Saturday, October 23, 2004

[Ta Kung Pao 24/10/04]

A group of cast members from "Hidden Treasures" including Bobby Au Yeung, Anne Heung, Eileen Yeow, Shirley Yeung, Raymond Cho and Patricia Liu together with producer Kwong Yip Sang took part in a promotional event yesterday playing games with the audience.

As this series is currently being aired on TVB's paid satellite channel exTV, then it will not be allowed to enter into the nominations for the TVB Anniversary awards and the artistes are a little disappointed about this. Bobby says that when he took on this show, he did not know that it was destined for the paid channels, but he doesn't mind too much about it being entered for awards, because he still has "Shine on You" as an entry. Anne says that when she heard about the show being aired on paid TV, she was a little upset because there are a lot less viewers, but from another angle, the show must be good before people will pay for it. She suggests that the company should start holding awards for the paid TV shows.

TVB External Affairs Assistant Chief Tsang Sing Ming explains that as exTV is a completely separate channel, then it will have its own anniversary celebrations. He says that the cast members of these shows will not be eligible for the main TVB anniversary awards, but they should be happy that their productions will be aired across many different regions. With comments that after ten episodes, the ratings have only been very ordinary, Mr Tsang indicates that every channel needs hard work put into it at the beginning to get it going and Bobby says optimistically that the show should be repeated on Jade in around six months time and the viewers can still enjoy it then.


[Ta Kung Pao 24/10/04]

Shirley Yeung headed over to Malaysia earlier to film for a travel special and has just returned to Hong Kong sporting a bronze coloured tan as she took part in a promotional event. In response to reports that she has been flirting with Kevin Cheng, she indicates that she has nothing to comment apart from finding it all rather amusing. Her relationship with boyfriend Gregory Lee is very good and she has his total trust.

Shirley says that she never would have imagined that she would return to such accusations and friends who know her well should be well aware she is not the flirtatious type. As for her friendship with Kevin, it is not very deep and they met wilst filming "Loving You 2" but never really kept in touch afterwards, apart from saying hello when they bump into each other at work. She emphasises that this has made her relationship with her boyfriend even stronger. As for suggestions that she is very forward when it comes to approaching her male co-stars, she says that unless it is about the script, then she will not be too warming to male opposites because she has a boyfriend and should be wary of this.


[Ta Kung Pao 24/10/04]

The Hong Kong Cultural Centre hosted "Harbourside Inaugurates New Era of Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra with Edo de Waart" and many stars were present to enjoy the performance, including Fu Sze Sze who has just returned from the Miss International Pageant and Miss Hong Kong winner Kate Tsui.

It turns out that Sze Sze has quite a musical talent as she is not only Grade 7 on the piano, she is also an intermediate Yang Qin player. Kate on the other hand is totally illiterate when it comes to music, having only learned to play the flute for a little while when she was younger. From the ladies' appearance, their dress was not sexy and they had made the necessary preparations as Sze Sze made sure that she was not to become the focus of the press for overexposing herself.

As for the Miss Asia pageant being held tonight, Kate indicated that she did not know because she rarely looks at entertainment news. When asked if she has been watching the selection process on the television, she says she has not because she has been busy working and she is not interested anyway. As for suggestions that the quality of the Miss Asia contestants is far superior to the Miss Hong Kong contestants, Kate says once again she has not been paying any attention to the contest. When asked whether it is because her ambition is to become Miss Hong Kong and so this made her ignore Miss Asia, Kate says that she has never thought about winning Miss Hong Kong before, seemingly not living up to her role's expectations.


[The Sun 24/10/04]

"War and Beauty" may have finished airing, but its legacy remains as it becomes the blueprint for the main comedy sketch at this year's TVB anniversary celebrations. Reports suggest that as well as original cast members Sheren Tang, Charmaine Sheh, Bowie Lam and Gigi Lai taking a role in the sketch, many of TVB's top stars such as Carol Cheng, Lydia Shum, Nancy Sit and Liza Wang will join up with comedy masters Eric Tsang and Nat Chan to take a part in it too.

The attraction of "War" lay in the conflicts between the palace concubines, so the story will revolve around a new set of Xiunui being accepted into the palace to win the heart of 'Emperor Nat' and the Empress, who is likely to be played by Eric. Known for his improvisations, Eric is sure to cause a few shocks for the top ladies, who are currently creating headaches for the writers who are trying desperately to balance all the parts equally to bring out the best in these leading ladies.

Responding to this news, Nancy says she is afraid of being tricked: "Comedy is my strength, but I am afraid of being caught out by Eric. On the night of the anniversary, no-one is allowed to take time off, so we are all ready for it! (Are you worried your limelight will be stolen?) Everyone has agreed that we are good actors, so it should be fun to appear on stage together! I like the innocence of Yuk Ying as it has a lot of potential to shine." Carol indicates that her assistant has not yet been notified of this job as she says: "I will be an MC on the night."

Another major act on the night will be led by "The Conqueror's Story" star Adam Cheng, where a live orchestra will play music for his performance alongside eight beautiful ladies such as Sonija Kwok, Tavia Yeung and Michelle Ye. Reports sugges that there will be a differently pitched bicycle bell on each of the ladies' outfits allowing Adam to play a tune from them. Adam laughs: "It will be a bell dance! (Aren't the girls at a disadvantage?) Maybe it is me who is at a disadvantage on the night!"


[The Sun 24/10/04]

Sheren Tang set off on behalf of the charity Worldvision on a visit to China's mountainous regions yesterday, but after her recent busy schedule, an injury to her hips meant that it was difficult for her to walk. Having been for a painkilling injection in the morning, Sheren indicates that she was in so much pain she had to sit in a wheelchair, but she did not want to cancel the trip: "I will be going for ten days, so I had an injection and will be taking some medication with me. I was quite worried at first because I thought I had injured a nerve in my spine, but when I found out it was just a strained muscle, it does not feel as bad, despite the pain."

Sheren's trip is not at the invitation of Worldvision Hong Kong, but Worldvision Canada. She says: "All the workers from Canada met up with me in Hong Kong and will be travelling with me to the mountains, so I can't cancel the trip, even if I have to go in a wheelchair. However, I am lucky to have my father with me on this trip as he said he wanted to come along to look after me. At first I thought it would be me looking after him, but he was right and it will be him caring for me after all."


[The Sun 24/10/04]

Bernice Liu earlier filmed in the heats of the Hong Kong Stepping Up charity walk and many sweaty contestants fought to have their photograph taken with her. One man said: "I came looking for you after I took part in this morning's contest!" With Bernice's serious throat infection at the beginning of the year, she is still having to take medication to keep herself fit and to avoid harming her health, she will not be taking part in the event. She says: "I have kept a routine of jogging on flat ground, but running up to the Giant Buddha will be very high up and I am afraid of my respiratory condition arising again."

Talking of just having her "Virtues of Harmony" character in this year's anniversary nominations, Bernice says: "I have filmed a lot of series this year, but not many of my existing shows were aired, but it doesn't matter! Filming is not about awards and on the anniversary, the company has arranged for me to appear in a special item that made me very happy when I heard about it." Bernice also reveals that this year has been rather eventful for her as positive and negative press has been following her around, most of it gossip about her relationships: "This will help with my filming because it gets me into character easily. My role in 'Healing Hands III' has a lot of gossip and relationship problems!"


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