Friday, October 01, 2004

Forthcoming TVB Series Info

Just for reference, here are some confirmed English titles and additional info for forthcoming series and what I have been referring to them as on the articles:

The Last Breakthrough (Tin Ngai Hap Yi)
Previously referred to as "Wandering Hero Medics"
Starring: Nick Cheung, Sonija Kwok, Raymond Lam, Leila Tong, Gigi Leung

Split Second (Jang Fun Duet Miu)
Previously referred to as "Fight for Every Moment"
Starring: Alex Fong, Kevin Cheng, Patrick Tam, Yoyo Mung, Marco Ngai, Moses Chan, Mandy Cho, Lai Lok Yi
Thai Stars: Sririta Jensen, Chatchai Plengpanich
More info: http://www.tvb.com/tvbi/program/splitsecond/index.html
Joint Production between China and Thailand

Black is not black,
White is not white;
Thousands of puzzles,
How can they be solved in thirty days?

On 1st April 2004, a message is spread through the ranks that Hong Kong's largest triad dynasty the Hau's are plotting to murder the new chief of police Wang Chun Yeung, who will take his position in a month's time. Three unrelated police officers: Serious Crime Squad Sergant Fung Chi Wai (Alex Fong), Intelligence Senior Inspector Wong Ka Fai (Kevin Cheng) and Officer Yeung Kai Tung (Patrick Tam) are pulled into the case.

Hau family boss Hau Man Wah (Marco Ngai) and Thai triad boss Sam (Chatchai Plengpanich) join forces and Thai Police Officer Rita (Sririta Jensen) is handed the case to investigate.

Personally and professionally, Fai must complete his mission in thirty days. He finds that Organised Crime and Triad Investigation Senior Inspector Luk Yiu Kwok (Moses Chan) has some unusual links with Wah, so he decides to start investigating him. Kwok is murdered shortly afterwards, but before he dies, he meets with Wai. Also Wai has contact with Wah's girlfriend Pang Wai (Yoyo Mung) and because of this, he becomes the next target in Fai's investigations. On the other hand, Rita suspects there is another story behind Kwok's death, so she co-operates with Fai to investigate. Each operation seems to meet with failure and Fai is led to suspect Rita's identity. Just as Wai is under suspicion from his colleagues, he is also investigating into Sam. However Sam offers his helping hand to rescue him time after time and Wai does not know whether Sam is a friend or an enemy.

Wah is finally arrested and Wai, Tung and Fai prepare for a quiet day. At this time, the three are then arrested! The answers will all be revealed on 30th April...

Trailer: http://www.tvb.com/tvbi/program/splitsecond/trailer_300k.asx

The Conquerer's Tale (Chor Hon Kiu Hung)
Previously referred to as "Proud Warriors of Chu and Han"
Starring: Adam Cheng, Kwong Wa, Maggie Cheung, Melissa Ng, Wayne Lai, Cerina De Graca, Law Lok Lam, Tseung Chi Kwong
More info: http://www.tvb.com/tvbi/program/conqueror/index.html
In the war between Xiang and Liu,
Is it time or fate that determines the hero?

During the tumultuous times at the end of the Qin era, the heros group together. On this stage of tension and contest, the most spectacular must be the pair of friends who are Liu Bang (Adam Cheng) and Xiang Yu (Kwong Wa).

Xiang is full of ambition, taking on the task of overturning the Qin as his lifetime goal, but his end is suicide at the Wu River. Conversely, Liu who hails from lowly beginnings without any dreams of power finally ends up with the world at his feet. If you have to say whether the you win the kingdom or not is down to being in the right place and time or down to fate, then why don't you say that it is personality that determines one's destiny. Xiang has a group of loyal followers, including Fan Zheng (Law Lok Lam), Ying Bu (Wang Chun Tong), his uncle Xiang Liang and his cousin Xiang Zhuang (Wong Chak Fung), but he uses them for his own gain and the good men leave him one by one. Liu on the other hand uses his men's talents well and Han Xin (Wayne Lai), Zhang Liang (Tseung Chi Kwong), Chen Ping (Gilbert Lam), Xiao He (Lo Chun Shun) and Fan Kuai (Al Wei) all bow down before him.

A hero always has a lady beside him and Liu's wife Lu Zhi (Maggie Cheung) is another strength that helps him gain his power. Lu is full of dreams, but has little hope of fulfilling them, so she spots the potential in Liu and puts all her hopes onto him. Xiang is the same as he has a beauty Yu Ji (Melissa Ng) at his side. Fan warns Xiang that Yu is an unlucky omen and urges him to murder her to remove a future threat, but Xiang refuses...

Sunshine Heartbeat (Chek Sa Yan Gei @ Sei Yip Cho 2)
Previously referred to as "Prints on Red Sands", "Hearts of Fencing 2" and "Hearts of Beach Volleyball"
Starring: Vivien Yeo, Charmaine Lee, Yoyo Chan, Charles Szeto, Vin Choi, Jenny Cheung, Monie Tung, Joe Ma, Cathy Chui

Lost in the Chamber of Love (Sai Seung Kei Yuen)
Previously referred to as "Destinies of the Western Chamber"
Starring: Ron Ng, Myolie Wu, Michelle Ye, Kenneth Ma, Kiki Sheung

Wong Fei Hung - Master of Kung Fu (Ngo Si Fu Hai Wong Fei Hung)
Previously referred to as "My Master is Wong Fei Hung"
Starring: Bosco Wong, Sammul Chan, Rain Li

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