Monday, October 18, 2004

[Ta Kung Pao 19/10/04]

Sonija Kwok was in TVB City yesterday filming a promotional clip for the forthcoming series "The Last Breakthrough" as well as being interviewed for K-100 before flying out later to Venice to film a jewellery advertisement. She will be staying there for five days.

Earlier, Sonija had been filming a sales presentation clip with Moses Chan for "Yellow Earth Great Plains" in a scene where they had to be buried alive and so they were poured all over with sand. During the scene, Sonija had to hold her breath for over ten seconds and as she was also covered in sand, she was extremely uncomfortable. However, she says that she does like this series a lot because it feels like Zhang Yimou's epic 'Red Sorghum', full of country feeling as well as a more steamy side to the story. Sonija also reveals that she and Moses earlier had to shoot a passionate scene in a wheatfield and she felt very embarrassed because it was quite daring. Luckily, Moses has had experience of such scenes and he led her in to complete the shoot, but the feeling was not enjoyable at all because the straw in the field left her feeling rather itchy!

When asked how daring the scene actually was, Sonija holds back and says: "Wait until you watch the show! (Did you have to warn your boyfriend beforehand?) It is just work so there is no need."


[Ta Kung Pao & The Sun 19/10/04]

Sheren Tang and Moses Chan were invited to a watch brand promotional event yesterday and they were each given a watch worth $27,000. Moses indicates that the effects of "War and Beauty" mean that he has received four or five extra jobs recently and even his long sought after real estate promotion job has now been agreed, making him happy. When asked about his fighting scene the previous day, he says: "In the past when I was making movies, I was always in fighting scenes, so when I picked up the machete yesterday, it was rather emotional. I am a very simple man, so playing a farmer or a beggar is perfect for me."

As his series are filming back to back, with "Healing Hands III" finishing, Moses will be heading straight onto film "Scholar Meets Soldier". Will this mean he will lose out on the opportunity to make some more money? Moses says that this is not the case and even if it is then it doesn't matter because he is not greedy and with his current opportunities, he is already happy. As for how he will be rewarding himself with the money he is making, he indicates that he will save it all up for a rainy day. Talking of the good response received by "War", is he more confident about the male lead role award? He says that his confidence has not been high all along because his character was rather ordinary, whereas Bowie Lam and Sheren's characters had more depth and so he feels that they will win the award.

Sheren was having close chats with the Managing Director and Creative Director of the watch company, Christian Bedat and she laughs that she was just telling him not to invite any tall models next time so that she does not look so short in comparison. She admires talented and successful businessmen, but unfortunately she has not got one pursuing her at the moment. However, she will not go out chasing one herself because women need to be more reserved. In fact, Sheren is rather enjoying her single life at the moment and does not mind spending the festivals on her own and so she is not too eager to start dating.


[Ta Kung Pao 19/10/04]

Gigi Lai was filming on location for "Healing Hands III" on Kowloon Peak yesterday in a scene that told of her being mugged whilst hillwalking. She laughs that the storyline tells of them taking her money but no sexual assault, otherwise this would have been an extremely embarrassing scene.

Gigi says that she does go walking alone in real life, but she will choose areas where there are more people around, dressing plainly and hiding her figure, so she believes she will not meet with any muggers. Also she will leave her mobile phone and purse in the car to avoid becoming the target of the thieves. When asked jokingly why she does not bring a 'bodyguard' along with her, she jokes in return that her working times are too variable, so she finds it difficult to find a partner.

Quite a fitness and beauty fanatic, when Gigi does not need to work, she will do two to three hundred sit-ups every day. She says: "Many people look to facial masks and herbal remedies to keep fit, but I feel that exercise is better because you can tone your chest muscles. Also I have no late social life, so even the paparazzi find it difficult to get photos of me."

Gigi has been in the industry for over ten years now and still looks young and beautiful and this is because she keeps herself so well. Some reports have said that even though she is older than Charmaine, looks-wise she seems a lot younger than Charmaine. When she hears this, she says: "It is all down to keeping to my exercise regime."


[Ta Kung Pao 19/10/04]

"Shine on You" held a composition competition entitled 'A Good Teacher in my Heart' to tie in with the show's airing and this has now ended, with the prize-giving ceremony being held yesterday. The winners were each presented with their award and trophy from the show's stars: Bobby Au Yeung, Kenix Kwok and Michael Tao.

Kenix has always written a diary and only when she is too busy does she not write in it. She says: "Looking back at some of my diaries from when I first entered the industry, it turns out that my first job was to film a music video with Andy Lau and reliving the memories is great so many years on." Although her husband Frankie Lam has not written a diary, he will still write love letters to her once in a while and sometimes he moves Kenix to tears with what he writes, after all they have shared together.

Also, "Shine on You" reached ratings of 36 points last week, averaging at 31 points and the peak was at the scene were Kenix slaps Michael in the face, so by popular request, the couple were asked to re-enact the scene at this event. Michael says: "A slap in the face can push the ratings up so high, so I will have to sacrifice myself. (Are you confident of winning an anniversary award this year?) I am very confident in them, Kenix is being tight-lipped, but she is already preparing to celebrate. (How about your confidence for yourself?) I am confident in them, but it is not my time yet. If I win an award, that will be news for this year's anniversary and it will be headline news for winning an award in my first series after returning."


[Ta Kung Pao 19/10/04]

After winning the award for Miss Friendship at this year's Miss International Pageant, where she represented Hong Kong, Fu Sze Sze appeared at TVB's External Affairs Department yesterday where she met the press and received congratulations from TVB General Manager Chan Chi Wan as well as cutting a cake together.

Talking of where she beat the others to win this award, she says openly that she learned to speak six different languages during the contest, including Spanish, Korean, Japanese, Czech and Romanian and in exchange, the other contestants asked Sze Sze to teach them Chinese. When Sze Sze was asked what reward she hopes for, she says: "If I have work, then I will be happy and I have not thought about any rewards. There are many things I have not tried yet, such as filming series."


[Oriental Daily]

Yoyo Mung and Edmond Leung were at the Mai Po Nature Reserve yesterday, preparing the stations for the 12th "Mai Po Environmental Walk" and actively promoting the environmental message to the public. Visiting Mai Po for the first time, Yoyo seemed especially excited and she said happily: "When I was young, I lived in the New Territories, so I do prefer the great outdoors. I have wanted to come to Mai Po for a while, but because you have to apply to enter, then I have never been. I did go for many hikes before, to places such as Lamma Island and Tai Mo Shan, but the most exciting time was when I went to a remote island with some friends and we had to split up to spend the night alone. I was really quite scared because I had nothing with me and just a little bit of sulphur powder to avoid the snakes."

Also, Yoyo's new movie 'Nightmare' will be released on Thursday and in the film, Yoyo and good friend Jo Koo are bothered by ghosts and spirits and need to find a way of exorcising them in a terrifying plot. During filming, there were a couple of strange occurrences and in one scene, Yoyo had to shoot a car crash scene, but she a little absent minded and stood in the wrong place, resulting in the car driving into her and injuring her left leg as well as leaving some suspicions about why this may have happened.


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