck and knee respectively, earning themselves the nickname of 'Heavenly Cripples', but their injuries did not affect their style as they rode the horses as they displayed the air of warriors. Sammul indicates: "Actually I was worried that I would injure my neck again by riding, but lucky Lee Ka Ding instructed me how to adjust my position and I became more and more relaxed and had some fun. (Were you all over the place being on a horse for the first time?) Of course not, I have ridden before when I was on vacation and I was very stylish. Everyone around me called me stylish boy too."

As for Ron, he says: "Earlier when I was filming for 'Twin of Brothers', I had learned how to ride, but the mainland horses are very different from the Hong Kong horses because the ones in Hong Kong are retired racehorses and have a certain speed and explosiveness to them, so you have to be more careful with the Hong Kong horses."

Joyce Koi appeared for the first time in a 'pregnant look' filming for the show in a storyline that tells of her having two children within three years of her marriage to Yuen Wah. She says: "Making this series was great fun, firstly because it is a comedy, so we could really have some laughs and secondly because everyone was very punctual, so there were very few delays."


[The Sun 26/10/04]

Adam Cheng's 'Ding Hai Effect' is certainly powerful as his series "The Conqueror's Story" began airing yesterday, the Hang Seng Index immediately fell by 197 points closing at 12,818 points, with the greatest fall of 271 points. When he heard this, then even Adam exclaimed: "Am I really that bad?" He then goes on to proclaim himself 'God of Stocks' as he becomes his Ding Hai character, telling all the stock marketeers to listen to what he has to say.

Affected by the American markets recently, the Hong Kong Stock Market has been very volatile and on the 7th anniversary of the 1997 stock market crash yesterday coupled with the 'Ding Hai Effect', the index fell by 200 points as soon as it opened and although it was closely watched by traders, Adam was not aware of this and was resting at home lazily. When he was told about the crash by the press, Adam was rather startled. He says: "When they talked about the 'Ding Hai Effect' before, I thought it was just gossip and I had never believed it, I never thought I would have such an effect. If it is the case then that would be good because I can make a fortune! I should have sold all my shares before and then bought them back when the markets fell!" Adam had once visited a fortune teller who had indicated that he was unique in the showbiz industry. He was a little doubtful because in terms of acting talent, singing and dancing, he is by no means unique, but now he believes that it is his ability to affect the stock market that makes him 'unique'. Even his wife Koon Ching Wah laughs that he likes to refer to himself as 'God of Stocks'.

When 'God' was asked for his thoughts on the stock market, he says: "Wait until it falls to 300 points and then buy, buy, buy! (Is 300 points enough?) Don't be so greedy, you don't need to make so much. Let it rise up again slowly - trust Adam Cheng! When I appear, the stock market will fall, but the ratings will rise!"

Adam injured an old injury again in his knee whilst filming earlier and as he will soon have to start rehearsing his dance routine for the anniversary, he admits that he works hard for his money as he laughs: "Seeing as this is so hard work and I have such a big effect on the stock markets, then maybe I should go into trading full time!"


[The Sun 26/10/04]

Cerina De Graca played Bobby Au Yeung's secretary in "Shine On You" and has had good reviews on her performance. She will also be appearing alongside the veterans Adam Cheng, Kwong Wa and Maggie Cheung in "The Conqueror's Story". Cerina was at a fitness centre for her exercise earlier and talking of her promotion by TVB, she says: "I am very happy that the company is giving so many opportunities to me and I will put my heart into continuing to work hard. (Did you feel pressure working with so many seniors?) I just go into filming without any expectations as long as the viewers like it. (Has Adam passed on any skills to you?) He is very nice and was always teaching me how to get into position."

As well as filming series, Cerina is also interested in hosting and movie work. As for the character she would most like to play, she says: "I would like to try any kind of role, such as the bad guy or mentally unstable role. As long as it is different from myself, I don't even mind being ugly. (Action?) I have a dance and sporting background, so it should be pretty easy to take up." Cerina says that she will be putting her all into her career for now, so when asked about her love life, she says: "I don't have time for dating, so I'll just go with the flow."


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