Thursday, October 07, 2004

[Ta Kung Pao & The Sun 07/10/04]

Bobby Au Yeung, Michael Tao, Kenix Kwok, Shirley Yeung, Roy Chow and Yu Chiu were among the cast members from "Shine on You" who took part in a promotional visit to a special school in Yau Tong. During the event, the stars joined the pupils in playing games such as musical chairs and jigsaw puzzle competitions as well as handing out gifts, whilst the children returned the favour by giving demonstrations of Chinese dance, singing and musical performance to welcome the stars and creating a warm and buzzing atmosphere.

Bobby indicated that he was very happy because he has not played musical chairs for a long time and he was very absorbed. During the jigsaw puzzle competition, he was accused of cheating by his student partner, who became angry with him. Bobby laughs: "I never thought he would be so honest, so I tried to make it up to him by giving him a flower."

Bobby and Michael both feel that this type of event is very meaningful. Michael says: "Compared to a show in a shopping mall, this has much more meaning to it and we should do this more. Even if it is not for promotion, we should visit these children more because it has a good effect on their mental and physical health." He finds that the special needs children are not as unhappy as he imagined because they have their own happiness and they are not as inhibited as he had expected.

One of Shirley's classmates from the Education College happened to be a teacher at this school, so she took the opportunity to catch up with her old friend as well as giving her a few more bunches of flowers. when asked if she had thought about teaching in a special school before, she said that she had looked at the related information, but she felt she could not cope with it as she hoped to have more of a communication with her students.

Kenix was asked about the recent news of the burglary at her home and she idnciates that they have spent several tens of thousands of dollars in security measures now. When asked about the news of the safety deposit boxes being destroyed in error by a Hong Kong bank, Kenix says: "I do use a safety deposit box at a bank, but I think mine is very safe." She also emphasises that there is no problem with safety on her estate and the security has already been stepped up.

Yu was found to be displaying a number of injuries on her legs and it turns out that because she is tall with small feet, she is often falling over and hurting herself and this has been the case since she was young. When the reporters jokingly asked if she has become mad from falling over, she revealed that she does suffer from a mood condition, so whenever she is excited, she will have tummyache and even cry out. After entering the industry, the condition has worsened and she is especially unhappy when she is accused of something that is untrue, but she does not know whether she should consult a psychologist or a psychiatrist for help.

Talking of methods on how to reduce stress, she indicates that she will go shopping or do some outdoor activities. At the moment she would most like to go and relax at a hot spring in Japan. When it was mentioned that some springs in Japan are warmed up artificially and not natural, she says: "I have been there to film travel specials before and I know some people who work in the travel industry and I believe that they will not introduce me to the fake hot springs." Whilst talking of this particular travel show, she says that she had to introduce the men's springs and as they were all naked, she was very embarrassed, but she did it as part of her job. She says: "At the time, the male guests just smiled at me . I was rather annoyed at them for being perverted and forgot to watch the path and I hit my head by accident!"

Also, Roy's visit to the school yesterday brought back memories of his own schooldays and he describes himself as being 'a lump of rice' (a dork) at primary school, but he was very naughty and once, he used a filled plastic bottle as a bowling ball and almost hit a teacher.


[Oriental Daily & The Sun 07/10/04]

Sheren Tang, Maria Chan and Chan Pui Ka were invited to model the latest range of jewellery for bijoux bijoux and Sheren was full of praise for the jewellery creations, that amounted to only $2000 in value: "I do like this designer because they look very precious, but there is no pressure when you are wearing them. (Do you not like diamonds?) Maybe I have to be a little older before I like them." It turns out that Sheren has had a bad experience with diamonds as she reveals that a boyfriend she was dating in her teens had once bought her a diamond ring. She says: "My boyfriend insisted on buying it for me to make me happy, but I was so afraid of losing it. Then one day I went to the washroom and really did lose it and after searching for over an hour I could not find it." Sheren adds: "I am quite difficult because I like things that are beyond materialism. If you can buy it with money, then there is nothing special."

Thanks to the success of "War and Beauty", Maria's 'Po Sim' character has brought her a rise in popularity as well as more chances to do stage appearances: "The show was very well received on the mainland, so I have had more invitations to go and do stage shows and now my manager can ask for a slightly higher fee." As for the suggestions of a prequel that will be filmed, Maria says: "I am hopeful that I can take part in the prequel."


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