Sunday, September 05, 2004

[Ta Kung Pao, The Sun & Oriental Daily 06/09/04]

With the heavy promotion behind the sequel to "Hearts of Fencing" - "Prints on Red Sands", the cast including Cathy Chui, Joe Ma, Charmaine Lee, Jenny Cheung, Koey Wong, Yoyo Chan, Charles Szeto and Vin Choi were recently flown out to Cairns in Australia for some location filming. The usual blessing ceremony was still carried out over there with roast pork, chicken and oranges made as offerings in the hope that the filming was to go smoothly as the fun-packed seven days included parachuting, bungee jumping and underwater activities. A group of fans were on hand at the airport to welcome the well bronzed group back to Hong Kong yesterday.

The shoot took place in the Milla Milla falls and Great Barrier Reef, with the female stars appearing in their swimsuits against such beautiful backdrops, sunshine and sea and showing off their youthful beauty. Among them, Yoyo was the most eyecatching because she was wearing a bikini, but she indicated that her tan is rather uneven because she dare not stay out in the sun too long due to the hole in the ozone layer, so she will be topping up her tan in Hong Kong. During filming at the Barrier Reef, the cast did some diving among the world famous coral reef and enjoyed this beautiful underwater world. Cathy, Koey and Jenny made the most of combining work with leisure by also doing the underwater stroll that left them extremely excited. For Koey, who cannot swim, she let out a great scream as she entered the water, but afterwards, she indicated how amazing the experience was for her.

Producer Chin Kwok Wai indicated that the shoot went very well and Charles and Vin had so much fun bungee jumping that they did not want to leave. Even Charmaine who was worried about her parachute jump went ahead with it, despite feeling pressure as she jumped from the plane. She indicates that as the script says that she will jump, then she just closed her eyes and followed the directions of the instructor and as she jumped out of the plane, she felt like she was flying and this was a very valuable experience for her.


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[The Sun 06/09/04]

Shirley Yeung and Gregory Lee are often seen out together as a couple and on Saturday, they were shopping in Tsimshatsui among the crowds together with Gregory's brother Wing Hon as the brothers sat in the front of the car and Shirley sat in the back. When they arrived in TST, Shirley immediately went to buy some cosmetics and although she was once the Miss Hong Kong winner, she did not have any make up on and wore very ordinary clothes, looking just like the girl next door and very few people recognised her. After a while, Gregory seemed to get impatient and walked over to give her a signal to hurry up and pay.

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[The Sun 06/09/04]

Nancy Sit and her daughter San San were at a Centre for the Elderly in Kwun Tong yesterday handing out mooncakes and having an early celebration with the pensioners for the Mid-Autumn festival. Having just undergone laser eye surgery, Nancy is still not totally recovered, but her daughter reveals that there was a man who sent her flowers. San San laughs: "This man is a little younger than mum, but he really cares for her and my sister and I like him a lot." Nancy's children arranged a special romantic date for her on Saturday and Nancy says with a little embarrassment: "They called him out to have dinner with us together and then arranged for us to have a walk on the beach. (Did he hold your hand?) Well helping me along is all very normal, my children have been mocking me since that night. (Has he touched your heart?) He is very caring and gives me a warm feeling. I know that my children care for me a lot, but feelings have to be developed and we are just friends for now."


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