Monday, September 06, 2004

[Ta Kung Pao 07/09/04]

TVB's new series "Shine on You" will begin airing next Monday and in order to promote the show to all those in the field of education, a special premiere was held in a secondary school yesterday, where over two hundred school principals, teachers and students were invited to attend. The Education Office Secretary Lo Fan Suk Fan and TVB General Manager Chan Chi Wan were also at the ceremony togeher with cast members such as Bobby Au Yeung, Michael Tao, Kenix Kwok, Shirley Yeung, Cerina Di Graca, Yu Chiu and Roy Chow.

Michael celebrated his birthday on 26th August and he spent five days on vacation with his wife and a few friends in Thailand. Michael says: "My wife was very happy, because it has been nearly two years since I went on holiday with her. (Why did you not choose to go as a couple?) Because we like a crowd. (What did your wife get for your birthday?) After we got married, she no longer buys presents for me because she has already given me all of herself and as long as she is happy with me then I am happy too." Michael also says tha as he is often working away from Hong Kong, he will try and bring his wife with him whenever he can so she is not alone. Later, Michael will be taking his wife on vacation again to Shanghai and Malaysia because it has been too long since they took a holiday and he will be taking advantage of a break in his schedule to get some good rest.

Talking of work, Michael says that TVB are negotiating with him to film a series in November, but he will also be filming a mainland production in December. He hopes to be able to do both productions. Although he is often heading into China, he has not planned to buy a property there because he prefers to stay in a hotel. "Shine" was Michael's first series after returning to TVB, but he says he is not worried about ratings, just the reviews from the viewers.

At the last promotional event for "Shine", Roy Chow and Yu Chiu seemed rather awkward, but when they met again yesterday, there was no embarrassment at all as they chatted away. Roy indicated that as he had not taken part in a public event for a while, he was a little nervous last time, but now he is used to it again and is more relaxed. When asked about their current relationship, Roy says: "We are friends! (Were there not rumours about your split earlier?) There was no such thing, we have always just been friends. Co-habiting was something made up by the press and we are nothing more than ordinary friends." As for rumours that Yu had set her boundaries with him, he says that he has asked her about this and understands what the reason was. He will still call her out, but there will be a group of friends to avoid any more misunderstanding.

As for whether he will regain some points with the viewers after this series, Roy admits that he has not thought about this, but he has learned his lesson and will change his ways. He has become more embracing and less stubborn, looking at things more objectively. Yu indicated that she will still meet up with Roy, but only with a big group of other people.


[Ta Kung Pao 07/09/04]

Dave Wang was filming yesterday for new series "My Wife, Your Honour" in a scene where he is dragged off by Natalie Tong to go skating and ride a roller coaster, whilst still wearing a suit. Dave says that he liked skating when he was younger and was quite good, able to do a twist in the air, but now he is older he daren't try it. On the roller coaster ride, he was not scared at all, but in order to play his role, he had to pretend to be terrified.

Dave met with a strange occurrence after work earlier. He says that his driver drove to TVB City to pick him up from work and when the car stopped at a light, both he and the driver heard the calls for help from a girl and then a van drove past them. Seeing that the lights had turned to green, he told his driver to drive on, but then they were stopped by a police car who said that they had driven through a red light. When Dave asked the police officer if he had heard the screams or seen the van drive past, the officer said he had not seen anything apart from them driving through the red light. Dave says that as he has seen a lot of strange happenings, he did not argue, but his poor driver was fined $420 and received three penalty points.


[Ta Kung Pao 07/09/04]

Shirley Yeung was a judge at a 'Slender Mature Lady' contest, where the finalists received special coaching from Shirley on how to enhance your figure and keep fit. Wearing a revealing top and short skirt, Shirley was less eyecatching than the contestants in bikinis.

Losing out the limelight to the contestants, Shirley says she does not mind and even praised them for their extremely fit figures and breasts. After using the enhancement products herself, she is now very pleased with her figure and has been continuing to use the product to maintain her figure. As for whether her boyfriend Gregory Lee is pleased with it, she says she does not know and suggested that we should ask him in person. Later she will be shooting more ads, but her limit will be to a bikini top and shorts or a mini skirt. She will not wear a bikini bottom because she has a past experience of revealing herself that was rather unpleasant. When it was jokingly suggested that this means her boyfriend is not allowed to wear Y-fronts, she says she does not know because she has never bought underwear for her boyfriend before and telling the press to ask him in person next time.


[Ta Kung Pao 07/09/04]

Kwong Wa and his wife Kitman Mak made a rare appearance together for the premier of "Alien vs Predator" on Sunday. Kwong Wa explains that he is a big fan of the "Alien" series, so when he found out that this film was made by the original crew, then he had to come and watch it with his wife. When asked why he did not bring his son along, he says that it is too late and his children usually go to sleep at half past ten, because he feels that it is not good for children to go to sleep too late.

Talking of recent plans, he indicates that he has just ended his contract with TVB and not renewed because he wants to take some time out to rest as well as change the format of his work. He laughs that there are a lot of things he can do in the future, such as looking after his children because there is very little personal time when he is filming and now he can take this time to look at other things. When reminded he could only do this with enough financial backing, Kwong Wa indicated that both he and his wife are vegetarians and not big spenders with a simple life, so their expenses are not very large.

With recent magazine reports showing the couple buying bargain products, are they unhappy about this? Kwong Wa says that in fact he is very happy about this. He adds that if people talk about you, then you should not worry about whether it is a good thing or a bad thing because it shows they care about you. If they didn't then they would not bother talking about you. Also, showbiz magazines are there to bring entertainment for all, so if everything that was said is taken to heart then it would be difficult to live. As for whether he does often go bargain hunting, he says that he likes to pick up the odd bargain because he is just an ordinary person and does not have a lot of money. He feels that Hong Kong people nowadays like to measure a person's success by material means too much.


[Ta Kung Pao 07/09/04]

Belinda Hamnett appeared at a promotion yesterday for Guess Watches wearing a tight fitting top and a denim skirt and seemed to have put on some weight around her waist and hips. Belinda indicates that her contract with the slimming company expired a while ago and she is keeping fit by doing exercise now. When it was mentioned that she seems to have put on weight again, she says that as she was busy earlier, then she has become a little fatter, but now she is back to her usual figure. When asked if her lower body was bigger, she said: "No." When asked about the bandage around a finger on her right hand, she explained that she caught her hand in a car door by accident earlier and it became very swollen and painful, so she has been to the doctor and luckily has not injured her bone.


[Oriental Daily 07/09/04]

Bernice Liu modelled at a cosmetics promotion yesterday and she says that she is already a spokesperson for a skincare product range and when asked if she has been invited to become spokesperson for the cosmetics brand too, she laughs: "I am not here as a spokesperson today, it is just a job and the fee is okay. They have also offered me an endless supply of their products. (Will you be taking some for your mother?) I will try it first and if it is suitable, then I will give some to her."

Bernice reveals that is was Sam Hui's birthday yesterday, so she called him to wish him a happy birthday. When asked what she had bought him and whether it was leopard print, Bernice laughed: "I can't say, but to be honest, Sam does not really like these things. Take for instance at the concert, he would cut the cake backstage every day, because if you are happy, then every day is like a birthday."

Also, with Sam holding more shows in October, Bernice says that she will be busy filming for "Healing Hands III", but she will try to fit in some performances because she would very much like to take part in it again. Also, with rumoured boyfriend Moses Chan also filming for "Healing Hands III" and sharing many scenes with her, Bernice says that there is no awkwardness and they will chat and joke as usual because they are colleagues after all!


[Oriental Daily 07/09/04]

Cathy Chui appeared at the airport yesterday at around 10pm to fly over to the UK with her parents and prepare for her graduation ceremony on the 8th. Cathy's parents are not used to facing the press and seemed eager to keep out of the way, but were still smiling. Cathy indicated her sister is currently doing voluntary work in China and will not be attending her big day.

Cathy understood that the press were desperate to know whether her boyfriend Lee Ka Shing will be going with her to England, but she just said openly that she wants to keep her private life low profile and did not reveal whether her boyfriend will be with her. However, she smiled: "I know that there are some press already waiting for me in England, but he (Lee) will not be photographed." After the ceremony, Cathy will return to Hong Kong at the end of the month to shoot some ads to make some more money to pay for her masters studies.


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