Saturday, September 25, 2004

[Ta Kung Pao & Oriental Daily 26/09/04]

Margaret Chung was a model for a bridal salon show yesterday and as well as wearing wedding gowns, she also modelled evening dresses and chipaos. Her final outfit was a wedding gown together with precious diamond jewellery worth over $4 million, but the host mistakenly referred to her as Christy Chung (Chung Lai Tai). She later indicated that she did not mind though because this is not the first time that someone has made this mistake. She says: "I am used to it now, it has been so long and I don't mind because she is very pretty too. If it was someone else, then maybe it would not be so good."

Only yesterday, Margaret attended her friend's wedding ceremony and seeing her friend wearing all her gold, it was very dazzling. She personally prefers diamond jewellery, so she hopes that she can wear some when she gets married. Even if her husband-to-be doesn't buy them for her, then she would buy them herself. If a man presented her with some precious jewels, would she accept them? She immediately asked if this meant that she was being 'bought out' and insisted that if there were strings attached, then she would definitely not accept.

Margaret indicates that she had thought about getting married at 25, but now she has passed that age and she feels that these things should just be left to fate. Although many people see her and Joey Leung as a pair, they have both denied this, but when she was asked yesterday if she has someone she would like to marry, she just smiled and nodded slightly, saying that she is very happy at the moment.


[The Sun & Oriental Daily 26/09/04]

Joyce Chen was wearing a little top for the 'Virtues of Harmony' mid-autumn festival promotional event yesterday and during one of the games, she revealed a little bit of flab on her waist that was rather unsightly. Even MC Rain Lau couldn't help mentioning it as she called out to her: "Flab!" Joyce did not seem to mind though and even continued to joke openly, saying: "I know everyone is hungry, so I thought I'd bring it along to feed you all the view!"

Joyce is in discussions at the moment with a slimming company, so she has not been controlling her eating, she says: "If the contract goes through, then I will be the first spokesperson for this company. I am 108 lbs at the moment, but I would like to tone my arms and waist. (If it doesn't go through, then wouldn't it be a great loss?) I slim easily, so if I don't eat for three days, then it is okay. (Are you afraid your breasts will go down as well?) No, as long as my figure is well balanced."

Screen partners Linda Chung and Steven Ma also showed some chemistry on the stage during the event. Also present were Priscilla Chik and Rabee'a Yeung and Priscilla's parents were on hand to lend her their support. When her good friend Rabee'a spotted her father, she was immediately very excited and praised 'uncle Chik' for looking as handsome as Leon Lai. She went on to indicate that she would be visiting the Chik family for mid-autumn and also added that Mr Chik was her ideal boyfriend material. Was she afraid that Priscilla's mum would be jealous? Rabee'a replies: "No, Auntie is very open-minded!"


[Ta Kung Pao 26/09/04]

Nancy Sit joined the cast members from "Virtues of Harmony" in the mid-autumn festival promotion yesterday and earlier her daughter had revealed details of a date with her boyfriend on the beach. With mid-autumn approaching, will she be admiring the moon with her boyfriend? She laughs that she has three events to go to so she will only be home at midnight to moonwatch and eat mooncakes with her children. She does not think they will be on the beach as they may head up to the Peak to see the moon and play with lanterns. Nancy says that since that report was printed, many of her friends have laughingly asked her when she will be walking on the beach again.

Asked if she sees her boyfriend as part of the family. She smiles that there is still very little between them at the moment. Does she want to receive any mooncakes from her boyfriend? She says: "Better not, I have already given out over a thousand boxes of mooncakes this year! (Would you accept a ring from him?) Don't give me a ring, because I wouldn't know whether to accept or not. I am afraid that I will be too sensitive about marriage proposals."


[The Sun 26/09/04]

Heading out to Japan today for the Miss International Pageant, Fu Sze Sze tried on her outfits for the evening dress and national dress at TVB City yesterday and looked stunning. However, she seemed a little clumsy in her three inch high heels and she says that she needs some practice: "After Miss Hong Kong, I have not worn heels very much and I am not very used to them. (Are you afraid that you will shake on the stage?) No, I think I will be okay with some practice."

In order to prepare for the contest, Sze Sze has a crash diet planned as well as voice training by her father who is instructing her to read the papers out loud. She says: "I would like to reduce by another ten pounds and I hope to get fitter to win some pride for Hong Kong people. My father told me to read the papers out loud more to practice raising the volume of my voice." Sze Sze will be joining up with some of the other contestants in Japan first before heading over to Beijing for the contest next month. The trip will last about twenty days, so she will not be spending mid-autumn with her family.


[The Sun 26/09/04]

With the birth of another son for Jerry Lamb and Lily Hong, Jerry was so nervous as he joined Lily in the labour room and filming the whole process that he didn't even notice the time when the baby was born!

Lily gave birth two days ago and Jerry took his elder son along to visit her and the baby yesterday afternoon. Although this is their second child, Jerry is still very happy and excited, beaming his trademark smile all the time and saying: "I don't know why, but I seem to be more excited than I was when my first baby was born." He also reveals that his father and mother in law had already been to see his wife and the baby and were very happy at the arrival of their second grandson.

When asked if Lam Hei looks like his father or his mother, Jerry smiles: "He looks like his mum, it wouldn't be so good if he looked like me because I am ugly. He weighs 7lbs and 1 oz." He says that he went into the delivery room with Lily and filmed the whole process, but there was a lapse of concentration, resulting in a small blunder: "I was too nervous, only bothered about the birth of the baby that when someone asked me later what time the baby was born, I really did not know because I had not noticed the time." Lily had a caesarian section and because of this, she is not yet able to take in extra nutrients, so Jerry stayed with her until the early evening before leaving.


[The Sun 26/09/04]

Having been chosen to host the CCTV joint production mid-autumn festival show, Michelle has had offers from a number of sponsors and earlier, she chose a set of jewellery worth over $500,000 to go with her red evening gown for the show to look her best in the show and not let herself down.

After hosting the Olympic games, Michelle's popularity has risen dramatically and with her fame even spreading into the mainland, she has been praised by CCTV as they nominated her to host the mid-autumn show. As Michelle will be representing Hong Kong in this hosting team, she has a large responsibility and she is not taking this lightly as she prepares all her homework for the event as well as selecting the best costume and accessories to wear.

Accompanied by her manager and make up artist, Michelle attended the sponsors showroom to select her jewellery and the boss not only sponsored her jewellery, but also gave her a pair of earrings with 3 carats of diamonds, leaving Michelle rather dumbstruck. She says: "This is the first time I am doing a mainland show in this capacity and I am being treated so well, so whether it is my appearance or my performance, I have to do my very best." Finally, after much choosing, Michelle selected a set of jewellery worth over $500,000 to go with her fiery red dress on the night.

Despite Michelle's endless schedule recently, even having to work on mid-autumn festival, she still seems very spritely and she says: "At the moment, it is a peak in my career and it is time to work hard, so of course the more work I have the better! (Then you won't be able to watch the moonlight with your lover on mid-autumn?) I will be watching it with the crew! (How about Xuong Ni?) We are just friends, but we will maintain our friendship on the phone, just don't think the wrong thing!"


[The Sun 26/09/04]

Jessica Hsuan and Monica Chan took part in an event for the "International Clean Shores Day" and although they were dressed in diving gear, they did not go into the water. Monica indicated that she had a minor traffic accident in the water on Wednesday, where she grazed her face and then felt a little dizzy, so she sought hospital treatment. She says: "I can't dive just yet, but it is my hobby for life, so a little break is nothing." She also says that earlier she was shooting a thermal underwear ad in Harbin and she was even more wrapped up than wearing diving gear. She says: "I will also be a spokesperson for an autumn and winter nightwear range, but I won't do the strappy summer designs as I would like to keep my mature lady image!"

As for Jessica, she explains that she is still recovering from flu and is worried that diving would aggrevate her condition, so she did not go in to help with the cleaning operation. She says: "I have always been very supportive of the cleanup on the shores." She believes that Hong Kong people have very little sense of environmental protection and this needs to be promoted more. She also reveals that after filming "My Wife Your Honour". she will be going on a diving expedition with Monica in December.


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