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[Ta Kung Pao, Oriental Daily & The Sun 02/10/04]

Shirley Yeung, Tats Lau, Nancy, Johnny Tang, Belle Lau and Michael Tse were guests on the latest episode of "Super Trio Show" that was taped two days ago. Originally Deric Wan was to be in the guest list, but because he was filming, he did not make it back and Michael was pulled into the line up at the last minute. He arrived after filming for "Virtues of Harmony" without eating his evening meal, showing his professionalism.

When Eric Tsang introduced Shirley, he said: "She is Yeung Sze Ki and not Lee Sze Ki, but she may become Lee Yeung Sze Ki later!" indicating that she will be marrying Gregory Lee sooner or later. As for Michael who will be getting married next year, Eric threw a rather dampening comment on him as he entered the stage: "The world is ever changing, will you make it to the end?" and leaving Michael rather embarrassed. Apart from this, Chin Ka Lok joked about Belle's lack of figure as well as he introduced her.

When playing the first game on the stone path, Shirley exclaimed that the stones were 'poking' her and Eric immediately laughed: "You'd better tell Mr Lee." Afterwards, when she was jumping, Eric told her to shout out: "I am a Lee." but Shirley shouted that she was a Yeung. When Eric told her to say: "I like 'little Lee'!" she said: "I like little dogs!" instead.

Michael was fighting for the seaweed with radio DJ Nancy and she was accused of biting off the plastic because she nearly broke the contraption that held the seaweed in place. A new game was introduced in this episode where the guests have to try and do the splits whilst blowing out candles. As Michael was wearing low hip trousers, he was desperately trying to avoid revealing himself by pulling up his trousers as well has holding onto the front in a rather unsavoury scene.

In reaction to being picked on by Eric all the time, Shirley says that she did not mind because she has wanted to be a guest on the show for a long time and Eric was just trying to create a happy atmosphere. As for contesting for the seaweed with Tats, was she frightened by his appearance? Shirley says openly that she she was just staring at the biscuit stick and not at him. When asked if she felt that this game was rather unhygienic, she said that it was okay for a game.

Michael was asked about Eric's comment on him not making his wedding, but he says that he is not superstitious and does not mind. Talking of the rather unattractive scenes of him fixing his trousers for the candle-blowing game, he laughs: "If I did not cover it, then they would need to pixelate the shot!" When asked if he was concerned about swallowing some of the biscuit crumbs that Nancy had spat out, he said that there were only a few and he did not feel it was too unhygienic as it was all in the name of fun and he thinks that Nancy looks healthy enough. As for Belle being asked about whether she was going to get married soon, she immediately denied this, saying that she is currently busy filming and it will be at least one or two years before she gets married.


[Ta Kung Pao 02/10/04]

Sheren Tang has been highly praised for her performance in "War and Beauty" and yesterday during a radio interview, she was asked whther she has confidence in taking the award for "Favourite Female Lead Role" this year at the TVB anniversary. She said modestly that she has not thought about this because awards to her are superficial and she would rather have many different roles for her to test her acting. So who in her opinion will win the award? Sheren feels that it would not be good for any of the stars in this show to win, so she thinks that Ada Choi will take the award.

Talking of the rave reviews received by "War", were there any joys and woes during filming? Sheren says that the worst thing was remembering all the four character literary phrases and she feels that Hong Kong actors are much worse than Mainland actors at memorising these lines because they do not possess the immense linguistic power of their mainland counterparts and so she feels that she needs to polish up these skills and intends to take up some studies in this field. As for the character being accepted by the audience, Sheren is happy, but the happiest thing for her is that many advertising sponsors have contacted her, especially fashion sponsors, who have saved her a lot of money on clothes. She says: "At first I was actually worried about the character being too evil and sceheming, as this may lead the audience to despise her. I would never have thought that she would go down so well with the viewers." She also likes the character of 'Yu Fei' herself very much and has used this character to create a publicity card for herself.

When asked if this show is a representative piece for her in recent years, Sheren says: "I dare not describe it like that. I just tried my best in my performance. The main thing was that it was an excellent script and the actors were all totally absorbed, so I am very thankful to the director and the scriptwriters. Since the first episode was aired, I have constantly received praises on the phone and via text message about my performance and with such a great response, I have not thought whether I can reach another pinnacle in my career. I have a sense of satisfaction and that is enough, together with the praise of so many people that has made me very happy."


[Ta Kung Pao 02/10/04]

Yoyo Mung took part in a the "2004 Heart-to-Heart Charity Walk" yesterday and when she heard the stories of children with congenital heart conditions, finding out that some of them needing amputations because of their heart problems, she was very upset by this. She says that she is a very emotional person and whenever she visits some less fortunate sick children, she will be moved to tears, but is afraid of affecting the mood of the children, so she can only hold it back and not cry in front of the children.

Talking of heart conditions, it turns out that Yoyo's own elder sister suffered from a heart problem when she was younger and was often in and out of hospital, but luckily, she recovered when she was fifteen years old and the whole family were very relieved. Yoyo's heart is fine and her biggest problem is a lack of sleep that has left her with an ear imbalance problem.

Yoyo's new series "Split Second" will begin airing after "War and Beauty" and although "War" has had very high ratings, Yoyo is still confident in her sereis and feels that as they are very different stories, there will be a new set of viewers supporting the show.



[The Sun 02/10/04]

The broadcast of "War and Beauty" has caused a stir among the citizens and the airing of the final episode has brought the hype to a climax. Gossip among the audience has surrounded many different versions of what happens to each of the female leads at the end, with some suggestions that Sheren Tang's 'Yu Fei' will lose her mind and go crazy, Maggie Cheung's 'On Sin' will hang herself, Charmaine Sheh's "Yee Shun" will escape from the palace and die lonely, whilst Gigi Lai's "Yuk Ying" will die in a sea of fire.

However, the real ending turns out to be that there are two deaths and two wh survive. On Sin is killed by the chaotic crossfire by the rebel archers, leaving her apart from her lover 'Hung Mo' played by Moses Chan. Yuk Ying is found to be carrying the child of her lover Suen Pak Yeung and burned to death by the Emperor and Bowie Lam's 'Pak Yeung' cannot bear to be apart from his true love, so he joins her in death. As for Yee Shun, she and Hung Mo escape from the palace and live an ordinary life.

As for Yu Fei who has been in a battle against the Empress since the beginning, she successfully gains power in the end, but she has to face the challenge from the new set of Xiunuis brought into the palace and faced with the endless struggle for power within the palace, she is faced with a living hell.

When the cast members were asked about their thoughts about the outcomes for their characters, Sheren was clearly unhappy with the ending of Yu Fei: "I don't like the ending! Yu Fei should not be left so pitiful because she has changed her ways and to leave her like this will make people feel that life is pretty hopeless." She feels tht teh ending should be changed so that Yu Fei and Hung Mo live happily ever after. Talking of the rumours about TVB considering filming the prequel to "War", Sheren says: "I don't mind filming a prequel, but if you want me to play a fifteen year old xiunui, then count me out!"

As for Gigi, she says: "I feel that out of the four female leads, my character is the best because she can die with the man whom she loves and it is a great tragedy. Conversely, Maggie's character has a horrible death and has to be separated from Hung Mo." She also feels that although Yu Fei has defeated the Empress, she has the most pitiful ending because she has to continue to face the conflicts in the palace.

Charmaine Sheh was also happy with the ending because she feels that her character's experience was the most unusual out of the four as they each followed the path they had committed to: "[I am pleased] for Yee Shun to be able to take the path that she wants to and become an ordinary citizen." As for male lead Moses Chan, he says: "I am happy, I feel that the ending was arranged well."


[The Sun & Oriental Daily 02/10/04]

Since hosting the Olympics for TVB, Michelle Ye's hosting job offers have been rolling in and she was earlier invited to host the Mid-Autumn Festival Show for China Central Television alongside Taiwanese host Hu Gua, during which she interviewed Olympic gold medallists Wu Minxia and Liu Xiang and their families. She says she has gained a lot from the experience and was praised by Hu for her articulate speech. Hu also said that if Michelle ever goes to Taiwan, then he will offer her his hospitality.

Wearing a sexy evening gown and jewellery worth $150,000 Michelle had security guarding her make up room during the broadcast and caused quite a stir. Working on the night of the festival, she did feel a little lonely, but luckily she received a call from her good friend Xiong Ni and Tian Liang also sent her a text message to her: "He wished me a happy mid-autumn! (Did you asked him about the rumours surrounding Guo Jingjing?) No, I did not want to ask him." Michelle was also asked about the rumours that she gave Xiong Ni a goodbye kiss earlier when she saw him off at the airport. She says: "When did we kiss? We just said that it would be a while before we would see each other again."

Also, with earlier rumours that Alex Fong (Lik San) and Michelle fell out whilst working in Athens, they met up with each other in the Olympics coverage celebratory dinner on Thursday and when asked by the press to have a photo taken together shaking hands, they seemed rather embarrassed. Michelle said: "We don't need to, it is very staged, very purposeful and very false." Finally, Alex agreed to put his hand on her shoulder for the photo. Michelle left before the party ended to go and watch "2046" with a male friend. Afterwards, Michelle explained that there were three other friends watching the movie with her and this man was not courting her.


[The Sun 02/10/04]

Ada Choi appeared at the airport yesterday as she departed for a gospel show in Vancouver with Catherine Hung. She revealed to the press that earlier whilst filming in Xinjiang and spending mid-autumn there and was asked whether her boyfriend Zhang Jin was there to celebrate with her. She pretended not to hear and said: "Sorry, what was that?" before continuing: "After going for the gospel session in Vancouver, I will be going back to Hengdian to make up some scenes for 'Seven Swords on Tianshan'."

As for the many discussions about the storyline of "War and Beauty", Ada says: "I have heard people say that the four ladies are all very evil and it is very captivating. I would like to watch it myself too." Originally, Ada did have the opportunity to be part of the cast of "War", but she eventually chose to film "To Catch the Uncatchable" instead. When asked if she was disappointed by this, she said: "No, with gains there will be losses and 'To Catch the Uncatchable' was very good. (You were originally the favourite to take the 'favourite female lead award' this year, but now you have four opponents?) I have confidence in myself , but I don't mind if I don't win. (Maggie Cheung says she will give way for someone else to win?) That is quite funny, maybe Maggie won the award last year and so people are asking her about this. If she does do that, then there is no meaning and that is not possible anyway."


[Oriental Daily 02/10/04]

"War and Beauty" has been the talk of the town and the final episode will be aired today at 8:55 pm with an event to share this moment between the cast and the public. Tonight's charity screening and banquet will be attended by cast members including Sheren Tang, Gigi Lai, Charmaine Sheh, Bowie Lam, Moses Chan, Rebecca Chan and Wai Ka Hung, together with TVB Production Department Deputy Chief Director Catherine Tsang and the show's producer Chik Kei Yi. Of the main stars, only Maggie Cheung will be absent and this brings up the suggestion once again that she is giving up her chance of winning the 'Favourite Female Lead' award in next month's anniversary celebration.

Recently many internet polls have revealed Charmaine Sheh's 'Yee Shun' to be the most popular character and although Sheren's 'Yu Fei' is unanimously acclaimed as the best performance in the show, she has openly said that she does not want to win the award. This leaves Charmaine, Gigi and Maggie to fight it out for the award and recently it has been seen that Charmaine has happily renewed her contract with TVB and Gigi's press exposure has increased greatly with the help of Bowie Lam.

As for Maggie, she has not made any appearances in the promotional events for "War" recently and is lagging behind somewhat. With her absence from the final episode screening too, she said on a telephone interview from Shanghai yesterday: "I really can't come because I had to return to Shanghai on 30th to prepare to start filming for 'Song of Everlasting Sorrow'. I did want to come and see everyone and promote the show. (Why were you not at the recent promotional events, but present at other functions?) It was just coincidence. One day I was at an opening in Guangzhou, so I could not take part in a company promotion and by the time I got back in the evening, it was already too late and I had to rush to my next engagement. (Do you think you are losing out?) Not really, I just want to put my heart into 'Song'. Everyone did a great job in 'War' and put their hearts into it, the show depended wholly on teamwork and it is not as exaggerated as you make it out to be. I am very thankful to you all for your support."

Maggie will be filming away until November and when asked if she is worried her popularity will fall, she says: "It doesn't matter, I have to concentrate on my work and do my job to my best. A lot of things are beyond my control, so I will say less and do more. The news is getting boring now anyway after so long.

At the screening event this evening, TVB has arranged for ten television screens at the venue and TVB together with the shopping mall where the event is being held will send thirty staff to keep order.


[Oriental Daily 02/10/04]

Mannor Chan has been accused recently in a magazine report that she lost her temper when she heard the rumours of a romance between Moses Chan and Bernice Liu, scolding the reporters and putting the phone down on them. The magazine goes on to suggest that she has invited Moses back to her home and the two are 'good friends'. When Mannor was teased about this yesterday at a promotion, she could not hold it any longer and said: "They are making this up from nowhere. The reporter rang me up to ask me about their dating and at the time I was dancing. Moreover these are their personal affairs and I have no right to talk on their behalf, so I quickly put the phone down. As for inviting Moses back to my home at the new year, it was to celebrate his motehr's birthday. On that day, Sheren Tang, Maggie Siu, Bowie Lam and his parents were all present and at the new year I do like to invite friends over for parties. As it was Moses's mother's birthday on that day, then I asked her along as well.

Mannor met Moses when they worked together on "Riches and Stitches" and she says: "We are friends, good colleagues and in the name of sales, the magazine makes me out to be his confidante, who looks out for him. We have very little interaction privately and have never been for dinner together on our own. I have not seen him for a while now and I am not 'looking out' for him in particular. I treat old and young, cast and crew in the same way and I am not doing anything untoward."


[Oriental Daily 02/10/04]

Priscilla Chik and Rabee'a Yeung were dressed sexily as they appeared at the opening of a furniture shop. The two indicated that they were very pleased with their fee for this event. Priscilla indicates that she will become a shop owner at the end of the month as she has joined with her mother to open a home ornament shop in Causeway Bay, but the investment amount is still being calculated. Later, she will be heading out to Japan and Europe to select goods for her shop.

Also, Rabee'a was asked to have her photo taken on a massage chair, but as she was wearing a low cut top, she immediately said quite seriously, thinking about her appearance: "I think it would be better if I stood up."


[Oriental Daily 02/10/04]

Kingdom Yuen was at a food and drink promotion yesterday, where she was introducing the audience to some red wine. However, Kingdom indicates that she cannot take very much alcohol and when she was filming for "War of the Genders", she was forced to drink by Dayo Wong during the celebratory party and was sick all night.

Kingdom laughs: "Dayo was the first man who deceived me. We had a contest that night and I drank nearly a whole bottle of red wine, but Dayo cheated and poured away his wine, leaving me being carried home that night. Kingdom's current boyfriend is also intolerent of alcohol, so she laughs this way it keeps him out of trouble.


[Oriental Daily 02/10/04]

Frankie Lam and Kenix Kwok's home in Sai Kung's Marina Cove was broken into earlier and losses amounted to over a million dollars. Filming yesterday for new series "King of Herbal Medicines", Frankie was still rather upset when he was asked about this: "The worst thing was that I finished work early that evening and when I got home at 1am, I was planning to have a good night's sleep, but then we found the place was in a mess and after the police had taken fingerprints and filed a case, it was already past 4 am and we both had to start work at 6am the next morning, so we had to go back to TVB City without getting any sleep. Everything has been sorted out now and we are just waiting for the insurance company to pay out. I have even added a burglar alarm system and a safe to the house."

As their wedding rings were stolen, the couple are preparing to replace them and Kenix laughs: "I don't think we will buy exactly the same design as before, maybe a new design will look even better."

Frankie's neighbour Ekin Cheng had already prepared all the anti-theft devices when he moved in. He smiles: "If the burglars come and break into my house, then they will lose out because there is just a plant and a cat. My home also has a high-tech security system and once when I went out to sea, I turned on the security and when I returned from the jetty I set off the alarm system. It was so smart that it called the police immediately and the siren could be heard across the whole of Marina Cove. Frankie should get one of these."


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