Monday, September 27, 2004

[Ta Kung Pao 28/09/04]

TVB's "War and Beauty" will be airing its grand finale on Saturday and in an unprecedented move, TVB will be holding a special charity dinner, serving village 'bowl banquet' specialities. As well as airing the final episode at the event, there will also be 38 tables serving food to the paying guests. In exchange for an entrance fee of $100, viewers can join the cast members for dinner and to watch the show. The funds raised on the evening will be donated to the Community Chest.

As for why there will only be 38 tables, this is because TVB is 'heading towards 38 years' after this year's anniversary celebration. There will also be a charity auction on that evening where some of the props from the show such as handkerchiefs and fans will be sold off to raise more funds for the charity, with a figure of several tens of thousands of dollars expected to be raised.


[Ta Kung Pao & Oriental Daily 28/09/04]

The second episode for the new series of the "Super Trio Show" was taped two nights ago and the guests this time included Shing Fui On (Dai Sor), Edmond Leung, Denise Ho, Rain Lau, Simon Lui and Angela Tong. Although Rain won most of the prizes, she had to sacrifice a lot for this!

Firstly, Rain was arranged to play against the rather tough imaged 'Dai Sor' in the seaweed eating contest and faced with his scary face, Rain couldn't help sighing: "He's really terrifying!". Then when they played a question and answer game, she chose an umbrella with holes in that left her soaking wet. However, this was not the worst, as when she played the stone path game, she was picked up by Chin Ka Lok with one hand and turned over, resulting in his hand landing on her chest!

Luckily Rain is a very sporting person and although she was taken advantage of, she still joked: "My flesh isn't a very good texture, so it if bruises Ka Lok's hand, then I am very sorry! In truth, I did not feel a thing because I just felt very dizzy at the time! (Is Dai Sor scary?) I was just joking, in fact Dai Sor is totally harmless and when they play close contact games, the men are usually more frightened than you!" When Ka Lok was asked if he knew that he had touched Rain's senstitive areas, he said with little repent: "I haven't accused her of taking advantage of me yet! For me to touch her it is her honour." Later though, he said more seriously: "I have known Rain for a long time and I know she is a great sport. I did not know I had touched her, although I am playful and cheeky, I would not intentionally take advantage of someone."

With the Hong Kong Broadcasting Authority receiving five complaints about the first episode when it was airing, there were thoughts about whether Ka Lok's antics will cause this figure to go up when the next episode is aired. The complaints received mentions that hitting the guests head with a metal sheet is a bad example to children, the seaweed eating contest to be disgusting and the dialogue between the hosts and the guests containing adult material. However, TVB themselves did not receive any complaints. Producer Chan Chi Kau responded to the viewers complaints saying: "A lot of things reflected the atmosphere and improv during filming and a lot was edited out before airing. The metal sheet just has noise and adds to the comedy and there is no harm done to anyone. As for the seaweed eating, it is just the guests' eagerness to win and playing games is all about competitive spirit. With many of the more vulgar scenes cut out already, our own censors do not feel that there is any adult material in the dialogue, but if the viewers complain, then we will address this and have a meeting to study this problem."

Denise Ho was asked about the reports about Anita Mui's mother being rather upset that none of Anita's students will be taking part in a special charity event on Anita's behalf. Denise explains: "They did contact me, but I am scheduled to record my album and could not fit it in. Whether we have the heart, we know ourselves and it does not matter." Denise will however be taking part in a TVB special on Anita's birthday on 10th October.


[Ta Kung Pao & The Sun 28/09/04]

A group of cast members from TVB's "Shine on You" including Bobby Au Yeung, Shirley Yeung, Yu Chiu, Roy Chow and Cerina De Graca were taking part in a promotion in Shatin yesterday where they not only played games with the audience, they also handed out mooncakes. As it was also the birthday of producer Mui Siu Ching, they presented her with a birthday cake to celebrate.

Last week's ratings report indicates that "Shine" received an average rating of 30 points last week, but the peak rose by two points to 35 points. Bobby is pleased with the results of this show and when asked if he is relieved that the show is no longer receiving any more complaints, he laughs: "It is a waste of time, dramas are like that and not every teacher is like the people in the show. Just like police dramas show some police who are bad people. If everyone was a saint, then the scriptwriters would have a real headache and the viewers would not like that, there has to be someone for them to shout at before they are happy."

Bobby feels that he has been away for too long whilst filming for the last few months in China, so he will be spending mid-autumn with his family as they go for dinner together. He smiles: "After being away from home for so long, my dog has forgotten me and when he sees me walking in, he no longer wags his tail. (Does your wife still recognise you?) Of course, she would still recognise me if I was a pile of ash."

Roy indicated that he was not very well at yesterday's event, saying: "Yesterday I cycled about 60 km and maybe I overexhausted myself, so this morning I felt nauseous and very unwell." However, he insisted on taking part in the games, partnering rumoured girlfriend Yu as they fed each other sweet dumplings blindfolded. They were especially co-ordinated and managed to eat seven in two minutes, beating Bobby and Shirley's team hands down. Yu also indicated that she would be spending mid-autumn with Roy as she says: "Of course I will be inviting him, if I don't then you will say something, but we will be with a group of friends to avoid any misunderstanding if we are alone." Roy openly said that if he felt better then he will be joining them.


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