Friday, September 17, 2004

[Ta Kung Pao & Oriental Daily 18/09/04]

Frankie Lam and Michelle Ye had their costume fittings for new series "King of Herbal Medicine" yesterday, where Frankie will be playing classical herbal doctor Li Shizhen. The show will begin filming at the end of September. With filming for "Ten Brothers" almost complete, Frankie had planned to take some time to 'make babies' with his wife Kenix Kwok, but with this new series, does it mean his plans have been postponed? He laughs: "We are still young and have plenty of time."

In the past, Frankie once played ancient doctor Hua Tuo in an earlier series, but this has been relegated to the depths of storage, so why has he agreed to do a similar story? He explains: "I am actually very afraid of wearing a wig and the heat, but after hearing the storyline from the producer, I felt that this is not a traditional boring ancient drama, especially on the romantic plot, so I agreed to do it." Although no-one can guarantee ratings, Frankie feels that if he is interested in the story and with some herbal nutritional tips in each episode, then this should attract the attention of the viewers.

Michelle will be playing a female herbal doctor in the show, who comes between Frankie and his wife in the show played by Selena Li. When asked what it felt like to be the third party in a relationship, Michelle reacted quite strongly, saying: "No, in the show, I meet Frankie first, but due to many reasons we do not end up together. Moreover, this is the first time I play a third party." The character often has to head into the hills to collect the herbs, so they will be filming on location in Guangxi later. She laughs: "Well we can't go picking herbs in Ma On Shan!" Talking of Ma On Shan, it brings up her memory of being injured on two occasions whilst filming there. Whilst filming for "Lost in the Chamber of Love", she injured her right leg, causing the bone to stick out and in "Lofty Waters Verdant Bow", she also injured herself. Luckily on both occasions, she received medical compensation from the company.

For this year's Mid-Autumn festival, Michelle will be taking part in the CCTV show and she is very excited. Since hosting the Olympics, she feels that she now has more opportunities to work elsewhere.


[Ta Kung Pao & The Sun 18/09/04]

Fiona Yuen and Carlo Ng were at an event for a petrol company and host Carlo is a car owner himself, but he complains about being discriminated against by the insurance companies who refuse to insure him because he is an artiste. Carlo says that in the past, he would change his car every year, but since after 9-11, the insurance companies are reducing their risks and are refusing to insure artistes. This limits his ability to keep changing cars and he feels this is unfair.

As for Fiona, this does not seem to bother her as she recently ordered a $360,000 new car, that will be arriving in Hong Kong in November. She says: "This is my second car and I am very faithful, so I do not change my car very often. Buying a new car this time is to make things more comfortable for my family to get around and I am their chauffeur. I don't need my boyfriend to be my driver because his car is smaller and not able to carry many people." Earlier, she was given a discount card by the event sponsors and she says that she will not speed because as an artiste, she is often lacking sleep and so she is very careful, rather driving more slowly than risking safety. As her new car has not yet arrived, she is often travelling around by taxi and she feels that it is quite convenient and she can rest in the car. However, it is a different feeling to have one's own car.

After the event, Fiona was due to film a bed scene for "My Wife Your Honour" with Johnson Lee and she says: "Johnson has already given me his first screen kiss and now he is giving me his first bed scene, so I am rather nervous about it!"


[The Sun & Oriental Daily 18/09/04]

Yoyo Mung was interviewed for a radio station earlier and asked about her new series with Alex Fong and Patrick Tam "Split Second" that will be airing after "War and Beauty", she feels a little pressure, afraid that they will not be able to follow the good results of "War", but she hopes the show will be quite fresh for the viewers. She says: "It's not really a matter of pressure, but even if the first week does well, it will be brushed off as following from the previous week's record. I just hope that people will accept this genre of show."

Yoyo reveals that "Split Second" was filmed using movie techniques and the feeling of it being like a movie is very strong. The artistes were all very absorbed in their roles and even discussed the plot after work, so they all got on very well. When asked whether they would be promoting the show in Thailand when it airs over there, she says: "I would very much like to, so if the company is okay with it, then I would even pay for the plane tickets."


[The Sun 18/09/04]

Jessica Hsuan, Sunny Chan and Selena Li were filming in Tai Kok Tsui for "My Wife, Your Honour" yesterday and Jessica reacted to the news of the marriage break up between Hong Kong born Princess Alexandra of Denmark and her husband Prince Joachim, saying that there are too many divorces nowadays, so this does not evoke very strong emotions. She says: "Maybe there have been too many divorces recently, so when I heard this, I did not feel anything. However, this will not affect my visions of marriage because I have never really wished for a fairytale wedding."

Jessica had mild gastroenteritis, but after resting for a night, she is almost fully receovered. She says: "I was going to the toilet constantly that night and finally I could not stand it and skipped location filming to go and see a doctor. The doctor said I had mild gastroenteritis, probably because I am not getting enough sleep, so the infection has entered my digestive system."


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