Saturday, October 23, 2004

[The Sun 24/10/04]

TVB is always actively looking for fresh new enterprises to develop and riding on anniversary series "The Conqueror's Story", TVB will be taking some of the stories behind Chinese sayings from this period and making them into special one hour shows, combining sponsorship revenue with promotional value in one.

Popular Chinese sayings such as "Three Contracts". "The Evening Banquet at Hong Gate", "Breaking Axe Sinking Ship" and "Four Directions Chu Song" will be explained by the artistes alongside extracts from the series and rebundled in a new collection of shows to boost TVB's revenues.

Adam Cheng, who plays the conqueror Liu Bang in the series says that this show will be very educational and he is very supportive of it, but he laughs: "It is good as many Chinese phrases originated from that time, so we can help to educate the public and we should already have the film for it! As TVB will be making more money from this, then they should know what they ought to do (pay rise)!" As for 'Yu Ji' Melissa Ng, she also agrees with this idea, saying: "It is good as people watching the show will learn more about Chinese sayings, their meanings and stories. Take me for example, I did not know what 'the disciples of city and well' came from until now."

As for the 'foreigner' Angela Tong, she admits that her Chinese knowledge is limited and she laughs that at first she could not even pronounce the name of her own character in the show and so she feels that more series like this will help her to improve her Chinese vastly. She says: "When I was watching 'War and Beauty' there were a lot of Chinese phrases that I did not understand, so I recorded them and asked friends to help me interpret them. If we have more series like this, then it will help my Chinese a lot."


[The Sun 24/10/04]

A group of unsuccessful contestants from this year's Miss Hong Kong pageant returned to TVB earlier to take part in screen tests in the hope of a contract offer. After much deliberation, Winnie Shum and Cecilia Yeung have been offered management contracts from TVB as well as a part in the latest promotional campaign "Jade's New Army". Cecilia says happily: "I never thought I would get this and I will make the most of this opportunity from TVB management. I will be learning to sing and dance to reinforce my skills and I will also be watching a variety of dramas in the hope of learning from them."

Also, TVB has also offered 'One Show a Year' contracts to Devily Leung and Kayee Tsang, who show potential, but the basic salary is just $1000 a year. Devily says: "Actually, before signing the contract, the company had already arranged acting work, childrens show hosting and singing of theme songs for me to do, so I feel that as long as I work hard, then I can still make it. I feel that I am very fortunate that the company is arranging so many opportunities for me." As for Kayee, she says: "I have little experience in this industry, so after two auditions, the company is prepared to give me this chance and I will make the most of it. (Are you not afraid that there are no guarantees with a 'one show per year' contract?) No, because the company will make arrangements."

[Em's note (some background): From what I understand 'One show per year' means that TVB will only guarantee one piece of work (a show) for the artiste per year and a minimum wage of $1000. If they are lucky and the company requires them for other work, then they can then charge for additional work at a predifined rate. A 'management contract' works on the company finding work for the artistes and taking a cut (usually a percentage) of the artiste's salary for the work.]


[Ta Kung Pao, Oriental Daily & The Sun 24/10/04]

2R, Yan Ng and Bliss were at a Yan Chai charity raffle yesterday and before the event, 2R had been filming for TVB's sales presentation, where Roseanne had to do some wirework for the first time ever. She admits that it is not fun, especially during her period, when she felt particularly vulnerable. When asked if she was not even more comfortable with 'extra pads', she just laughed and said nothing. As for little sister Race, she did not need to do wire scenes, just striking a pose instead, leaving Roseanne rather envious. 2R do not know if they will be taking part in filming for a TVB series, but they have arranged a screen test.

The clip was for "Fantasy Fashion '05" in which Roseanne was dressed in a schoolgirl outfit and hoisted five storeys high for the shoot. She says: "It is the first time I have been up so high and the feeling is quite exhilarating, so I asked the crew to drop me a little faster to give me the rush of falling." Although Roseanne had two pairs of shorts under her short skirt, but she still caused quite a lot of stares from the ground whilst she was dangling in mid-air and this left her a little embarrassed.

As for suggestions that "Hearts of Fencing" producer Wilson is favouring Race, Roseanne says jokingly: "Yeah, he is looking out for her!" However, Wilson explains quickly: "Not at all, you have more opportunity for expression in your character!"


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