Wednesday, October 13, 2004

[Ta Kung Pao & The Sun 14/10/04]

Since TVB's encouraging drama "Shine on You" was released, not only had it had good reviews, but also good ratings as last week it peaked at 35 points, with an average of 30 points and although this has been rather overshadowed by "War and Beauty", a special celebratory party was held for the cast and crew yesterday. Education Council Officer Yeung King Fai also came along to join in and handed out souvenirs to the cast members.

As Michael Tao was absent due to illness, then of the main stars, only Bobby Au Yeung and Kenix Kwok were present. Kenix was pleased at the three point rise after the mid-autumn lull and hopes that the ratings will continue to rise. When asked what the leading cast will do if the ratings keep going up, she laughs: "We will tell Bobby and Michael to wear school uniform and take their skirts up as high as we can. They will not be allowed to wear any shorts underneath or shave their legs. We need to find some thin uniform material and then get them wet for the full seethrough effect. Bobby has to wear braids and they will have to show off exactly what they don't have, if they aren't willing, then we will tie them up and beat them up." When asked if she was confident to win the "Favourite Female Lead Award" this year, Kenix says: "Of course I am confident, I hope everyone will support me."

In response to Kenix's suggestion, Bobby laughs that this is not difficult: "I have long legs and a 40 inch bust, plus my legs are nice and thin, so wearing a super mini skirt should be okay. The only thing I don't have (hair) can be replaced with a wig! I will have to involve Michael though for this uniform seduction, wearing fishnet tights, but I will only do this if the ratings hit 40 points." He is not worried that this will cause complaints because it is just for some fun.

What does Bobby suggest that Kenix do for the celebration? He says: "She should dress up as a female Louis Yuen. She is so beautiful that it makes people jealous, so if she is prepared to go ugly, then it should be as funny as Karen Mok in the film 'The God of Cookery'." Responding to Bobby's suggestion, Kenix agrees: "I can do that! As an artiste, we should be able to become anything we choose. I don't mind, because we can't let Moses Chan take all the glory! His performance as the Empress really made people spit rice, I never would have guessed he would be willing to do that." She suggests that after Gallen Lo's hit series "Mr Diana", the company should make another show like this and let Moses perform in drag again.


[Ta Kung Pao 14/10/04]

Leo Ku appeared at a promotion yesterday and revealed that he will be launching a calendar for next year to raise money for the Hong Kong Bone Marrow Donor Fund and the Sin Hok Charity Fund. Andy Lau will be doing some calligraphy for the calendar and he is responsible for drawing the cartoons. When asked if he has donated any money to this, he says that after donating his efforts, he will also be donating his money.

Leo has been nominated alongside Hacken Lee and Andy Hui for the 'Most Popular Male Singer' award in this year's Jade Solid Gold awards. Earlier Hacken had indicated that he has TVB blood in his veins and Andy has pointed out that he eats three-coloured (TVB) rice, so what relation does Leo have with them? He laughs that he still has a per-episode series with TVB and he has a TVB anorak. If he wins the award this year, then will work voluntarily as a host for "Jade Starbiz". He will also make three-coloured rice for everyone to eat and when asked if he would give some to Hacken and Andy, he says that of course he will.

Niki Chow has been filming for new series "Scholar Meets Soldier" and in every day's filming there are a lot of fighting scenes, that leave her finding it tough. However, she says that to be nominated for the 'Most Improved Female Artiste' award, then the hard work is worth it. Last year, she had good results in the series "Hard Fate" and she is very happy to have been nominated.


[Ta Kung Pao 14/10/04]

Miss Hong Kong Winner Kate Tsui was at a car showroom yesterday for the presentation of a prize from the pageant - a car worth over $289,000. Kate indicated that the car was too big and although she has a driving licence in America, she has never dared to drive in Hong Kong because the roads are too narrow, the parking spaces are small and she has got lost before. She also says that she often drove around when she was studying in the states, but the roads in America are easier to adapt to. At the time, she drove a red sports car to college and she was asked whether she took part in road races. She was also hassled by other drivers wanting a race, but she tended to ignore them.

As she does not know the roads in Hong Kong, Kate often takes the MTR, despite being Miss Hong Kong. When asked if she has ever been harrassed, she says she has not because very few people recognise her and even if they do, then the most they will do is take a photo with their phones. She feels that the MTR is very convenient, because there are often traffic jams on Hong Kong's roads.

Kate also reveals that her father wants her to head back to their original village to visit their relatives and celebrate her success. Her grandmother especially would like her to go back so that they can all share in the happiness.


[Oriental Daily 14/10/04]

As TVB furthers its cutbacks, it continues to look internally for stars and after the 'Six Olympic Stars', there are plans to promote twelve "Jade Ambassadors" during the anniversary months who will be responsible for making appearances at celebratory events and will have plenty of opportunity for exposure. As a result, this has become the target of many up and coming young artistes.

Reports suggest that TVB are currently selecting their ambassadors from the Miss Hong Kong and Miss Chinese International contestants, the cast of "Sunshine Heartbeat" and "Ten Brothers" and hot favourites include Linda Chung, Vivien Yeo, Carlene Aguilar, Kate Tsui, Jack Wu and Charles Szeto.

When asked about this, TVB Production Resources Deputy Chief Lok Yik Ling indicated: "We are currently selecting six men and six ladies, tentatively for 'Jade Ambassadors', but this has not been confirmed yet. They will not only be for the anniversary, but will also lead into the new year, representing TVB for various promotional events and so in the next six months, they will have plenty of opportunity for exposure as well as plenty of promotion from the company."

Would this also indicates that TVB will continue to 'promote from within'? Ms Lok responds: "Of course the company will continue to require some high class stars and singers from external sources to help bring up some of the larger productions, but as the head of the artiste department, then of course I have a responsibility to gain as many opportunities for our own staff as possible."

When asked if she would be interested in joining the Jade Ambassadors, Vivien Yeo says: "If the company gives this opportunity to me, then of course I will be happy because with more work to do, I will learn a lot more. Like filming for 'Sunshine Heartbeat' has made me learn a lot of Cantonese."

As for Linda Chung, she indicates: "If I am a part of it, then of course I will be very happy because in the six months I have been with the company, the progress so far has been quite smooth and I am thankful to the company for giving me so many opportunities, such as filming for 'Virtues of Harmony'. When I go out now, then I hear people calling me 'Hung Pak Lam' and it gives me a great sense of satisfaction."


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