Monday, September 13, 2004

[Ta Kung Pao 14/09/04]

TVB new series "Shine On You" began airing yesterday and cast members Bobby Au Yeung, Roy Chow and Yu Chiu took part in a Metro Radio interview yesterday. When Bobby was asked whether he had seen Roy and Yu flirting during filming, he said jokingly: "I didn't notice it!"

When Roy was asked if he would be inviting Yu over to his home to watch the first episode, they both indicated that they will be watching it in their own homes. Yu was invited especially by producer Mui Siu Ching to sing the sub-theme duetting with Don Li and she says: "I am very thankful to the producer and TVB because I thought I would not get the chance, as I treated myself as an actor during the filming process." Due to the new TVB policy that only the actors have the chance to sing the theme songs to shows, she hopes that she can continue to make series, because she has found that she has a great interest in acting, laughing that the best thing would be a sequel to give her the chance of playing a teacher.

As for why Roy did not duet with Yu, he indicated that they belong to different record companies, so this is not possible. He also admitted being late during filming and although he did not receive any complaints against him, he felt it was very wrong and he will change this in the future. In order to make things easier for filming in the future, he has moved from Tin Shui Wai to Ho Man Tin and changed his habits, remembering to wear a watch now.


[Ta Kung Pao 14/09/04]

Hacken Lee, Boyz, Charlene Choi, Teresa Carpio and Stephanie Cheng took part in the press conference for this year's Po Leung Kuk Charity Show yesterday and with mid-autumn soon approaching, they handed out mooncakes to some elderly guests at the event to celebrate the festival.

At the event, Hacken was speaking rather quietly and it was thought he had a throat problem, but he indicated that he was not ill, just saving his voice for recording in the evening by speaking less and more quietly. Hacken says that with the music awards ceremonies just three months away, this is battle time for him, so he will do his best to make his album the best. As a result, there will be a lot of unexpected surprises in his new album, the first being that he will be singing a duet with a female star that he has never worked with before to give everyone something fresh.

With his 'arch rival' for the awards Andy Hui looking in a strong position this year, making lots of appearances for TVB's grand performances, Hacken agrees, but he is still very confident and says that neither of them can relax. He likens himself to a 400m runner, who has run past the 200m mark, but there is still over 100m to go and with his album out in November, this will be his final sprint for the line. As for whether he is confident that he will take the "Most Popular Male Singer" award again, Hacken says that he is confident and would like very much to take the award and make it three years in a row.


[The Sun 14/09/04]

Jessica Hsuan, Dave Wang, Sunny Chan, Fiona Yuen and Selena Li were among the cast members at the blessing ceremony for "My Wife, Your Honour" yesterday. Jessica indicated that although she was not able to vote on Sunday, she has made preparations for next time, when the LegCo elections come around again: "If I just voted for anyone, then that would be worse because I feel that voting should be done with thought and consideration. I am now doing my homework and see who is good over the next few years. Although I didn't have the chance to vote this time, I have told all my family to go and vote."

Talking of Sammul Chan's unlucky accident on Tseung Kwan O's Wan Po Road, Jessica says that she nearly had an accident in the same place earlier. Jessica says with some reservations: "One night I was heading home after work and suddenly there was a car that went through the red lights and if my reactions were any slower, then we would have crashed. I had thought about feeding this back to the police, at least they can put a camera in."

Also, Fiona appeared at yesterday's event with her mother and it turns out that her mum is great pals with Sunny. Fiona says: "Sunny always teaches my mum how to make soup and they get on really well, so I thought I'd bring her along today so they can have a good chat. Even my boyfriend has not seen my mum before, but he has bought her some bird's nest."


[The Sun 14/09/04]

Recently radiating with sunshine, Michelle Ye was invited by Shiseido to an opening and autograph session in Shenzhen. However, Michelle had been up all night with an upset stomach and the next day had to go to the hospital because her tummy hurt so much before rushing to Shenzhen for her work. The sponsors admired her commitment as she turned up for the show despite being unwell and afterwards, Michelle said: "That day was really hard work, but because I had agreed to take part, then I could not let them down, so I had to hang on even though I was unwell." Her biggest reward on the day was attracting over a hundred people asking for her autograph.

At the event, Michelle shared some advice on skincare, saying: "The most important thing is to eat more fruit and get enough sleep. I have a nickname that is 'Sleeping Baby' because when I am working, I can go without sleep for several days and nights, but when I do sleep, I can sleep for a few days."


[Ta Kung Pao 14/09/04]

Patrick Tang and Kevin Cheng were guests at an opening ceremony for a beauty school yesterday and as all the tutors were ladies, Patrick joked that he was very happy to do this job and meet so many girls. Despite this, the two men seemed rather awkward, possibly because they were stuck in a sea of women. Afterwards, Patrick was asked if he was afraid of any rumours, after the earlier news linking him with Bobo Chan. He said impatiently that he and Bobo are friends and there were a lot of coincidences surrounding the reports. However, Patrick admits that he has not seen his girlfriend Marsha Yuen as much lately because she is currently appearing in her musical. When asked if he was worried their relationship may fade with them being apart, he says that maybe his girlfriend has a lot of things she wants to do and the future holds many unknowns. At the moment, they are working hard to realise their ambitions, but regardless of this, he already sees his girlfriend as his wife.


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[Oriental Daily 14/09/04]

Having nursed her pregnancy in Canada, Theresa Lee gave birth to a baby boy on 3rd September, weighing in at over 7 lbs. Theresa is learning how to look after baby at the moment and be a good mother, so it is unknown when she will be back to work in Hong Kong. Her manager Icy reveals that Theresa is pleased to be a mother and seems to have forgotten about the pain of childbirth now. She did not ask too much about the birth, but hopes that Theresa will take care of her health.

At 34 years old, Theresa has been dating her fiance Corey for eleven years and the couple were engaged last year. After shooting a series in Dunhuang last year, Theresa had returned to Canada to rest and after finding she was pregnant at the beginning of the year, she decided to stay until the birth. During her pregnancy, Theresa was not well and had to stay in bed for much of the time, but she used the time wisely and studied psychology, showing what a studious person she is. Although she has become a mother now, Theresa has no intentions of retiring from showbiz and once everything has settled down, she will be back in Hong Kong to battle again.


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