Friday, October 22, 2004

[Ta Kung Pao, Oriental Daily & The Sun 23/10/04]

Tavia Yeung, Leila Tong and Raymond Lam were guest models at a fashion show in a shopping mall yesterday and the clothes for this event were all the creations of students from the Design School. Usually Tavia rarely dresses sexily, but she appeared yesterday revealing her back in a bold dress and when she arrived, she kept asking the reporters whether or not she had any spots on her back. When asked why she did not prepare by having a scrub, she laughed: "Who would help me to scrub it?" She indicates that she knew beforehand she would have to wear a backless dress, but she never imagined she would be revealing so much.

Tavia's dress was not only a sight from behind, it was also quite low cut in front too, but it was all taped securely. She laughs: "I have to tape it, otherwise I will be showing off both my front and my back and the back is quite enough. There is nothing to see in front anyway!" She was not only wearing a sexy dress, Tavia was also wearing high heels when she modelled another outfit and with her 5-6 inch heels, she needed help getting off the stage. Although she received a satisfactory fee for this job, Tavia says she is happy to be able to model the students' designs.

Raymond's performance on the catwalk was in no way inferior to Tavia in terms of sexiness. He modelled two leather coats that revealed his chest, muscles and chest hairs. Raymond indicates that his outfits were very suitable for Hallowe'en parties. As for revealing his sexy chest hair, Raymond laughs: "Because I am well built, I didn't bother with the buttons!" His chest currently measures 39 inche and he says that he had known he would be showing off his hair, then he would have given it a trim first. When asked how he would trim it by the press and whether he would make it into a heart shape, he says there is not enough to make a heart shape.

Raymond says that this is the first time he has revealed his chest hair in his fashion career. Earlier when he was filming for "Twin of Brothers", there were a few scenes where you would have been able to see his hair, but with some foundation on, it was difficult to see. Does he feel that showing hair is a sign of sexiness? He says: "I don't think so! I will not put brandy on my chest to make the hairs grow, but I will not shave them either, otherwise they grow back stubbly. (Which part of your body has the most hair?) I have the most hair on my legs!"

Also, when Raymond appeared at the show, he was holding hands with a five year old as well as an older lady. As he had to look after the old and young, he seemed a little awkward when he went onto the stage. Afterwards, he says that the old lady knew how to walk and it was him who was unsure!


[The Sun & Oriental Daily 23/10/04]

Several female stars selected for promotion including Fu Sze Sze, Winnie Shum and Linda Chung were at TVB City for recording yesterday and will be undergoing six special training courses with the other newcomers, including hosting, singing, acting, comedy, performance techniques and dancing. Having been mocked for having an accent, Sze Sze indicates that she is being forced by her father every day to read the newspaper aloud to train her voice and he is not letting her sleep until she has done this. No wonder that Sze Sze's voice is now so much clearer, it goes to prove that there is always a gain from hard work.

Linda indicates that to be able to learn so many things is great because she has always wanted to learn singing and dancing.


[The Sun 23/10/04]

Steve Wong was filming a music video for his new song "Murderous Battlefield" alongside female guests Rabee'a Yeung and Griselda Yeung in a story that tells of a triangular relationship. Steve says that the story is like real life in that he will meet both women together every time and he does not know which one to choose and can only try and hide the affair from the other woman and force himself to make a decision soon. Friends say that he is very lucky to work with both ladies and he has a kiss scene with Griselda, but Steve says he had to very careful when they were filming because he does not want to be accused of taking advantage.


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