Wednesday, October 20, 2004

[Ta Kung Pao 21/10/04]

TVB's anniversary production "The Conqueror's Story" will begin airing after the end of "Shine on You" and a special lunch was held yesterday to promote the show. The cast members taking part included Adam Cheng, Maggie Cheung, Melissa Ng, Angela Tong, Elaine Yeow, Gregory Lee, Lee Wing Hon and Wayne Lai. As for Western Chu Conquerer Kwong Wa, he was not there. During the event, the stars introduced their roles on the stage and the rather westernised Angela and Eileen did not know how to read the names of their characters and had to introduce them in English!

Adam says that if the show receives ratings of over forty points, then there will be a camisole appearance. When asked if this meant that the ladies would wear it or whether he would be wearing it, he laughs: "Those who are in it and believe that they are beautiful should wear it. If they are not beautiful, then there is no need. (Are you confident of winning an anniversary award with this series?) The show has not yet been aired and the other series is already very popular. It's not that I am not confident, but who will win is hard to say. Of course you cannot count me out, because if I am no good, the producer would not have asked me to do the show."

In the past, whenever Adam has a new series out, the stock markets will fall and this has been dubbed the 'Ding Hai Effect'. Adam was asked if he is worried about the markets falling and he jokes: "Of course it will fall! Even the Westerners are referring to the Ding Hai Effect now - do they not have any common sense or logic? The stock market is not that simple, but if they say that there is an 80% chance it will fall, then it will fall!"

Also, at last week's anniversary pre-show, Adam voted for Maggie to win the 'My Favourite Character' award and he laughs: "Well of course I have to support her, she is my wife! If she works with me, then I will support her. Although it will be Sheren being my wife in the next show, but currently we are promoting 'Conqueror' so I have to support Maggie. (So you are stuck in the middle?) Yes, it is all emotional for me. (Are you worried that Sheren will be jealous?) She already has, but she understands and she has so much support already, so as a hero, I should support the weaker side!"

Maggie has been filming in Shanghai recently, but has taken three days off to return to TVB and shoot a presentation clip and promote "The Conqueror's Tale" before returning to Shanghai again today. Maggie says: "I don't want people to think that I am ignoring my TV promotional work and as this is the first event for 'Conqueror' and I may not be able to help in future events, so I have to appear this time." As well as the series promotion, Maggie also has to do some product promotions and so she has been very busy on this trip. In order to avoid her face slimming too much, she has to drink two packs of milk a day to keep her energy levels up. As for the series in Shanghai, it is likely to be filming until January next year, so Maggie will be bringing some warm clothing, preserved sausages and herbs back with her to make some soup for the winter months.

As for "The Conqueror's Story" being selected as the anniversary series, Maggie says she was rather surprised, but she has expectations for the show, after all this is her second co-operation with Adam. Last time in 'New Shanghai Bund' she played Adam's descendant, but this time she plays his wife. As for Adam giving her his vote at the anniversary pre-show, she smiles: "I will not disappoint him, but I am not too concerned about the award. (Will you be back in time for the anniversary show?) Originally I couldn't make it, but I have managed to fix it so that I will be in Hong Kong on November 18th, but I won't have time to take part in a performance. (As you will be in Hong Kong, will you be more aggressive about awards?) I am still in the same frame of mind, I will be happy whoever wins the award." She also admits that with her being in "Conqueror", this may help with her exposure.

Gregory has been very loving since the news broke of him dating Shirley Yeung, but there has recently been some reports of Shirley flirting with Kevin Cheng. Appearing at the event yesterday with his brother Wing Hon, he was asked about this report and he says openly that he has read the report, but it is all made up and he trusts his girlfriend 100%.

Gregory says: "Many people know that I have a very good relationship with Shirley, especially as she lives downstairs from me and we see each other all the time. I also take her to and from work and there are no problems between us. I don't understand how this news has emerged. (Are you feeling rather angry?) I am angry, but I also find it funny. (Does Shirley know about these reports?) She is currently working in Malaysia at the moment and she did call me, but she has not reacted very strongly, apart from finding it very funny." Gregory also adds that he knows most of Shirley's friends, but she has never mentioned Kevin. Talking of whether he has a lot of opposition with a pretty girlfriend, he says: "We have been dating for three years now and she does have a lot of choices, but she is very faithful and this is one of the things I admire so much about her."


[The Sun & Ta Kung Pao 21/10/04]

Michael Tao, Kenix Kwok, Charmaine Sheh, Cheung Tat Ming, Nnadia Chan and Wang Ching were the guests on the latest episode of "Super Trio Show" to be filmed and it was the petite forms of Charmaine and Nnadia who became the most playful characters of the evening, not minding showing some less beautiful sides of their character and even omitting the raincoats in the 'shower' game that left them soaked inside and out.

At the beginning of the show, hosts Eric Tsang, Jerry Lamb and Chin Ka Lok jokingly threw about a photograph of Charmaine's rumoured boyfriend Benny Chan, but Charmaine was unfazed by this as she said flippantly: "I don't know what you mean!", rendering Eric rather speechless. Later in an action word guessing game, Charmaine and Nnadia had to pretend to be a dummy as they were manoeuvred by partners Tat Ming and Michael. The girls were great sport as they did all the actions without giving up and receiving huge applause from the audience. During the 'shower' quiz, the two girls met Eric's request and bravely went without their raincoats as well as pulling off Tat Ming's coat so they all got wet together.

Faced with being joked with, being moved around and then being soaked, Charmaine and Nnadia both said that they did not mind and Charmaine even said boldly: "It is just a game! Anyway, I have already put something on underneath, so I am not afraid of exposing anything.(Do you think the games are rather crude?) As long as everyone is happy, then it is okay. (Eric says you are with Benny!) I did not admit it." As for Nnadia, she said to everyone's surprise: "Even if I was touched by Michael, I wouldn't mind, but he didn't touch me!"


[Ta Kung Pao & Oriental Daily 21/10/04]

Ron Ng and Tavia Yeung were taking part in an MTR promotion yesterday, where they rode on the trains with some elderly folk. There were reports earlier that Ron Ng was rather put out by his co-star Sammul Chan missing work and making everyone wait for him to start filming. However, Ron denied these rumours saying: "At the time, I did leave, but I did not lash out."

From what Ron understood, Sammul had some splinters in his eye and needed to go to see the doctor and on that day, Sammul had called to let him know, but he only got the message after he had put his wig on. Ron says openly that if another person is ill, then he will be understanding and would never lose his temper over it. As filming is very busy at the moment, Ron admits that this can affect his mood, but only when he is unhappy with his own performance and he emphasises that he has never fallen out with his co-stars. As for the rumours, he was very confused as to where they broke from. He says: "We are good friends, so of course I would not be angry with him and we are definitely a pair of glass and tofu people." He refers to his own leg injury and Sammul's neck injury.

Also, Ron continued filming yesterday for the "Hotel Troubles" sales presentation clip, where he has to hit Joe Ma angrily. He laughs: "I am nearly as tall as him, so I will go ahead and hit him." To which Joe retorts: "I am so good, how will he hit me? But we are old friends, so I will let him off."


[The Sun 21/10/04]

Bowie Lam is following up his rise in popularity from "War and Beauty" by releasing his new album, but with work on completion of filming for "Healing Hands III", he has not been able to spend much time promoting his album. He says: "I have been very busy recently that I will soon be divorced! (Are you married?) No, but it feels like I have been married because I have been so busy and only when I had two hours spare yesterday could I get together and have a meal."

Bowie says that this album is all down to being in the right place at the right time because originally it was due to be released last year, but it was all postponed after the SARS outbreak. He says: "I worked together with Wong Sheung Wai on this album and there are more songs on it than last year, all thanks to 'War and Beauty'." Guest appearances by female artistes such as Yoyo Mung, Kenix Kwok and Maggie Siu are made on his record and at a celebration lunch yesterday, all the dishes were named after songs from the album.


[Extracted from The Sun 21/10/04]

Dayo Wong is currently filming for a mainland version of 'Justice Sung' alongside Wong Sing Yi, Lo Ka Ying and William So in Hengdian and is having a lot of fun on set with his co-stars. Dayo is currently considering whether to return to Hong Kong for the TVB anniversary celebrations. When asked if he is confident in winning the male lead award, he asks the reporters in return: "Who am I up against? Actually, I am very easy going, it doesn't matter whether or not I win an award. (Are you returning to film a sitcom?) It depends if I have time next year."


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