Wednesday, September 15, 2004

[Ta Kung Pao 16/09/04]

Gigi Lai and Lawrence Ng were filming a hiking scene for new series "Healing Hands III" yesterday at Kowloon Peak (Fei Ngo Shan) and Lawrence used his hiking stick as a golf club as he played around. Gigi is a keen hiker, but each time she has to arrange to go with a few friends, because she is afraid of being mugged. She is afraid of becoming tanned, but wants to sweat, so she wraps herself up from head to toe when she goes and fellow hikers cannot recognise her.

Lawrence has also been hiking before because he has a friend who loves this sport, but in the past year, he has been busy with work and not been hiking since. He names Lamma Island, The Peak and Clearwater Bay as good places to go hiking and sometimes he would even go out in the evening because it is more risky and exciting. Talking of the recent news of hikers and walkers being attacked and robbed, Lawrence says without fear: "I would give them all the money I have on me and even take more money with me, at least ten thousand in order to satisfy the robbers." However, he feels that the most practical way of dealing with it is to go with more people and prevent them getting close in the first place.

Accused of suffering from aggression recently, Lawrence admits that he has always had a hot temper and maybe because he has been working hard and has had a lack of sleep, so he is rather grouchy. He says he will try to control himself and his temper is a lot better now. When asked if he has been to see a doctor, Lawrence laughs: "I am not that serious! Humans will have emotions, especially artistes, who are more sensitive and I have tried to control myself. I hope everyone will bear with me."

Despite this, Lawrence and Gigi seemed to be laughing and chatting and he seemed in high spirits. Gigi laughs: "He is happy to see so many press here to visit us! (Do you find him rather moody?) I have worked together with Lawrence on many series and his moods are okay. (Are his moods rather changeable?) This depends on the person, all artistes have moods and if they are happy, they will say a few more words. However, when I am in a bad mood, I will not say anything and never yell at anyone to avoid affecting the progress of the shoot and other people."

Also, there have been spoilers printed in a magazine about the ending to Gigi's series "War and Beauty" and she says that this report is half right and half wrong, but she refuses to reveal the details in order to keep the suspense. She says: "There will be three deaths!" Apart from constantly being asked about the ending to the series recently, there are also many fans who call her by her character's name "Yuk Ying" and even her parents are calling her this, making her very happy indeed because this proves that her role is very popular.


[The Sun & Oriental Daily 16/09/04]

After the news reports broke that Moses Chan failed attempts to date Bernice Liu resulted in the two keeping out of each other's way, the rumoured couple met again whilst filming on location for "Healing Hands III". The press expected them to be awkward, but they both seemed very relaxed and were chatting on and off camera. Bernice even said openly: "There is nothing between us, so why would we feel awkward? All the cast members are very united and we know that we will be followed, so we tip each other off." She also says that she has been followed so much by the press that she has been very annoyed and her father has had to become her driver because he is afraid that she will speed to get away from the reporters.

Earlier on whilst filming in Wong Chuk Hang, the mosquitoes and the boredom made Bernice rather irritable, but after heading to Wanchai for her scene with Moses, she seemed a lot happier. Bernice is not only getting along well with the other cast members, as most of her scenes are with Bowie and Moses, she is getting special care from these two men. However, there is only room for one man in Bernice's heart at the moment and that is her devoted father!


[Sing Pao 13/09/04]

Joyce Chen and Linda Chung were filming in their swimwear on the beach for "Virtues of Harmony" and even though the director was not happy with Joyce's two piece swimsuit, she insisted that as it was provided for her by the company and she did not have another set, then she would have to go with it. However, the director was still not happy, complaining: "Why did the company provide this costume? This kind of swimwear will cause complaints if we film it."

The storyline told of Joyce and Linda going swimming and sunbathing on the beach and attracting the attention of all the men on the beach, much to the distress of the other ladies on the beach.

When the director saw Joyce's swimsuit, he immediately commented, then pointed at Linda and said: "That is what you call swimwear!" Unfortunately, as there was no other costume on the set, they had to accept this and complete the shoot. Joyce was quite happy with her two-piece swimsuit, saying: "It shows off my good points, I would give it 80%, it's okay. (It's too covered!) I'll reveal half for now, you can't show too much on TV." Joyce explains that she did not know beforehand what style of swimsuit the company had provided for her and usually in Hong Kong, she does not wear bikinis.

Joyce is well known for her bosoms and Miss Chinese International Linda is credited with having a balanced figure, so as the two pretty girls get together, is Joyce worried about losing out to a beauty in a better swimsuit? She replies: "Of course not! To get into this industry means that you are good." In fact, Joyce had been cutting back on her food for a week in preparation for the scene and that morning, she went without breakfast and even daren't drink too much water.

Linda wore a one-piece swimsuit on the day and before the cameras rolled, she pulled away her robe for Joyce to check that she was not revealing anything she shouldn't. She laughs: "Even wearing a one-piece, you have to be careful. Although I am not perfect, I am happy with my figure." Linda does not know how to swim, but the script required her to get into the water, so they stayed in the shallows to film the swimming scenes.


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