Tuesday, October 26, 2004

[Ta Kung Pao & The Sun 26/10/04]

Raymond Lam has been filming one series after another recently as well as filming abroad for a few months at a time and his health seems to be suffering. For the sake of his heath, he has given up drinking and smoking, but recently he has been suffering from rectal bleeding as well as being sick and having fever for no apparent reason, so he suspects he may have internal bleeding and will be going for a body check this week.

Appearing at the costume fitting for new series "Yummy Yummy" Raymond was asked if he had recovered from his earlier fever. He says he is still not completely recovered and adds: "Recently my excrement has been abnormal and I have noticed that there is blood in my faeces, but as there is no pain, I am suspecting that there may be some internal bleeding and I will be going for a body check next week. (Could it be haemorrhoids?) I am not in any pain though! (Have you eaten something unhygienic?) When I was working in China, I did take some herbal remedies for digestion, but I have stopped taking it now I am back in Hong Kong. As well as faecal blood, I have also been having fevers and even eating congee can make me sick. (Does your family know about your condition?) No, I don't want them to worry. (But they will know now when the reports go out?) They are not in Hong Kong right now, so I will try and get myself checked out within this week."

In the new series, Raymond says that he plays a rich boy and it was commented that he his portraying his real life character. He denies this saying: "I am not a typical rich boy. I don't drink and smoke and I am not very pompous, in fact I am very friendly!" As for the forthcoming TVB anniversary celebration, Raymond indicates that he will be working in a song and dance item with Bernice Liu and Patrick Tang.

Also, the stock markets in Hong Kong have fallen recently and this coincides with Adam Cheng's "The Conqueror's Story" being aired, bringing to mind the 'Ding Hai Effect'once again. Charmaine Sheh was asked whether she has any stocks and she says she does not have any because she has had a painful lesson in the past, when a few years ago, she lost over $200,000 on the stock market and she was nearly crying. She says: "I know that I cannot withstand this shock, so I would rather use more traditional ways of making money and storing it in a savings account. Although the interest is not very high, at least it is safe."

Charmaine will soon be heading over to Singapore for location filming and as she has filmed a hundred episodes of series without taking a break, she will be combining business with leisure on this trip and taking her mother along with her to Singapore. However the most worrying thing for her is that they will be wearing summer clothing when they are in Singapore and then the continuity requires them to film the rest of the show in summer clothes when they return to Hong Kong, but as it will be winter then, she is worried it will be harsh.

Kevin Cheng and Tavia Yeung will also filming for "Yummy Yummy" and wearing a market owner's outfit, Kevin was mocked by Tavia, saying that he has to wash for at least fifteen minutes before he can come near her.

Kevin will be playing a chicken seller in the show and will be in and out of the markets and Tavia is very afraid of bird flu. In order to research his character, Kevin paid some visits to a market to experience life there and he says that markets nowadays are very clean and not as dirty as he imagined because the stallowners are very focussed on hygiene. The most meaningful experience for him was each time he went to the markets, he was surrounded by many housewives all the time, praising his performance in "Split Second" and was offered free drinks from some of the stall owners. Some of the customers even taught him how to handle the chickens, telling him not to blow on the chicken's rear end and to wear gloves before grabbing the chicken and so he is not afraid of contracting bird flu at all.

Having just had a break, Tavia was in good spirits and earlier she visited Canada for a week to refresh herself. Talking of the new show having many scenes at the market, she syas that she is worried about the hygiene of the marketplace, because her impression since she was young is not a good one, finding it damp and dirty. Also as the series will be filming summer scene during wintertime, she says it will be quite hard work.

Ratings reports indicate that "Shine on You", "Virtues of Harmony" and "Split Second" maintained last weeks ratings of 31, 32 and 28 points and Sunday's "Super Trio Show" rose by 12 points to 31 points.


[Ta Kung Pao & The Sun 26/10/04]

Michelle Ye and Frankie Lam were at the blessing ceremony to mark the beginning of studio filming for "King of Herbal Medicine" but as Michelle seemed rather tired despite wearing make up, she was asked why. She coughed slightly and then said weakly: "I am exhausted and tired and as a result I have a throat infection. The doctor has given me some antibiotics, but I am very weak at the moment." When asked if her rumoured boyfriend Xiong Ni has called her to ask about her, she seemed rather unenthusiastic and said: "I don't want to talk about him!"

In the past, whenever Michelle spoke about Xiong, she seemed very happy as though she was in love, but yesterday's reaction seemed to be 180 degree turn and this surprised everyone. When asked why she said this, she immediately said frustratedly: "I don't want to say, because we are just friends and if I keep talking about him, it is unfair to us both. I don't want to affect his life and as we are so far apart, we are in two different worlds and so we have not been keeping in touch. (Can you no longer be friends?) No, but we cannot develop anything and I have never wanted anything to happen. (Is is because of some reports that have led to you breaking contact?) No, I just don't want to talk about our bad things. (Is Xiong Ni bad?) Not necessarily him, we each have our own friends and I don't want to reveal any personal details. (Is someone getting in the way of you?) I don't want to talk about ethics and this will be the last time I will talk about him."

With reports that Kenix was worried about Frankie working with Michelle and Selena Li in "King" and therefore going to visit the set on her day off to keep an eye on him, Frankie says impatiently: "Kenix has not started filming on her series just yet, so she had some time to come and eat with me and in the past I would go and visit her when she was filming and I was free. The magazines are making things up again. (Is anyone playing up to you?) Yes, my wife plays up to me every day!" Having been away from TVB management for three or four years, Frankie has recently signed again for TVB in a two year contract.


[Ta Kung Pao & The Sun 26/10/04]

TVB's 2005 promotional calendar has been published and as previously, features the Miss Hong Kong winners on the front cover with TKO TVB City as the backdrop. Most of the stars featured in the calendar are TVB's salaried and managed artistes such as Charmaine Sheh, Sonija Kwok, Kenix Kwok, Michelle Ye, Anne Heung, Jessica Hsuan, Myolie Wu and Melissa Ng representing the ladies and Bobby Au Yeung, Bowie Lam, Frankie Lam, Roger Kwok and Adam Cheng for the men. They have mostly been featured in the calendar for several years now, but calendar regulars Louis Koo and Maggie Cheung have surprisingly been left out this year, whereas non-TVB managed artistes such as Flora Chan and Ada Choi are on the list.

There are a few new faces in the calendar this year, including TVB's "Six Olympic Stars" - Raymond Lam, Ron Ng, Lai Lok Yi, Sammul Chan, Bosco Wong and Kenneth Ma as well as up and coming divas Tavia Yeung and Mandy Cho. As the photographs were taken a little while ago, then the current hot property such as Gigi Lai and Sheren Tang did not make it into the pages.

Maggie explains her absence from the calendar: "When they were shooting the calendar, I was in China filming and couldn't fit it into my schedule. There is no special reason really." As for Mandy, she says: "I am thankful to the company for giving me this opportunity. The best thing about being in a calendar is that I can put it up at home and my parents can see me all the time."


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