Friday, October 29, 2004

[Ta Kung Pao & Oriental Daily 30/10/04]

Bernice Liu and Kevin Cheng were recording yesterday for Metro Radio's radio drama "Let it be, for Purple loves Red..." and as they had to complete the entire recording in a day, it was a rather rushed affair. This is the second time that they have worked together as Bernice and Kevin will be performing together at the TVB anniversary celebration, but their first radio drama and as Bernice cannot read Chinese, she had to trouble her father to annotate the entire script for her all of the previous night and then she had to practice her Cantonese pronunciation hard after that. She says: "Luckily I can record it a line at a time, so it's not a problem."

Since entering showbiz, Bernice has had quite a lot of gossip and she says that at first, her parents were quite worried for her, but now they understand that many reports are exaggerated or made up. As her parents often visit her at work, they have got to know her friends and colleagues, including rumoured boyfriend Moses Chan. They find that the people around her are all very friendly and so they are happy to allow Bernice to continue her career in showbiz.

Kevin will also be singing the theme tune to the radio drama as well as being the male lead and not having stepped into a recording studio for five years, Kevin felt that returning was great fun. When asked if he has plans to return to the music industry, he says he has not because he will be concentrating his career on series at the moment. As for the future, he will just go with the flow.


[The Sun 29/10/04]

Each year's TVB anniversary is a chance for the female artistes to show off their beauty and Kenix Kwok has already received sponsorship from a jewellers who aranged yesterday for her to try on over $20 million of diamonds. She referred to herself as 'The Diamond Lady' and in order to wish Kenix good luck for the 'My Favourite Female Lead Role' award, they presented her with the diamond tiara as a gift.

As for whether she was confident about winning the award, Kenix says: "I have confidence in myself because I take every job seriously and it is not just about awards. (Charmaine Sheh says she has a 70-80% chance of winning?) You should have confidence in yourself because without it, you cannot achieve anything."


[The Sun 29/10/04]

Niki Chow and Moses Chan were at the blessing ceremony for new series "Scholar Meets Soldier" yesterday and in response to reports that Mandy Cho's constant NG's lead to complaints from her co-stars, Niki says she will not have the same problem: "In this series, I do an awful lot of fighting and I am always dangling from wires. Usually the NG's are not down to human error but more to do with technical difficulties!"

Co-star Moses has recently received an offer to promote real estate and he laughs that to be able to shoot a suit advertisement has been an ambition for him: "My price is not high, but I don't understand why people did not ask me. This ad was thanks to the company. I had always wanted to do suit and real estate ads, so if I can them them both then it would be a dream come true!"


[The Sun 29/10/04]

Myolie Wu appeared with a bald look at TVB City yesterday and it turns out she was filming for "Passion for Black Forest". Wearing a bald wig for the first time, Myolie says that she looks like a ghost. As for recent reports that she seems to have fallen out with co-star Joe Ma on the set, Myolie explains: "Joe is really crazy! We have a lot to say to each other really, but never mind because if we do talk a lot, you will say we are having a romance!"


[Ta Kung Pao & Oriental Daily 29/10/04]

Sonija Kwok and Bernice Liu were on the catwalk earlier modelling for Pennyblack, with Sonija being presented with an 'All Angled Artiste' award and Bernice receiving the 'Beautiful Angel' award.

Sonija modelled a selection of outfits in the show and among them was a jacket and trouser suit that she wore without a bra. She had made all the necessary preparations before and just as she headed out, she checked herself over in the mirror before stepping onto the stage to make sure she did not expose herself. She says: "I quite like the asexual look, but I have never appeared in public like this with nothing underneath before." Talking of her fee, Sonija says she is very satisfied and she is happy to try on so many different outfits. With comments that her poses seemed rather stiff, she explains that as she was wearing a pair of six-inch heels, she had to be very careful with every step she took to avoid embarrassing herself on the stage. As Sonija will be taking part in a dance routine with some hooters and Adam Cheng, she was asked if she was worried about him touching her in the sensitive areas. She does not rule this out, but says: "I don't know! We haven't started rehearsing yet."

Bernice was at two events on that day, attending a shoe shop opening in the morning and then doing modelling in the evening. When it was mentioned she must have made a fair bit of money from the two events, she laughs: "My manager cares for me! In the last few months I have been busy filming for 'Healing Hands III', so I missed out on a lot of events. Now the show is finished, I am making up for lost time!" As Bernice will be staying in Hong Kong to further her career for the foreseeable future, she hopes to save enough money to buy an apartment in Hong Kong. When asked if she has enough for half a property yet, she laughs: "It depends how big it is! As the property prices have risen again, I hope that I can buy a larger place to live in with my parents so they can look after my every need!"

Bernice's parents were at the show to support her and when asked if she was particularly nervous because of this, she says she was not because when she took part in dance competitions as a child, her parents had always been very supportive and she is used to this now.


[The Sun 29/10/04]

Hacken Lee, Leo Ku, Alex Fong (Lik San) and Shawn Yu were at a drawing event for a charity walk event that will be taking place on 7th of next month. This is the first time that Hacken and Leo have met since the earlier reports misinterpreted Hacken's words to be inflammatory towards Leo. When the two met, they seemed to be fine as they chatted away and posed for photos. When asked if he felt awkward, Leo said: "No, everyone is just a little sensitive towards the end of the year! After that incident, we did not intentionally speak to each other about it because we both understand."

Hacken reveals that he will soon be singing another theme tune for TVB: "It is a rare opportunity, but it's all up to TVB. I will tell all my friends not to watch any other channel and all three TV's in my house are all tuned into TVB." Talking of Leo roping in the help of Hacken's good friend Vivian Chow, Hacken says: "Vivian has more than just me as a friends, maybe next time I will ask Joe Ngai to help me!"


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