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[Ta Kung Pao 06/10/04]

Gigi Lai and Bowie Lam were guests at the grand opening of a beauty and fitness centre yesterday and although there were many other guests present, such as Renee Tai and Sze Yi Lin, the focus of everyone was on Bowie and Gigi. As they appeared in formal dress and shared a glass of champagne together, they looked like a newly wed couple.

In response to the suggestions that they looked like a married couple, Gigi felt the same: "Yes! Recently Bowie has been dressing rather casually, so with him in a suit today and me coincidentally wearing a white outfit, we do look good together!" Talking of them holding each other's hands in recent photoshoots, is Gigi worried that people will mistake them as a couple? Gigi laughs that she is a little worried, but she does not rule out the chance that she will start dating Bowie because he is a good man. As for the rumours that Bowie is gay, Gigi indicates that she does not believe this because Bowie has had rumours with Flora Chan before. She feels that she can be very good friends with Bowie and even become soul mates, then this would be very romantic.

Talking of the viewers requesting that TVB should film a prequel or sequel to "War and Beauty", Gigi says: "I think it would be a little forced if I was to make a prequel, I can just about play a sixteen year old this time, but if I had to play someone younger, then I don't know what the make up would look like." However, she does hope that the original cast can appear. As for Chrmraine Sheh's suggestion of making a modern version of "War", Gigi says that this is quite a good idea and TVB should think about it, as long as the people and scenery are beautiful - maybe even filming in the Caribbean like "Charlies Angels". As for producer Chik Kei Yi praising her for being the best of the female stars in the show, Gigi laughs: "The producer taught me well! Actually everyone did very well in the show, so you cannot say that it was just me who did well. I hope that I can make play some more quality roles where I can show off myself and let the viewers know that Gigi Lai can act."

Thanks to the popualarity of "War", Gigi and Bowie have become the latest favourites of the advertising sponsors and as well as doing opeinings and stage appearances, they have also had offers of movies and advertisements flooding in. In response to this, Bowie does not forget to promote himself, saying: "Gigi and I have met with good luck lately, so it is a good omen to have us at an opening and share in our luck. I was at another opening earlier and then they opened another branch very soon afterwards. (As you are busier now, will you be putting up your fee?) A little, but it is still reasonable, we will not put the prices up too much." As for yesterday's opening, they received a six figure fee.

As for the request for a follow up to "War", Bowie says: "No matter whether it is a prequel or a sequel, I hope that there will be sufficient preparation beforehand. Although I am confident, the pressure will be a lot higher and I would like the chance for Gigi and I to make more money before we film it because we don't know when we will have this opportunity again." Talking of many viewers hoping that Bowie will win the award for "My Favourite Male Lead Role" this year, he laughs: "I hope so too, because that would be the icing on the cake and I can make even more money! (Have you calculated how much money the effect of 'War' has made you?) At the moment my workload is a lot higher, so I have not had a chance to calculate it yet."


[Ta Kung Pao & Oriental Daily 06/10/04]

Niki Chow, Moses Chan, Cindy Au, Michelle Yim, Wayne Lai and director Tailik Lee were among the stars taking part in the costume fitting for new series "Scholar Meets Soldier" yesterday. In the show, Niki plays a constable and Moses plays a weak scholar. Tradition is turned upside down as the female star has to do the wirework and fighting scenes, whereas Moses looks after the comedic scenes.

In order to face her performance, Niki has been practicing her martial arts skills and she says pitifully: "Whenever I have time, I have to practise doing the splits and arching my back. It is like doing acrobatics and the injury ointment is fast becoming my latest perfume. It also gives me the feeling of practising for the anniversary celebration show - that's true, I can practice for my act in that show now." Will Niki be doing her own fight scenes in the show? She says: "Apart from the somersaults that they don't need me to do, then practically all the fighting scenes will be done by me. The reason why I have been excused from somersaults is because I had an injury before where one of the vertebrae in my neck is slightly misaligned, so the doctor told me to be careful of my neck." Knowing it will be hard work, Niki looks at Moses with an expression of envy: "He does not need to fight because he plays a scholar." When Moses hears this, he says laughingly: "I have a licence to have fun this time. My character is responsible for the laughs, so he just talks and does not need to fight and I can show off my comedy potential."

Cindy will be playing the evil role in the show, so she jokes that she will be the "Ancient Ding Hai". As Cindy's earlier productions have not yet been aired yet, she hopes that this show will allow her to gauge some response from the viewers. As boyfriend Roger Kwok is currently filming in China, Cindy indicates that there will be many festivals this year, such as mid-autumn, Valentines Day and the new year that she will not be able to spend with him but they keep in touch by phone and this has not affected their relationship.

Director Tailik Lee praised Sheren Tang for her performance as 'Yu Fei' in "War and Beauty" and Sheren was a guest on the latest episode of "Super Trio Show" filmed yesterday, together with Carlo Ng. When asked about the comments from Lee, Sheren says: "I have worked with Lee before and he did call me recently to invite me onto his radio show. Unfortunately I did not have time, but I will have to really try and fit him into my schedule. Since filming "War", Sheren reveals that she has had two offers of work in movies and she hs very interested, but she will not worry too much about the fee as long as she likes the role, then this is not an issue.

With her recent popularity, Sheren raised quite a stir from the audience as she was introduced onto "Super" by Eric Tsang. Before the filming started, a celebratory party was held for the great ratings of the second episode airing and Eric sprayed all the artistes with champagne, laughing: "We can't let Sheren take all the limelight."


[Ta Kung Pao 06/10/04]

Halina Tam was invited to a promotion for a beauty gadget yesterday and she says that she is not a spokesperson for the product, but she has used it before and finds it very useful and so she is taking part to share her experience. The event organisers arranged for her to wear a short backless dress and she certainly stole the show.

Halina says: "I used to have problems with constipation and this made my skin very poor. Since using this product, it has cured the problem with my bowels and even my panda eyes have gone away. I dare to go out without make up on now." With such support for the sponsors, Halina admits that she would like to become the product spokesperson. She has been busy filming lately so she has lost some weight and she laughs that she will have to start taking breast enhancement pills soon as she is currently negotiating an advertising contract for a slimming and breast enhancement product.


[The Sun 06/10/04]

Michelle Ye and Charmaine Sheh have both been linked romantically to Benny Chan and when they both appeared at an event earlier, they seemed to ignore each other. When they spotted TVB Production Resources Deputy Chief Lok Yik Ling, they both headed over to seek her attention and it was Michelle who was beaten in this round.

After the popularity of "War and Beauty" raising her profile recently, Charmaine took part in the premiere of "Ladder 49" earlier alongside the Olympic hosting star Michelle Ye and other TVB artistes currently being promoted such as Bernice Liu, Bosco Wong, Lai Lok Yi, Ron Ng and Raymond Lam. Even TVB Production chief Lok Yik Ling was present at the event. When Charmaine and Michelle arrived, the two ignored each other and did not offer any greetings and wearing a low cut dress, Michelle was immediately the centre of attention. However, this did not affect Charmaine, who immediately joined Ms Lok in conversation and as they became engrossed, Ms Lok even held Charmaine's hand to look at her watch. It would appear that Charmaine has with ease become popular with the executives.

However, Michelle took great advantage of her opportunity and when she saw her chance, she immediately went over to greet Ms Lok and then agreed to the press requests for a photo. When Ms Lok saw this, she immediately put her arm around Michelle's for the pose as Michelle smiled to celebrate her successful stealing of the show. As for the other stars present, such as Raymond, Bosco and Lok Yi, they immediately huddled around Ms Lok, whereas Bernice and Ron were a little slower at catching on. After the short struggle for the limelight, Charmaine once again took her place beside Ms Lok, even allowing her to brush her face.

When Charmaine was later asked why she was not present with rumoured boyfriend Benny Chan, she looked at the reporter with open eyes and said: "I am not talking about him today." As for the praises that "War and Beauty" producer Chik Kei Yi has been singing for Gigi Lai's performance, Charmaine says: "That is true, her character shows all her emotions on the face so she has a better opportunity to shine. (Is she your main opponent for the anniversary award?) There are many - Sheren, Maggie and also Jessica and Ada." Also, with reports of pirated copies of "War and Beauty" appearing on the market, TVB indicates that they will be investigating this.


[Oriental Daily 06/10/04]

Having once taken part in TVB's "A Kindred Spirit" and a contestant in 1998's Miss Hong Kong Pageant, Leung Pui Ying held her wedding banquet on Sunday evening to celebrate her marriage to Wan Kwong Fai. The event was very warming and the bride was so touched that her eyes welled with tears. Although Pui Ying's former co-stars Nancy Sit and Johnny Tang, who 'watched her grow up' were unable to attend, but they sent her a short clip to express their best wishes to the couple.

Michael Tse, who will be getting married next year on 14th January, was present and as he has been busy filming for "Virtues of Harmony" recently, much of the preparation for his own wedding have been left to his fiancee to deal with. He smiles: "I am taking hints from tonight so I know what to do when my own wedding day comes along."

[Em's note: For those who don't remember, Pui Ying played the little sister of Melissa Ng and Michael Tse in "A Kindred Spirit", the girl who came between Hawick Lau and May Kwong's romance.]


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