Monday, October 25, 2004

[Ta Kung Pao 25/10/04]

To celebrate its anniversary, TVB will be holding a series of exhibitions in three major shopping centres in the three forthcoming weekends and their "Jade New Army" was sworn in yesterday as part of the launch of this. Led by Production Resources Department Deputy Chief Lok Yik Ling, the six men and six women were announced as Linda Chung, Vivien Yeo, Fu Sze Sze, Kwan Yee Tung, Winnie Shum, Cecilia Yeung, Lai Lok Yi, Chui Kin Pong, Jack Wu, Lau Ka Chung, Charles Szeto and Vin Choi.

Ms Lok indicates that she had previously met with sixty or seventy people and had selected the twelve that she felt had the most potential to be promoted. They will have a lot of press exposure as wel as training in acting, hosting, singing and dancing and they have all signed long-term contracts with TVB for at least five years to allow their skills to develop. As for who she thinks will succeed, she says they are all very good

In response to comments that Lai Lok Yi did not find success as part of the 'Six Olympic Stars' and is being given a second chance, Ms Lok denies this. She indicates that Lok Yi does have a certain amount of popularity already and has plenty of fans, but as they require more opportunity to see him, he has been given the responsibility of bringing out this group of newcomers. When asked if this is a high focus for the production department, Miss Lok says that it has already been well arranged and as TVB will be increasing the productivity for the department, then they will need more artistes for the producers to select from. Also, when asked about the reports of unsuccessful Miss Hong Kong contestants only being offered 'one show per year' contracts with just $1000 for their work, Miss Lok says: "Of course not, $1000 isn't even enough for transport!"

Lai Lok Yi is pleased to be given another great opportunity by the company and as for not becoming popular after the 'Olympic Stars' venture, he denies this saying: "I did have a lot of work as a result of the last promotion, but out of the six of us, I was the least experienced as I have only been with TVB for two years." In the days to come, as well as filming series, he will doing some hosting, singing and dancing work.


Niki Chow and directors Joe Ma (Wai Ho) and Soi Cheng have been appointed as ambassadors for the ex-TV Mei Ah Film Channel and a special ceremony was held yesterday to mark this.

At every public event that Niki has attended recently, there has been a faithful male fan there to support her. She is not deterred by him though as she signed an autograph for him and received his gift of chocolates. She says that she has received a lot of fanmail from him but there is nothing bad in any of the letters.

Niki's film "Love Battlefield" has been invited to be entered into the Tokyo International Film Festival, but as she is currently filming for TVB's "Scholar Meets Soldier", she cannot take part. She hopes that the film's director Soi can bring an award home with him. She says that there are many action scenes in her new series and after injuring one of the martial arts co-ordinators before, she has also hit around seventy other people that she has worked with since. Now everyone is afraid of her and seem to have a grudge against her! In the show, the only person who can get close to her is Moses Chan and when asked whether his rumoured girlfriend Bernice Liu has been to visit him on set, Niki laughs that their personal life is nothing to do with her, so she does not know anything.


[Oriental Daily 25/10/04]

Yoyo Mung earlier revealed that she had split up with her boyfriend from outside the industry Marcus, but it appears that she has just taken their relationship underground. As well as magazine reports earlier suggesting that Yoyo is back together with Marcus, the couple were spotted earlier at a Causeway Bay karaoke bar, where they stayed until 3am before leaving. As Yoyo noticed some press waiting outside, she left with her boyfriend from a side door, but she still did not manage to evade the reporters. Although Yoyo was a little tipsy, she still drove herself and got into a Mercedes with her boyfriend, waving to the reporters as she drove away.

Yoyo was looking around at the refurbishment of a reflexology salon in Happy Valley yesterday and she reveals that she has invested a six figure sum into this joint venture with a freinds. As it will be opening on Wednesday, she responds to reports that she has not made much money this year, saying: "If I did not make much money, I would not be making this investment."


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