Thursday, October 21, 2004

[Ta Kung Pao & The Sun 22/10/04]

Charmaine Sheh, Raymond Lam, Tavia Yeung and Kevin Cheng were filming on location in a certain restaurant yesterday for TVB's new series "Yummy Yummy". In the show, there will be a triangular affair between Charmaine, Tavia and Kevin.

Recently, Kevin has been pulled into rumours involving him with Sheren Tang and Shirley Yeung. Working alongside Charmaine who has plenty of rumours of her own, is he worried about more stories being written? He says: "I have never had much gossip all along, only recently. I have worked with Charmaine before in two series, so there is no reason for the rumours to start now. I have also known Tavia for a while as well, so if there were any feelings between us, it would have started long ago, so I feel very safe in the arrangement this time. We will just go to work as normal and not be affected by any reports." He also adds that when he met with these incidents in the past, he would definitely lose his temper, but after so many years of baptism in the industry, he has no temper left and just laughs it all off.

As for Charmaine, is she worried about being linked with Kevin? She laughs: "We have known each other for a long time and I am already immune to him." Earlier Charmaine was in Beijing filming for "Tossing Rain Turning Cloud" and because she lost her appetite, she lost two to three pounds whilst she was away, but she says that when she films on location in Singapore, she will put on weight because there she can have her favourite Ba Kut Teh and Satay. When asked if her waist has gone down to 21 inches, she replies that it is still at 22-23 inches.

Raymond was working despite being ill: "I have had two fevers in the last two weeks with nausea and diarrheoa. At first I thought I would be okay after taking some medicine, but I wasn't and had to go and see a doctor. The doctor told me to get some rest, but I had to work. After filming 'Twin of Brothers', my body has become rather weak because I have not had a rest at all."


[The Sun 22/10/04]

Kenix Kwok, Joe Ma and Ron Ng were filming in a gunfight scene in a hotel yesterday for 'Hotel Troubles' and the playful Joe kept waving the prop gun around. However, it fired by accident and the fright made Kenix jump up. Kenix then had to point the gun at herself and say: "If someone has to die, it should be me.", so little wonder that Kenix was rather nervous. She says: "Although there are no bullets in the gun, there are often unexplained things that happen in filming and this scene made me think about Brandon Lee (son of Bruce Lee)'s accident. As a result I had to check thoroughly that the gun was locked and ask the director for a lucky packet."


[The Sun 22/10/04]

Myolie Wu was filming earlier in a park for "Passion for Black Forest" and she was sitting to one side developing her emotions for the scene, but was disturbed by some fans who praised her acting and told her not to waste the ice cream in her hand, leaving her a little speechless. She says: "I have never filmed under these conditions before and it was rather noisy! I really wanted to kick them away before, but luckily the crew are very nice and distanced them from me so that I could finish filming in peace."


[Oriental Daily 22/10/04]

Niki Chow was filming in TVB City for "Scholar meets Soldier" yesterday, where she plays a constable with many fight scenes. The fight co-ordinator is looking after her though and has given her a set of knee pads to avoid any injuries during fighting. However, Niki laughs that this is just to avoid her injuries getting in the way of filming.

Playing an action heroine for the first time, Niki is really fighting blind and is using brute force when it comes to her scenes. Although the stunt men have pads, Niki always seems to hit them in the sensitive areas, leaving them in some pain. Niki laughs that she upsets a lot of the stunt team every day and has to buy them all food to make it up to them.

Apart from being afraid of being hit by Niki, the stunt team also have to be wary of her baton that she wears hanging from her waistband because if she spins around, it is at the right height to inflict some pain on a man. This makes everyone rather afraid of Niki and she is a little embarrassed, apologising all the time. As a result, all the men in the show are very afraid of her in her constable's outfit and daren't go near her. Niki says that it's not so great for her either because when the men get hit, their natural reflexes kick in and she has been hit in the face a couple of times, leaving her bleeding.


[Ta Kung Pao 22/10/04]

Many artistes including Gigi Lai, Christine Ng, Leo Ku, Sheren Tang, Marsha Yuen and Ada Choi took part in a fashion show on Wednesday for the 'Moiselle Autumn/Winter Collection '04" as guest models who paraded on the catwalk alongside the regular models to show off the new designs. As the spokesmodel for the company, Ada Choi has recently renewed her contract with the company and her fee has been raised accordingly. She laughs that she has represented the company for seven years and the relationship is like having a date. On the night, Ada wore an extra low cut mini-dress that showed off her long seductive legs. However, Gigi Lai was the finale guest model on the night, taking over Ada's usual position and showing that her popularity is not as it was. She also indicates that she is currently negotiating a contract with the company bosses to become another spokesmodel for the products and if all goes well, the deal should go through before the end of the year.

In response to Gigi also becoming a spokesmodel for the label, Ada laughs that it doesn't matter who it is and she does not feel threatened because the boss has their own reasons for choosing, like last year Cecilia Cheung was rumoured to be representing the company. She feels that there is room for them to co-exist because the market cannot be monopolised by one person, nor can you get to the top by riding other people's failures. No matter whether you do it or not, the most important thing is about being happy. Nominated for the 'My Favourite Female Lead' award this year, Ada is not too confident about taking the award as she feels that Sheren stands a better chance of winning.

With so many beauties gathered together, then they each showed off their beauty in different ways. Ada says that there is a limit to her sexy dress and the dress she is wearing today is alrady her bottom line. When it was indicated that Gigi's dress was so short it almost revealed what was underneath, Ada compliments her, saying that Gigi is as pretty as a princess, whereas Christine and Sheren also have a very sensual attraction.

Wearing a super mini skirt on the day, Gigi indicated that this was chosen for her by a designer. She appeared alongside Leo Ku as a couple and that moment looked like an engagement scene. Gigi had done her preparations, wearing two pairs of underwear under the skirt to avoud revealing anything. When it asked if she was worried about having suggestive photographs taken again, she explained that the so called 'revealing photos' showed the flesh coloured knickers she had on underneath her skirt and she does not understand how this could have been misinterpreted.

Gigi really showed her clout, because when she ordered an outfit, the designer completed it for her within four days. She says that she has always admired the local designers and feels that Hong Kong designs are similar to those designer labels from abroad. She also hopes that people will not discriminate about products from the mainland because 'Made in China' products are not bad, just that most of the quality products are exported.

Leo Ku was a little awed at partnering 'Yuk Ying Siu Ju' at the show and laughs that he regrets not taking part in "War and Beauty". He says he would have liked to have played the Emperor because working opposite beauties like Gigi, he would be very 'loving'.


[Ta Kung Pao 22/10/04]

"Super Trio Show" filmed another episode on Wednesday and gusts included 2R, EO2, Joyce Chen, Wong Yeuk Tung, Evergreen Mak and Lam Tze Chung, featuring more guests than usual.

Having a rather 'outstanding' figure, Joyce became the target of many jokes from Eric Tsang, Jerry Lamb and Chin Ka Lok on that night, first introducing her as having a 'bouncing feeling' as she came out onto the stage and then when she was walking on the stony path, she had to jump without holding her bust. Eric then made up some questions asking the guests to offer 'pros and cons of women with large figures' that raised a lot of laughs.

Also, during the guessing game, Joyce was arranged to play the dummy to help EO2's Eddie in describing the words. Eddie was rather timid and dare not touch her body too much, but Chin Ka Lok kept joining in and lifted Joyce up. Luckily she was well prepared, having zipped up her top to avoid showing too much. Afterwards she was asked whether she minded being the focus because of her figure, she said graciously: "It's okay when they are just playing, but otherwise I would mind."

2R did not have many tricks played on them, but did get a soaking in the 'shower' game.


[Ta Kung Pao & Oriental Daily 22/10/04]

"Yu Fei" Sheren Tang was carried out on a sedan chair around Causeway Bay yesterday by four angels to take part in a promotion for a slimming company and she attracted quite a crowd. Wearing a sexy red low cut outfit, she caught the attention of the public who called out to her by her character's name Yu Fei and when she got off the chair, she was desperately pulling at her skirt to avoid exposing herself and accidentally knocked herself on the head. When the MC saw this, he announced that this was 'Good Luck hitting her on the head'.

Kevin Cheng had earlier indicated that he would like Sheren to win the anniversary award this year and when Sheren heard this, she smiled sweetly and said that since the rumours broke about her and Kevin, they have spoken on the phone and she told him just to speak the truth and not to add anything else, so he did just tell the truth. She says candidly that she is happy to receive calls from her friends offering their congratulations and knowing that everyone cares for her so much is enough and she will not be disappointed if she does not win the award.

Sheren says that she is still being followed by the paparazzi and as she is doing so many promotions, wearing high heels all the time is making her feet hurt so much she had to go and see the doctor. The thing she would most like to do at the moment is to wear some flat shoes! Earlier she walked down the catwalk for the first time at a fashion show and when she appeared, there was a huge round of applause that left her very happy but also a little surprised and at the time, she felt very high. When asked if she was being paid a hefty fee, she says that she does not care too much about that, but she did not reveal the amount as this would be unfair to the other guests.

Talking of earning money, Sheren says that happiness is not just about making a lot of money. Even when she was at ATV filming numerous series and making even more money than she is now, that was also her unhappiest time, when she felt very lost. As she is rather careful with her money anyway, having this money now to spend should allow her to balance things out, but she does not like herself to be like this. She says: "Standing so tall, it hurts when you fall, so I would rather be able to open the curtain in my home without worrying about the press, take the MTR and wear flat soled shoes."


[Ta Kung Pao & The Sun 22/10/04]

After winning a seven figure fee to be spokesperson for Pentax Cameras, a special press conference and birthday party was held for Louis Koo yesterday. A group of fans presented him with a cake to celebrate his 34th birthday and seven beautiful models were on hand to give him a birthday kiss. However, Louis was so embarrassed that he covered his face with his hands and caused a lot of laughs.

Louis admits that he has never received birthday kisses from seven beauties before and in the past when he was celebrating his birthday abroad and was kissed by a foreign lady, he was already very embarrassed, maybe because he has very strong Chinese traditions and these are rather reserved. He indicates that he has been taken out for dinner by all his friends this week, including old schoolmates and Miriam Yeung. Talking of birthday wishes, Louis' wish of buying an apartment and a car have already been fulfilled and as he no longer wishes to drive, he just has one car now that he uses for work. The new house will require a seven figure sum to refurbish and has two more rooms and bathrooms than his old house. It should be ready by the middle of next year. The most unusual thing about the new house is that it has a study, where there are a lot of old law books and four television screens where he can watch four different channels at the same time. When asked whether his parents are rushing him to get married, he laughs: "How can I get married if I don't even have a date yet. I don't plan to get married until I am 42!"


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