Sunday, October 17, 2004

[Oriental Daily 18/10/04]

Miss Hong Kong second runner up Fu Sze Sze represented Hong Kong in the Miss International pageant this year in Beijiing and returned with the award for Miss Friendship. Accompanied by her parents, Sze Sze returned to Hong Kong yesterday and was met by fellow Miss Hong Kong winners Kate Tsui and Queenie Chu together with a group of fans.

Talking of her trip, Sze Sze said happily: "I am very happy and it was a great memory. (There are reports that you exposed yourself?) I don't know, did that happen? I did not look at the photos, but there was no chance because there were tied straps on the swimsuit and I checked before going on stage. I also had tape on my breasts so it was very safe. I am confident I did not expose anything. (Are you unhappy about the reports?) No, because it is not the truth, they can write whatever they like." As for other reports that the organisers treated the contestants unfairly, Sze Sze denied this, saying that the organisers treated all the contestants in the same way.

Sze Sze's Miss Friendship award is well deserved because she was the friendliest with Miss China and Miss Philippines and when she left, she exchanged email addresses with many of the girls. She says candidly: "I learned how to get along with everyone and also found out a lot about the different cultures. (You were a favourite to win, were you disappointed with just the Miss Friendship award?) No, Hong Kong promotes tourism and to win this award is already success, so I am not disappointed. (How will you be celebrating?) I just want to go home and sleep right now."


[Oriental Daily 18/10/04]

TVB's new series "Sunshine Heartbeat" has raised the profile of many of its young stars and Yoyo Chan and Vivian Lok admit that they have receive many offers of work as a result. Yesterday, the two were taking part in a catwalk show in a shopping mall and they says that at the moment, they have fame but no fortune, but they do not mind as there will always be a germination period.

As for TVB's plans to promote six guys and six girls and "Sunshine" being one of the targets for selection, Yoyo admits she would like to be chosen, but the competition is too great and she daren't pin her hopes on it. Although those under TVB management will have priority, Yoyo says that the decision rests with TVB and she cannot control this.

As for Vivian, she reveals that her income has halved, but she has no regrets about signing with TVB because popularity is something that cannot be bought and she is working on a per-series contract with TVB so she has an element of freedom to do other work. As there are too many artistes at TVB and she has only signed for one show a year, she feels that even if she signs a long contract with them, she may still not be promoted, so she is in no rush to move to long term with TVB.

As for the reviews for "Sunshine" not being as good as those for last year's "Hearts of Fencing", Vivian believes that this is to do with the guest stars taking part in the first series, so she will continue to promote the show and is asking all her friends to watch and help with ratings.


[Oriental Daily 18/10/04]

Sheren Tang was modelling for a shoe chain together with Maria Chan yesterday and attracted a group of fans who kept calling out her name. She indicates that since "War and Beauty" aired, she has had many offers for advertising work, but this has not made her conceited because she believes that we need to know our place and be satisfied. She hopes that she will have more opportunities in the future to show her talents and she sees winning awards as a bonus. She says: "I am very pleased with the fee for this show and they are allowing me to take whatever shoes I like. I feel that a script as good as 'War' is a rare find and I say to myself that I am already happy. If I do win the award, the first thank you will be to God. I feel that to be the most famous or the number one has its related pressures, so you can count me out. I just ask for the chance to shine at different levels and try different things as this would make me even happier than winning an ward. All in all, the most important thing is to have a happy outlook in life."


[Oriental Daily 18/10/04]

Joe Ma and Jack Wu were filming yesterday for new series "Passion for Black Forest" in Kowloon Bay for a car crash scene. Although the crew had already applied for a permit to close the road for filming, there were still complaints of obstruction from the locals. After the police arrived to understand the situation, they were allowed to continue filming.

Yesterday's scene tells of Joe being interfered with by Jack in the car and this causes him to lose control of the car and in real life, Joe has one experience of a car crash: "That night it was raining hard when I finished work and when I skidded on Clearwater Bay Road, I crashed into the side of the hill. Luckily I did not hit anyone and I was not injured, but the car was damaged quite badly and had to be towed away. Finally the damage cost $20,000 to repair. (Do you drive fast usually?) Sometimes I will speed, but not as much now. Allowing more time to get to work means I don't have to drive too fast. I have matured now and the laws are stricter and I will never drink and drive."

With the anniversary awards as hot topic at the moment, there is much speculation about who will win the awards. Is Joe confident to take the award for 'Most Improved Male Artiste'? He says with much assertion: "I have no confidence at all. I usually just see the anniversary as a celebration with my colleagues, winning an award takes into account many factors and I will not see this as very important. This award should go to Ron Ng, he is very strong now." As for the female lead role award, Joe is backing Kenix Kwok and Charmaine Sheh.


[Oriental Daily 18/10/04]

Yesterday, Bowie Lam invited Gigi Lai to take part in filming for the music video to their duet and sub theme to 'War and Beauty' entitled "Poison". In the MV, Bowie is very tender and caring towards Gigi and seeing her struggling in the pebbles wearing her three inch high boots, he immediately picked her up and took her to the grass, playing the hero and causing screams from the crew present.

In response to this, Bowie laughs: "This is very normal, it is all male gallantry! Gigi and I filmed 'War' for so long, seeing each other every day so we are already very close and alway make gestures holding hands or being intimate. Although Gigi was wearing quite a lot of warm packs, making her a little heavier, she still has a great figure!" Gigi adds: "It is a small matter, in the show we did kiss and when we appear at promotions, we will hold hands."

Also, Gigi took part as a guest of Sam Hui at his concert earlier and was very well received as the audienced called out 'Yuk Ying Siu Ju' at her. Gigi laughs: "I think I need to change my name to Lai Yuk Ying."


Moses Chan was filming with over a hundred extras in the Lam Tei Quarry for a sales presentation clip "Yellow Earth Great Lands". This was a massive fighting scene and the usually rather reserved Moses seemed to be possessed by a fighter as he suddenly showed a surge of aggressions and even his weapon was broken in the process.

Dubbed 'housewife killer', Moses usually wins his fans over with his studious sophisticated image, but as well as being the smooth charmer, Moses can even deal with the more violent fighting roles with ease. Yesterday's scene tells of quarry worker Moses bringing a band of brothers to rescue Sonija Kwok and a bloody battle ensues in the open quarry. To make the scene even more realistic, TVB invested in the appearance of over a hundred extras and the vast number of people meant that when the chaos began, there was dust and sand everywhere in what was a grand scene.

One scene shows Moses fighting a large group of people single handedly and before filming, he still seemed rather quiet and studious, but as soon as the cameras started rolling, he was completely different, wearing a terrifying expression on his face and full of aggression. In one scene, he overdid the strength and broke the scythe he was holding into two and had to ask for a replacement from the crew.

Working recently on "Healing Hands III", Moses plays a doctor who has more verbal scenes, so it is a lot easier than "Yellow Earth" where there are plenty of fight scenes. When asked if he is used to having so many action scenes, Moses says: "It's no problem, I can adapt to it. In the past when I filmed movies, there were a lot of fighting scenes, so I don't find it hard work at all."

With a background of the early Nationalist period, "Yellow Earth" tells of Moses and Sonija's characters who grew up together, but after many challenges from fate, Sonija becomes the mistress to a rich man and Moses is very upset.


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