Monday, October 04, 2004

[Oriental Daily 05/10/04]

With the exceptional ratings for the final episode of "War and Beauty", the four female leads Gigi Lai, Maggie Cheung, Charmaine Sheh and Sheren Tang are naturally very happy and excited. Among them, Gigi Lai is especially thankful to the support from the viewers and says she will be thinking hard about what she can do for everyone to show her gratitude.

When Gigi heard the results for the ratings, she screamed: "Wow, that's amazing! It's great, I am so happy I don't know what to say. (Will you be wearing a bikini?) When Bowie mentioned it, I said I would wear a bikini if the average ratings hit 40 points. Although we did not reach this, I am still very thankful to all the support from the viewers because 'Yuk Ying' would be nothing without them. Also, I would not have so many 'positive side effects' and so I will have to think long and hard about what I can do to thank everyone. You (the press) need to give me some time."

Charmaine says: "I am so happy, it was similar to what I guessed it would be because I gauged on the night that the reaction from the audience at the event was very good and they were totally absorbed. (There have been requests for a prequel or a sequel.) I am thankful to the audience for the suggestion, if the company arranges this, then I would like to film it, so that the viewers can continue to enjoy the show."

Sheren says: "I am very happy and I did think about going on holiday to reward myself, but I am worried that I can't get away. I am thinking about going now though. (Are you happy with the ratings figures?) As an artiste, I will not worry too much about this, the reviews are more important. If the ratings are good, then that is the icing on the cake."

Currently away filming in Shanghai, Maggie indicated on the telephone: "Of course I am happy with good ratings! (Do you feel that they are rather low?) It is already quite enough and the most important thing is the feedback. For an ancient drama to attract so many viewers and create so many talking points, it is not easy and the crew have a big part in this. (Do you want to film a prequel or a sequel?) Do you need me to play On Sin's mother?" As for the celebratory party, Maggie laughs: "I will head back to Hong Kong for one day on the 15th so I hope the company will hold it on that date, then I can take part."


[Oriental Daily 05/10/04]

Michael Tao, Melissa Ng and Wayne Lai were filming a sales presentation clip for "Happy Hotel" yesterday and as the three of them play tour guides in this show, they filmed on location in Wanchai's Golden Bauhinia Square as well as Mongkok's ladies street where there have been a number of incidents recently where bricks have been thrown into the street from the buildings. Luckily, the police arrested a man in connection with these incidents the day before and they could carry out their filming with peace of mind.

Yesterday afternoon, the team were filming in the ladies street and although the brick thrower had been arrested, the shoot was extremely quick. After just five minutes, they were forced to leave because they had attracted a huge crowd and were accused of getting in the way of the local stallholders' business. When asked if he felt more at ease with the brick thrower arrested, Michael says: "Don't worry, I dont think there will be another one, but because we are always filming outside, then very often we are met with angry residents who find us noisy and will throw things at us and we just have to be more careful." Melissa says: "I am more comfortable because you can die if someone throws a brick at you. It's a matter of life and death."

This series will begin filming at the end of November and Michael, Melissa and Wayne have all confirmed that they will be in the show. It turns out that Michael has wanted to work with Melissa for a while: "She is an artiste whom I have admired all along because I feel she is very elegant and graceful with a unique air. I hope that we can make sparks fly and give a fresh feeling." Also, Melissa is looking forward to start filming on this show: "As well as being able to work with Michael, I have never filmed a comedy, as I have only played executives or professionals in the past. This time I will play a tour guide and it is quite fun, so I hope to make a breakthrough for myself."


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