Thursday, September 16, 2004

[Ta Kung Pao 17/09/04]

Sonija Kwok, Anne Heung and Kevin Cheng headed over to America earlier to do a series of promotional events for TVBI. In the short space of a week, they went to Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York in what was a very packed schedule. Seeing the friendliness and enthusiasm of the fans at each venue, they were very happy and hopes that they can have the chance to go to even more places to do promotions.

Anne indicates that the fans that she met on this trip were very warm, having turned up a few hours earlier to wait for them and she was very touched by this, hoping to meet them again in the future. In LA, she was even supported by her own family and friends, so she was even happier. Sonija says that this trip to America was non-stop, having to fly almost every day, but luckily the response from fans was very good. As her series "Hidden Treasure" has already been released overseas, she was very pleased to receive praises for her improved acting,

As for Kevin, this was his first promotional trip for TVBI and he took some time out to have his photo taken at the venu for the US Open Tennis Tournament, but he did not have time to look around or meet his hero Andre Agassi.


[Ta Kung Pao 17/09/04]

Nancy Wu celebrated her birthday on 9th September and for the first time, she celebrated with her fans this year. Over thirty fans took part and she was very happy to see them. Nancy's fans are quite young and some of the male fans were afraid to look at her directly, which amused her somewhat. As well as her favourite Winnie the Pooh, she also received gifts of telephone decorations and a bracelet that were hand-made by her fans. She praised them for their thoughtfulness. Her fans have also built her a website.

On the day of her birthday, Nancy went for a meal with her family and friends and a friend whom she has known for six years returned from abroad to surprise her and moved her to tears. When asked what her birthday wish was, Nancy says that she hopes her career will go smoothly and her family have good health.


[Ta Kung Pao 17/09/04]

Shirley Yeung, Angela Tong, Eileen Yeow, Ben Wong and Iva Lo were among the artistes taking part in the promotion for TVB's new series of travel specials. Among them, Shirley will be visiting Brunei and Malaysia and she was most excited at being able to stay at the six-star hotel, where the beds and pool are said to be plated in real gold. As for the earlier reports that many young girls go to Brunei to 'make money', Shirley laughs: "I am only going this time to make a travel show." Talking of all the rich people there and each of them taking four wives, Shirley laughs that if someone does have his eye on her, she will immediately return to Hong Kong to evade him.

Ben and his wife were married last year in New Zealand and in order to spend more time with his wife in Hong Kong, he has returned to TVB. Although he is not making as much money as filming in the mainland, it is stable and he has always maintained good relationships with the company.

Also, Eileen has had a rather serious cough recently, because she had a chest infection earlier that she did not treat in the early stages, only going to see a doctor after five days. She headed to Egypt earlier to film the travel show, where she had some close encounters, but she was well protected by the crew.

Iva has just returned to Hong Kong from Yunnan, where she was filming and talking of the rumours surrounding ex-boyfriend Lawrence Ng and his aggression, she says that she has not kept in touch with him, but everyone has their moods, especially actors and artists. However, when they were dating, Lawrence never yelled at her and they rarely had any arguments.


[Ta Kung Pao & The Sun 17/09/04]

Maggie Cheung and Christine Ng took part in a promotional event for a French cosmetics brand yesterday. Maggie also received sponsorship of cosmetics from the company. She admits that women are vain and she does love jewellery, but she has not thought about doing a course on jewellery evaluation because she has two good teachers already who are her mother and aunt.

Maggie is currently filming in the mainland for "Song of Everlasting Sorrow", and despite the show has not having officially started shooting yet, it is already riddled with rumours and gossip. When she heard the word 'gossip' in the question from the press, Maggie immediately responded: "I will not reply to these pointless questions." As for the rumours that she has fallen out with designer Cheung Shuk Ping, Maggie pointed out that this was a cosmetics event and she would not be discussing anything other than this product.

With suggestions that "Song" was originally offered to Michelle Ye, but she turned it down to host the Olympics and because she felt that Maggie suited the role more, Maggie admits this and describes Michelle as her 'grace'. When asked about all the rumours for the series already and whether she needs to go and do some prayers, she says: "Come on, these small incidents are not worth me getting annoyed. As an artiste, you will never have no gossip, but you find your strength through these rumours and just laugh them off as a joke. (Do you feel that you get more gossip as you become more famous?) Jackie Chan has plenty of gossip and I am just a small potato."

When Christine heard about Simon Yam's wife Qi Qi being seven months pregnant, she was very happy and when asked when it would be her turn, she says that they do have a plan, but some things cannot be rushed. Originally planning to move to Paris for a while, Christine's plans have had to be postponed because she has taken on more work. She emphasises that she is working hard on 'making babies', but everything is down to fate.


[The Sun 17/09/04]

Andy Lau, Emme Wong, Leo Ku and Jeff Chang were the guests on "Jade Solid Gold" on Wednesday and Andy indicated that he had not been on the show for a while. As for having to sing live, he says: "If you have enough time to prepare, then it is a good thing and the live band is even better." He had originally planned to take part in the 'Rock' section of the show, but because he did not have enough time to rehearse, they changed it to the song 'Massage Lady' with a guitar accompaniment instead. He says: "I felt like I had suddenly gone back to school."

After taking part in the show, Andy had a party for thousand people as he celebrated his birthday early with his fans, saying: "I will be heading to Shanghai for my tour tomorrow, so with fans all around the world having come to watch my concert, I did not want them to stay in Hong Kong to wait for my birthday celebration and so we had one early instead."

As guest host on JSG, Emme revealed that she was very nervous during rehearsals and wearing hotpants, she indicated that she has six or seven bruises on her inner thigh, saying: "It is quite spooky. They appeared when I woke up and I don't think I had hurt myself. (Sleepwalking?) Maybe!"


[The Sun 17/09/04]

Michelle Ye has made a sudden strike with her sexy image, tempting many with her great figure, but she still says that it is not perfect. However, she has attracted the sponsorship of many top brands and even China's CCTV has selected her to host the Mid-Autumn festival show.

After raising her profile by hosting TVB's coverage of the Olympic Games, Michelle Ye has been presenting herself with a new sexy image recently. She believes that as she is having tricks played on her on the internet by pasting her face onto a bikini-clad body, then she may as well just show her own sexy image instead. However, she insists that her breasts have not suddenly enlarged, but the effect of other parts of her body reducing are giving this illusion. She says: "I have slimmed recently and my smaller waist makes my curves more enhanced and my breasts look bigger." When asked if she would attracts rumours about breast enlargement, she laughs: "If I haven't done it then I don't need to worry, but I am still not happy with my figure at the moment because I still have some fat and I would welcome any offers from slimming companies to be their spokesperson."

With her sexy image, Michelle has attracted the attention and sponsorship of many large brand names and she says: "After coming back from Athens, many advertisers have approached me. Maybe they see the attraction of me being an Olympic host." As well as many sponsors knocking on the door, even CCTV have nominated her to host the high profile joint Mid-Autumn production on behalf of Hong Kong alongside Taiwan's famous host Hu Gua. Taking part in a national production of this magnitude for the first time, Michelle says that she is very happy: "Earlier when I was doing the Olympics, CCTV had interviewed me and maybe they felt pleased with my performance, so I am lucky enough to have such a great opportunity." As for whether she would be able to see her rumoured date Xuong Ni, she says: "No, he will not be in Shanghai. We just keep in touch with each other by phone now and I will not think about anything else because we are both very busy with our work."


[Ta Kung Pao 17/09/04]

Sammul Chan, Bobo Chan, Leila Tong, Happy Chan, Eddie Li, Irene Wang and former Cookies star Angela all took part in a promotion for a beauty centre yeserday. During the event, Sammul kept mocking Bobo and when she was feeding him soup dumplings, he joked that she was feeding 'Mr Chan' (Edison Chen) causing her to stuff the spoon in his mouth and sweep him with her hand.

Afterwards, Bobo denied hitting Sammul, laughing: "His neck is not right, so I was just helping him push it back into place. He has gone crazy after his accident." At this time, Sammul, who was being interviewed by reporters added that she knows a lot of 'Mr Chans' and this prompted another response from Bobo who chased him before laughing: "Don't say that again, it is boring. (Do you admit that you know a lot of Mr Chans?) My whole family are Chans, it is a common surname." When Sammul was asked if he was afraid of upsetting Bobo, he says that they both belong to the same management company, so they are often playing very hard and he believes she will not mind as long as everyone is happy.

Sammul injured his neck earlier in a car accident and he says: "I have just been for an X-ray and the doctor says that there is still a crack, but there is little that they can do apart from let it heal on its own. My mum has made me a lot of fish stomach and deer ligament soup so that I can absorb more nutrients." As for his current series "Courageous Kunlun", all the fight scenes are being done by a body double or changed for Joyce Koi instead.


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