Tuesday, September 14, 2004

[Ta Kung Pao & The Sun 15/09/04]

After two years away from the screen, TVB's wacky game show "The Super Trio Show" is back and the first episode of the new series was filmed on Monday evening. As well as the three 'elders' Eric Tsang, Chin Ka Lok and Jerry Lamb, the guest contestants were Christine Ng, Emme Wong, Cheng Dan Shui, Timmy Hung, Chapman To and Kristal Tin. However, Timmy was called in at the last minute because the original guest Shawn Yue had injured his hip and could not take part as Emme breathed a sigh of relief at not having to appear on the same stage as her rumoured boyfriend.

The new series of "Super Trio" can be described as a cocktail of old games, with the familiar "Egg Stone Path", "Guess the Object", "Mouth to Mouth" and "Playing with Water" games having undergone a slight modification, but still sending the audience into fits of laughter. With the witty commentary from the three hosts throughout, it is once again a very enjoyable combination.

From the very beginning, the three 'elders' were constantly at each other's necks with sarcasm, Jerry first saying that Eric is being punished for saying the wrong thing, but Eric fighting back as he mentions Jerry's freeze by TVB: "If I knew you would be like that, I would not have rescued you from the fridge." To which Ka Lok added: "He has a baby, we can't sack him!" The usually quick-witted Jerry was momentarily lost for words. Later when Eric introduced Christine Ng, he described her as a "Men's product".

As usual, Timmy was the brunt of the jokes about his former rumoured girlfriend Cathy Chui, mentioning that she now has a boyfriend called Lee Ka Shing, but not 'that' one. Eric says: "I promised Timmy I would not talk about Cathy." However, Ka Lok and Chapman were constantly joking about it and it left Timmy only able to force a smile. Not only was he made fun of all evening, he was drenched and then accidentally injured his arm. However, he did not mind at all, saying: "It's nothing, as long as everyone is happy. They have been talking about it for so many years, I am used to it now, they are just talking and it's nothing. (Why don't you fight back?) They are not serious, so I don't want to take it to heart."

Trying hard to cut out his bad language, Chapman raised two victory V's like Jackie Chan's signature pose after completing the stony road, saying: "This means I have two wives and two children." Afterwards he was asked if he was afraid of upsetting Jackie, but he said: "Jackie would not be so sensitive and I was just trying to build some atmosphere."

Also with a lot of profanities and rude jokes cropping up during filming, producer Chan Chi Kau was asked if he will be cutting a lot of it out. He says: "I will edit it as best as I can until it is broadcastable. Lee Ka Shing jokes can be aired, but some of the more crude jokes will have to be cut." The first episode of the new show will begin airing on 26th of this month and it is expected to run for 24 shows.


[Ta Kung Pao & Oriental Daily 15/09/04]

Twins and Hacken Lee took guest roles in TVB's "Prints on Red Sands" yesterday in a scene that shows Charles Szeto going into the dance studio to look for Charmaine Lee, but finding Twins in there who begin flirting with him. When asked if they were not used to chatting up boys, Charlene says that in acting, anything can happen, whilst Gillian says that she can say anything when they are filming. As for real life, would they flirt with boys? They both say that they would flirt with Boyz. Charlene says: "When we were at school, I didn't flirt with the boys, but competed against them in everything: intelligence, grades, running. Thinking back, it was a bit stupid really." As for Gillian, she says: "In primary and secondary school, I was a prefect and would only tell them not to run or not to shout."

Hacken played the headmaster yesterday and everyone laughed that he had taken over the 'headmaster' position from his stage partner Alan Tam. He laughs: "I am just borrowing the title, I daren't do it usually." Playing a head for the first time, Hacken had a great time and sasy that since filming for "Legal Entanglement", it has been a while since he took part in a series. He would like to do it again because filming is very useful in the development of an artiste. He says: "The newcomers have a lot of help when they first emerge, but when you are filming, you cannot depend on others. when I used to make series, I did not have an assistant, so I had to make a note of my costumes and lines and even learn how to put on make-up and do my hair. Hacken indicates that the artistes from his generation had to put their own make up on and style their own hair and this way, you can save more time to rest. He adds: "Someone once asked me to film an ancient drama, but I will not do it because I once tried the costume for Sai Mun Chui Suet and Kwok Jing and even I couldn't accept myself in that image." When asked if he was worried about losing his hair after wearing the wig, he says: "Not at all, I just really can't stand the way I look and it is hard work filming ancient dramas in the heat."


[Ta Kung Pao 15/09/04]

Dog-lover Nnadia Chan often has to work away and so that she does not miss her beloved pet, she hopes that the dog can be given permission to travel with her, especially as the older dogs who need more attention, if they could travel with her, then it would reduce the stress on the animal when its owner is away.

Nnadia says: "My dogs at home all have a microchip and are checked by the vet every year, so the chances of them harbouring disease is very low. The most important thing is that their transportation does not affect other passengers. Although dogs are allowed to travel now, the procedures are complicated and lengthy and the dog has to stay in quarantine for at least ten days, which is very inconvenient and worrying for the owners." She also says that if a councillor could follow the plight of the pets, they would definitely get her vote in four years time.

Also, Nnadia has recently bought a three-wheeled car from Jinan and as it is very eye catching on the roads, she has almost had several accidents caused by people staring at her car.


[The Sun & Oriental Daily 15/09/04]

Myolie Wu, Joe Ma, Bobo Chan and Annie Man took part in the blessing ceremony for new series "Passion for Black Forest" and for Myolie and Joe, working alongside each other again means that they will settle in very quickly. Having had short hair for a while now, Myolie has been to the salon for extensions in order to create a new image. She says: "I had just returned from Zhongshan on 11th, where I have just finished filming for 'Same Work Same Bowl', then I went to have my extensions the next day, so I could not make it in time to vote."

There were more rumours for Myolie whilst she was in Zhongshan as reports suggest that she insisted on two days rest and was often bad tempered. Myolie says with resignation: "I really don't understand why they have to write things like this. I started work as soon as I got there and if I could have two days off, then they would not have called me up so urgently. It doesn't matter though, these are little things and I am used to it."

Although she could not make it in time for the elections, Myolie was still very concerned about the results and with the 'long haired' Leung Kwok Hung being voted into the LegCo, Myolie hopes that he can truly reflect the views of the people: "I admire him because he says what he feels. (Do you think he is rather extreme?) He could do with calming it, but if he is too soft then it wouldn't be so good. (Does he need a new image before joining the Council?) No, being loud does not mean you are rude and having long hair does not mean anything either, this is just his style."


[The Sun 15/09/04]

Elton John held a concert at Hong Kong's Wanchai Convention and Exhibition Centre and attracted a crowd of celebrities to see the show. Among them was Maggie Cheung and when she arrived, she was immediately hounded by press for her comments regarding the reported falling out between her and renowned costume designer Cheung Shuk Ping. However, Maggie says that she has not read the papers and had to read them before she would comment.


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