Monday, September 20, 2004

[Ta Kung Pao & Oriental Daily 21/09/04]

Frankie Lam, Michelle Ye, Kenneth Ma and Selena Li took part in the costume tryout for new series "King of Herbal Medicines" yesterday, with Frankie and Michelle working together for the first time. Michelle revealed that she had a part to play in Kenix agreeing to marry Frankie because she gave Kenix the tickets to go and see Anita Mui in concert and it was after Anita's inspirational words on stage that Kenix decided to treasure the people in her life and agree to marry Frankie.

Michelle smiles: "I do like Anita myself, but I had to film for 'Lost in the Chamber of Love' on that night so I gave the tickets to Kenix and they were front row seats too!" She feels that Frankie and Kenix are a good match and even though she was unable to appear at the wedding, she still sent along a gift. When it was mentioned that she was very generous, not only giving concert tickets to Kenix, but even passing on top parts to Maggie Cheung, she laughs: "I do feel I am very kind too!"

When reminded by some reporters that she needs to look after herself as well as others, she laughs that she is waiting for someone to matchmake for her. When asked if she already has Xuong Ni, she says that they are just friends, but they are keeping in touch whilst they each have their own work to do and he is not able to go away, so he will not be visiting her for mid-autumn festival. Michelle will be working herself over the festival in Shanghai and Macau.

When Frankie was asked to confirm whether the ticket was given to Kenix by Michelle, he was not sure and said: "Did Michelle give her the ticket? I don't know! I will have to find out, but we were not sitting in the front row, so I don't think the ticket was the one from her, but to have the thought was good. (Will you help Michelle out to bring her and Xuong Ni together?) Is she dating Xuong Ni? Really? (If Xuong Ni comes to visit Michelle, remember to let us know!) You're asking me to betray her? I will get beaten, what will I do then if I can't go and film in the mainland?"


[Ta Kung Pao & The Sun 21/09/04]

Sammul Chan, Joyce Koi, Yuen Wah and Lee Ka Ting were filming in TVB City for new series "Courageous Kunlun", but Sammul was unable to carry out his many martial arts scenes in the show due to his neck injury, so he could only rely on his body double to the moves for him, only making up on the close-up shots. He says: "I went for another check up a couple of days ago and the doctor says that the crack on the bone is getting smaller and advised me to do some neck exercises to help with the recovery process." Although his condition is improving, he still dare not drive himself, relying on lifts from the company assistants instead.

This is the first time that Joyce has worked with Sammul and she praises him for being obedient and friendly. As all the cast members from the leads to the bit parts are very punctual, there has been little effect on the scheduled and everyone is very happy. She says: "Punctuality is a virtue and I like punctual people, so when I was filming for 'Better Halves' before, I was also very happy because Moses Chan and Steven Ma are punctual people." Although she is busy filming at the moemnt, Joyce has still been catching up on "War and Beauty" and she says that the cast are very good, especially Sheren Tang and Bowie Lam, who are outstanding.



[Ta Kung Pao & Oriental Daily 21/09/04]

Halina Tam, Lawrence Ng and Gigi Lai were filming in North Point for new series "Healing Hands III" in a scene that tells of a bald Halina suffering from brain cancer, unable to cope with the stresses of her condition and the rejection of her love by Lawrence, she ends it by committing suicide. Lawrence, who plays a doctor and Gigi, a coroner arrives at the scene, but Halina's character has already died.

In order to make the scene more realistic, TVB arranged for ambulances, police cars and several tens of extras playing emergency workers and the local residents thought that the scene was real, with real police officers coming to check on the situation. At the scene, Halina was just lying on a stretcher and it seemed like her part was very easy, but wearing a skull cap and with a heavy blanket over her, she was actually extremely hot.

With this, her first 'bald' look, Halina says she looks like an alien, but it was okay. When asked if she had thought about shaving her head for real, she laughs: "I am very superstitious and I had a haircut before taking part in Miss Chinese International and my luck just left, so since then, I have kept long hair and I will never cut it short again or shave it all off." Also, after receiving her $1 lucky packet for playing a dead person, Halina was asked if she would commit suicide for love in real life, she shakes her head and says: "Definitely not, the worst that can happen is that I can find another man. I am very cowardly, so I would never do what my character did and jump off a building to end my life."


Ratings Report

[The Sun 21/09/04]

Premiering last week, "Shine on You" gained an average of 30 points, with an audience of over 1.96 million and becoming the top rated show for early evening viewing for TVB this year. Although there are many viewers, the Hong Kong Broadcasting Authority has received ten complaints about the violence and crude language used in the show that is reflecting badly on the teaching profession. "War and Beauty" kept its ratings at 31 points, with over two million viewers supporting the show.


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