Sunday, October 31, 2004

[Ta Kung Pao & The Sun 01/11/04]

After recently gaining success in "War and Beauty", Moses Chan was invited to a chocolate promotion yesterday, visiting four supermarkets across Hong Kong, Kowloon and the New Territories to talk about his own insights into food and drink as well as how to enjoy chocolate. He also played games with the audience, attracting a large number of OL's (office ladies) and their families in the crowd.

Moses indicates that he has been a long time fan of Ferroro Rocher chocolates and as he explained the four layer make up of the chocolates, he seemed very knowledgeable. He then indicated that the innermost hazelnut is his favourite. He says: "I have great expectations of my food and drink, especially with chocolate. I like this brand because it has great texture as well as a lovely taste and flavour."

Also, in order to build up an atmosphere, the organisers had arranged for Moses to flirt with some of the audience as he selected three ladies and one of them had to feed him five types of nuts. With many envious faces in the audience, the atmosphere was electric. In the end, when one lady chose the same favourite flavour as Moses, he presented her with some chocolate flowers and she was both overjoyed and embarrassed but could not stop smiling. When Moses was asked what methods he has of winning ladies' hearts, he says secretively: "I cook for them!" He also says that the worse the food tastes, the more she will remember him!

For more exclusive pictures of Moses at this event, do pay a visit to the Moses Fans Union site: http://www.moseschanho.com/functions/ferrero_rocher/index.htm


[The Sun 01/11/04]

Priscilla Chik's new arts and crafts shop opened two days ago and a group of friends from Miss Hong Kong including Rabee'a Yeung and Selena Li were there to support her. This is a joint venture between Priscilla and her mother and just on decor and stock, they have invested a six figure sum. Opening this store is fulfilling her lifetime's ambition, so she has never really seen this as a money making proposition. She says: "Opening an arts and crafts shop has always been my ambition and I have not thought about making my fortune from it. If I don't lose money, I will already be happy."

Many items in the shop have been made by Priscilla herself: "I have loved craft making since I was young, so as well as my own pieces in the store, there are also some that I have imported from little known artists abroad, so many are unique and when they are sold there will not be any more."


[The Sun 1/11/04]

Party animals Christine Ng and Marsha Yuen were among the guests at Almen Wong's Halloween party yesterday and although the girls did not dress up as ghosts, there was a 'dirty ghost' at the party who gave them a fright. As Christine was getting merry and enjoying the party, a couple of flashers appeared and pulled away their costume to show their extra large 'bits' that made the girls scream out loud. The two men then tried to 'attack' Christine, leaving her lost for words. She says: "At first I though they were just going to pull apart their clothes, I never thought it would be this bad! I was so shocked I did not know what to do. If the TV crew were here, there would be plenty of censorship!"

"Sunshine Heartbeat" stars Vivien Yeo and Yoyo Chan also dressed up for Halloween and their costumes were so scary that they even frightened themselves when they looked in the mirror.


[The Sun 1/10/04]

With the US presidential elections imminent and even Bush's arch enemy Bin Laden making an appearance, there is a great wish for peace from the American electorate as they decide who will lead them.

Among Hong Kong artistes, there are many who are American citizens who have the right to vote in these elections. Even those who do not have the vote are eager to voice their opinions and despite them all having their own choices for who they would like to become president, they all seem to have a common wish and that is for "Peace, freedom and no more wars!"

Maggie Chan:
I live in San Francisco, but I have not adopted citizenship, so I do not have the right to vote, but I am rooting for Kerry and have asked all my friends to vote for him because Bush does not care for other people's lives in going to war and has destroyed and broken many American families. Even though life in Iraq was not perfect, it has now been destroyed by his hand and he is the real dictator.

Melissa Ng:
Although I am too busy and cannot return to the states to vote, I have been paying a lot of attention to the debates between Bush and Kerry and I feel that Bush is ahead becuase he leans towards the Conservatives and is not a Democrat and this falls in line with the common American citizen's beliefs, so I think he will do well.

Flora Chan:
The morale in Hong Kong is very low at the moment and I feel they need a new leader. I do not intend to vote though because I do not know the credentials or beliefs of the two candidates and I will not vote without consideration.

Veronica Yip:
I don't think that Bush has done well, but I don't feel that Kerry is good either, so I would rather support Bush. I am not a citizen yet, but my husband is, so if he can make it in time to vote, he will vote for Bush.

Winnie Yeung:
Many people are tired of war and prefer peace. I do not like Bush's policies on war, so all my family in America will be voting for Kerry as they feel he is better. I am a US citizen, but I did not return to register this year and cannot vote.

Pauline Wong:
I have not decided who I will vote for, but I will be heading back to the States in the next few days. If the timing is right, I will go and vote because this is a duty as a citizen.

Maggie Q:
I have already voted in Hong Kong. Although I don't like either of the presidential candidates, I feel that voting is very important and I must do my duty as a citizen and whoever is elected will have a big impact on America and the rest of the world.

Pauline Yeung:
After I got married, I have lived in Las Vegas and although I do not have the right to vote yet, living over there means I am monitoring the situation. It doesn't matter who is the president as long as they don't go to war again and keep the world peaceful.


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