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Miss Hong Kong 2004 Second Runner Up Fu Sze Sze who represented Hong Kong at this year's Miss International Pageant in Beijing has been awarded Miss Friendship at the final held yesterday.

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[Oriental Daily 16/10/04]

Bowie Lam, Lawrence Ng and Moses Chan were filming yesterday for "Healing Hands III" in a rescue scene there the three see a car that has crashed into a fire hydrant and they all had to get wet whilst they rescued the victim. Moses and Bowie are just missed by the crashing car resulting in a very exciting and dangerous scene. Bowie revealed that his insurance policy is enough to pay for an apartment, but he feels that filming can be very dangerous, so he cannot save on this front: "However, when we filmed this scene, everything was carefully planned and it was very safe."

As for this year's "My Favourite Male Lead Award", Bowie is hot favourite opposite Dayo Wong's "To Catch the Uncatchable" role, but with Dayo rumoured to be involved with the forthcoming TVB sitcom, Bowie laughs: "I don't mind, but I am prepared to film for free for TVB! (Are you confident?) I am very confident and I would very much like to take the award, but 'War and Beauty' was very much a female led show, so for 'Bowie Lam' to be able to stand out in it in my first ancient drama, then you have to give me some encouragement really!" However, Bowie laughs: "It doesn't matter who takes the award, but don't have a double winner. I would rather win or lose."

Moses Chan indicates that he has no hopes of winning the award, saying: "The women are very strong this year and the fight is very exciting. As for the men, I don't have much of a chance, so I will be supporting Bowie. (Bowie revealed that you left by the back door to evade rumours though!) I will always support my friends." Lawrence has not been paying attention to the anniversary awards, but he feels that to be a 'favourite' and to have talent are two different things and it is therefore difficult to judge. Lawrence says: "I think that the shows that are aired leading up to the anniversary will leave the strongest impression on the viewers and the company's own artistes stand a better chance of winning."


Filming for TVB's new ancient drama "Courageous Kunlun" is well underway, but after Sammul Chan's string of accidents earlier, needing a body double to do all his fight scenes for him, the other male lead in the show Ron Ng has also accidentally damaged a ligament in his left knee, leaving his leg rather swollen and impeding his walking and so a double is needed to do his running scenes in the show. Reports suggest that he was filming a scene where he was being beaten and the story tells of him being rather bruised and kneeling on the floor. When Ron knelt down, he did it rather heavily and this resulted in a massive pain in his left leg and him needing help from the crew to get up.

When Ron was called to ask about the situation, he indicated: "It was just a minor incident and there was already some damage to my knee from my dancer days, but it had fully recovered afterwards. This time I was just too absorbed in my performance and I did not compensate at all and this injured my left knee, leaving it red and swollen. I went to see a Chinese doctor afterwards and he said that one of my ligaments has swollen up and told me not to do any rigorous exercise, otherwise the consequences would be long term, so I am currently putting medication on it every day in the hope that the swelling will go down."

Ron also reveals that due to his injury, his more active running and jumping scenes in the show have to be done by a stand-in: "Although the swelling has gone down a lot now and I can walk normally, when I stand for too long or run, then I can't use the strength in my leg and I have to rely on a body double to do it. The martial artis choreographer has created some stationary moves for me, where I can fight without much movement."


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