Friday, September 24, 2004

[Ta Kung Pao & The Sun 24/09/04]

TVB's New Series "Courageous Kunlun" held its blessing ceremony yesterday and cast members present included Ron Ng, Sammul Chan, Mandy Cho, Joyce Koi and Louisa So.

With reports earlier that Sammul Chan was suffering from a pigmentation problem in his skin, causing white marks on his face, he explained his condition saying: "I have been to see teh doctor and it is not a pigment problem. The main problem is that I rarely sunbathed in the past and I have very fair skin, but I was overexposed to the sun in the three months I was filming for 'Police Cadet Brave Hearts', which left my skin very irritable and with sweat marks. The doctor has given me ointment for it, but it will take time to get better." Sammul says he does not mind the rumours, but he does mind the rather unsightly photographs published by the magazines. He currently has sponsorship contracts with skincare and cosmetics companies, but they are aware of his problem and this has not affected his working contract with them.

Ron supports his friend saying: "He does not like sunbathing, but when we were filming for 'Police Cadet' he had no choice and he did not know how to treat his skin, so these marks appeared, but he is getting better now." Ron has recently made a watch advert and although he did not wear anything on his upper body, he did not reveal his nipples in the ad. Reports indicate that is was prohibited by TVB, but Ron clarified this saying: "When I was filming for 'Twin of Brothers', I showed my bottom on the screen, so why would I be afraid of showing my nipples? I would only be embarrassed if they asked me to reveal everything." As for the ad, was he embarrassed about the proximity to the naked female model Erica V? He says that there was no awkwardness because it was just work.

Mandy Cho plays a conceited girl in the show and she says: "I have been instructed to be conceited, so if people say that I am like that, it is just because I am entering the character. (Do you have any sparks with Ron?) Not yet. (Will he give you a lift after work?) I have my own caar, but even if I did not, then I would not take lifts and would rather get a taxi because it is more convenient."


[Ta Kung Pao 24/09/04]

Five Miss Hong Kong representatives: Kate Tsui, Queenie Chu, Fu Sze Sze, Winnie Shum and Cecilia Yeung continued their goodwill tour of Taiwan yesterday in a highly anticipated event where they met the Mayor of Taipei Mr Ma Ying-jeou. They all praised him for being handsome and stylish and Mr Ma used his rather stunted Cantonese to say that he was a 'Hong Kong Boy', bringing the relationships a little closer.

The girls were arranged to meet Mr Ma in the city hall and as they were wearing low cut dresses, they were very careful during the fortune wishing ceremony to avoid revealing too much. Kate dropped a good luck stick, but she daren't stoop down to pick it up. Luckily Mr Ma was there to help her out and she was very thankful to him. He then went on to speak to each of the girls, praising them for being beautiful and sophisticated. When asked who was more beautiful out of the Hong Kong and Taiwanese pageant beauties, Mr Ma said diplomatically that they are both as beautiful. When asked if he was nervous about meeting so many pretty Miss Hong Kongs, he asked in response: "Why would I be nervous?"

After the event, the girls were full of praises for Mr Ma and Kate indicated that he was very mature and captivating. Although she was rather nervous on the stage and often fluffed her Mandarin lines whilst offering the vote of thanks on the stage, Kate was more relaxed off the stage and was happily talking to the delegates in their language, however, she is still working hard to practice her Mandarin.


[The Sun 24/09/04]

Recently filming for a food and drink show, Shirley Yeung and Rabee'a Yeung have tried a plethora of tasty dishes as well as appearing in many costumes from across the times, enjoying the experience on both fronts! Earlier, Shirley appeared in a seventies look for the first time and she said: "There are six different looks for this show, including '3D' agents, OL (office lady), models and my favourite oldies looks and this is just as attractive as the food." As well as the great costumes, Shirley also has to copy the mannerisms of the times, so before the shoot, she had to watch a lot of films from the seventies to do her homework.

As a host for the show, Shirley has had to try many different foods, but she has gained something unexpected from this too. She says: "As well as eating, I will also be learning some cooking techniques from the chefs. (Will you get some secret recipes?) I have learned a lot. After the show aired, many of my friends have asked me for cooking tips and I have become a food and drink consultant to them." Shirley laughs that she is not afraid of putting on weight because she has a slimming sponsorship.


[The Sun 24/09/04]

Priscilla Chik, Carrie Lee and Rabee'a Yeung took part in the Tung Wah Charity Golfing Tournament Press Conference yesterday and the three pretty girls each showed off their golfing skills, but they seemed rather limited and caused more laughs than praise. Only Rabee'a seemed to have an idea of what she was doing, but she was only there to build some atmosphere as the real contest will be played by the chairmen and presidents.


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