Friday, October 08, 2004

[Ta Kung Pao 09/10/04]

TVB's youth drama "Sunshine Heartbeat" has finally finished filming and the cast members held a poolside party at a hotel yesterday to celebrate. As well as cutting a cake, they also sprayed each other with water and threw people into the pool. Among them, Kwan Chun Wing was thrown in as a punishment for being a pain during filming and Lam Cheuk Kin was thrown in for being the nicest person on set. Yoyo Chan was also picked up by Bond Chan and thrown into the water and finally the producer Chin Kwok Wai and a male TVB PR person also met with a watery fate. As for the other female stars, they each made their excuses not to enter the water.

After cutting the cake, Charles Szeto immediately picked up the water pistol and started spraying and the target headed towards Cheung Wing Yin, leaving her rather impatient and aggressive. Afterwards she insisted that she does not swear usually and the other cast members can vouch for her. Vivien Yeo has received complaints from TVB for getting too much of a tan, so she is currently working hard at whitening. When asked about Wing Yin being forced to become violent, she laughed that she was lucky because she is quite young, everyone looks out for her. As she will be heading back to Malaysia next month to crown the new Miss Malaysia, she indicates that she will not miss her realm because she is happier working on her career in Hong Kong now.

As for Yoyo who was thrown into the water by Bond, she admits that maybe she is a lot of fun, so she does not get mad easily and this caused Bond to play with her. She was actually prepared for this because she says it is all about having fun. As for the filming finally being completed, she says she will miss everyone.


[Ta Kung Pao 09/10/04]

When TVB's new series "Shine on You" was released, a creative writing competition entitled "A Good Teacher in my Heart" was held for secondary school children and nearly ten thousand entries were received from an enthusiastic audience. Yesterday, cast members Michael Tao, Kenix Kwok and Shirley Yeung were asked to read through some of the entries in preparation for the prize giving ceremony on 18th.

Michael indicates that nowadays, there are fewer and fewer people now who write with a pen as the computer becomes the preferred media for communication, so seeing these students taking pen to paper to write about their thoughts, he feels that this is a very rare sincerity. As there will only be awards for the top three and five consolation prizes, Michael immediately suggests adding more prizes to encourage the entrants. When asked whether he likes to write in his spare time, Michael says that he does not write very much because his handwriting is terrible and so he has never written any love letters to his wife and would rather call her instead.

Kenix says that she is pleased that this series can convey a positive message and although she has never taken part in an external composition competition when she was at school, she did once get the highest mark in her class for English Composition and was praised by her teacher, making her very happy. She says: "When I was younger, I used to mark my brother and sister's compositions and it was good fun. Before entering the industry, I used to keep a diary and although I have stopped writing in it now, I still like to write letters. Usually I will drop notes to communicate with Frankie, especially text messages because they are very warming." Also, Shirley feels that with entries coming from Form 1 to Form 7, the standard of the writing is too varied and she suggests that they should be grouped for judging.


[Ta Kung Pao 09/10/04]

Steven Ma, Julian Cheung and Gigi Lai were filming a clip for next year's sales presentation. The new series "Juet Sai Mo Seung" (Ultimate Unequalled) is adapted from a computer game, so there will be a lot of special effects and wire scenes. Steven feels that this is quite a fresh idea, so he hopes that this show will be filmed for real and he can be part of it.

Steven will soon be heading into the mainland to film several series, so he will not be taking part in the TVB anniversary celebrations this year. This will be the first time he has missed the show since joining TVB. He is currently filming for "Virtues of Harmony" and he says he is having a good time because there is no gossip in this series and all the cast members are very friendly. Although he has just joined, they are all looking after him and buy him breakfast nearly every day, so he often pays for food too.

Gigi plays a Tang Princess for this clip and she says that as her exterior is quite tough, she often plays concubines and princess roles, so the producer has suggested that she tries some other characters. She has been busy filming recently as well as taking part in promotions, so she would most like to take a long holiday in the near future to recharge her batteries before launching back into her work after the new year.

Julian has never liked filming ancient period dramas where he has to wear a wig, but he does not mind shooting this presentation clip. When asked if he has discussed any new series with TVB, he says that he has been in constant negotiations and if there is a suitable role, then he will definitely accept it.


[Ta Kung Pao 09/10/04]

Carol Cheng will be partnering Tang Chi Fung and Winnie Yeung for the AIDS charity show next Saturday and this event will be supporting the China AIDS Prevention Campaign with performances from guests such as Deanie Yip, Kelly Chen, Andy Hui, Hacken Lee, Joey Yung, Gigi Leung, Cookies, Tang Wing Chi, Bowie Lam and Sheren Tang.

In yesterday's press conference, the witty Carol said modestly that she has two other hosts to share her responsibility so she can breathe a sigh of relief, because her attitude is different now and work is just a home for the spirit and so she is always very happy when there is someone to share the stage with her. She also hopes that the company can give more opportunities to the younger generation and take some of the responsibilities from her.

Carol's earlier series with Dayo Wong "War of the Genders" received good ratings results and recently "War and Beauty" has also created a television frenzy to challenge her, but she refuses to join forces with Dayo again to make another TV legend. Carole says that she is very out (of fashion) and not watched "War" but she does miss Sheren Tang: "I remember when I first met her, she had just graduated from the artiste class and she played my little sister in a sereis. I am pleased to see that her acting talent has become so mature now."


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