Saturday, October 16, 2004

[Ta Kung Pao 16/10/04]

Michelle Ye and Frankie Lam were filming together yesterday for new series "King of Herbal Medicine" and due to the smoky atmosphere that this show is often filming under, Michelle suffered from bleeding in her eyes and had to seek medical attention. Luckily the injury is not serious. Michelle says that she found her eye bleeding slightly and immediately went to see a doctor. The doctor inspected it and explained to her that in an eye, there are seventy points that secret fluid and as she is constantly in a smoky atmosphere, then there are only three that are operating normally. Fortunately she has put in the eyedrops from the doctor and the condition has improved a lot. At first, she was worried it would affect her eyesight, but after the doctor's explanation, her mind has been put at rest.

There were reports in a magazine yesterday that Michelle has been dating Chinese athlete Xiong Ni for two months already and when asked about the matter, Michelle denied it. She explains that when she was interviewed by the magazine, she had denied it and she never thought that the published article would be like this. At the time she just indicated that she has known Xiong for nearly two months and not dated him for two months.

The report also indicated that Xiong had fancied Michelle for a long time and therefore treated her especially well during the Olympics. In response to this, Michelle admits that he did help her out a lot whilst they were in Athens, but it is not the way that people seem to think. When Michelle was asked if she had feelings for Xiong and if she did why doesn't she indicate this to him, she laughs that she would like to start dating, but she will not ask a man out because this would make her seem less precious. Talking of their current relationship, Michelle insists that she and Xiong are just friends. When pressed about whether she has feelings for him, she says that as they are friends, then of course she likes him. As for whether they will take their relationship a step further, she feels that this is no use for now because they are in different places and they each have their work which means it is difficult for them to see each other often and this is an obstruction to their relationship, so everything is best left up to fate.


[Ta Kung Pao 16/10/04]

Jessica Hsuan took part in a magazine award ceremony earlier and talking of this award being linked with lifestyle and health, how does she see herself winning this award? She indicates that she has reduced her workload lately and tried to do things that she enjoys. However, she says candidly that the award she would most like to receive is one for intelligence: "I have always felt that inner beauty is better than physical beauty."

Jessica took part in the TVB anniversary press conference earlier and cast her vote for this year's awards. Talking of "War and Beauty" being the hot favourte this year, Jessica indicates she has not watched the whole series, but feels that Sheren Tang and Gigi Lai were the best. She says: "Actually, all the female stars in the show did very well, but Sheren and Gigi gave very experienced performances and as they were evil characters who had to use tears to win the hearts of men, it was certainly not easy to do."

On the day of the press event, Sheren wore a red dress that clashed somewhat with production chief Lok Yik Ling's outfit and caused some criticism. Jessica feels that as Sheren was an MC on the day, then there was no problem with wearing red and she laughs that she also wore a red outfit that day. Having once been rumoured to be at odds with Maggie Cheung, what did she think of Maggie's performance? Jessica says that Maggie also did well, but compared to the other female leads, she seemed a little less eyecatching. Just like the Empress Rebecca Chan did very well too. As for whether she is confident of her own success, Jessica says that she only has two series this year, but she is still confident.


[Ta Kung Pao 16/10/04]

Niki Chow was filming yesterday in TKO TVB City for new series "Scholar Meets Soldier", wearing a constable's outfit and looking rather dashing as she showed off her kicks for the press. When asked if her character was good at kung fu in the show, she laughs: "Actually it is my parents who have good martial arts, mine is so-so, but I think I am very good and don't realise it is my mother Michelle who is protecting me all the time." Since starting work, she has had to fight every day, but as the martial arts choreographer was busy yesterday, she did not have to film any fight scenes. However, it was still tough because her lines were very long.

This is Niki's first ancient drama and when asked if it is hard work, she says: "Filming ancient dramas in the current weather is already very good, but each time I fight, I end up aching all over and the stunt masters suggest that I bathe in salt to relax my muscles. (Has the company arranged a stunt double?) Yes, but his figure is too different from mine, so a lot of the time the results don't look like me and I have to do it myself." Luckily, her costume is rather asexual in the show and she does not have many elaborate hairstyles and so the make up time is shorter and she has more time to rest. She also laughs that the choreographer has designed some very acrobatic moves for her and not only does she have to co-ordinate her arms and legs, she even has to do verbal moves, so she is saving them all to perform in forthcoming charity shows.

Has she thought about becoming a fighting star? She laughs: "Many people have asked me this, but I will not be doing this for the time being because to be able to do this performance is already very good. Earlier I was rather envious of Twins when they were filming 'The Twins Effect' because I thought they looked really stylish, but now I realise how much hard work it is." In the show, it tells of her pairing up with Moses Chan in the end and talking of him being a 'housewife killer', she laughs out loud and says: "In that case, I am a 'young man killer'."


[Ta Kung Pao 16/10/04]

Steven Ma and Linda Chung were filming yesterday in Yuen Long's Tai Tong Lychee Garden for "Virtues of Harmony" in a riding scene where they ride together on a horse in a rather touching scene. As Linda is a Miss Chinese International winner, then to be able to ride with her is the wish of many a young man, but in the show, it tells of Linda mistaking Steven for a pervert and she kicks him off the horse. Having to play this 'falling' scene left Steven bearing many hardships.

Steven was asked how he felt about sitting on a saddle with a beautiful lady, speaking a lot of lines and getting 'up close' with her and he says forcing a smile: "What would you feel with a pair of thick leather gloves on? This time it really got in the way." When asked what had 'got in the way', he says looking rather embarrassed: "'Little Ma' got in the way, I had to make room for Linda, so I had to make him a little uncomfortable."

Steven has been with the cast of "Virtues" for a month now and since his appearance, the ratings have averaged at 31 points, making him very happy, but he does not understand why his character is always accused of being perverted and is often beaten up.

Also, Linda was asked if she felt embarrassed about getting so close to Steven. She says that she will not because they were just sitting on the horse together and it was not a kissing or cuddling scene. Also she is not afraid of riding and felt that the horse behaved very well. For TVB's anniversary celebrations this year, there will be a section that requires twelve newcomers to take part, who will go on to become the next group to be promoted. With rumours that Linda will be among the twelve, she says that if she has the chance to take part, then she will do her best to take part in all the anniversary events.


[Ta Kung Pao 16/10/04]

Christine Ng appeared at the 'Marie Claire - Eternity of Fame' awards ceremony earlier and talking of the 'Favourite Female Lead Role' award being the highlight of this year's TVB anniversary, she was asked who she felt will win. Christine says that she thinks that Kenix Kwok and Bowie Lam will win, so she voted for them at the press conference. She also feels that Gigi Lai did very well too, but because Kenix originally hailed from TVB, then she hopes that Kenix will win the award. Also, as Kenix has been in the industry for many years, she has a lot of experience and it is time for her to win an award.

When asked if she hopes to win the award herself, she says that of course she wishes for this, but she can only pin her hopes on the future and so she will keep her form in the hope that she can make more good series next year.


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