Wednesday, September 29, 2004

[The Sun 30/09/04]

Jessica Hsuan has started a boycott on the TVB canteen food recently, but with her colleagues not getting a decent meal either, she has finally spoken out saying: "I don't want something to happen before someone will say anything because it will be too late then."

Always the outspoken one in the crowd, Jessica indicates that the reason she has decided to speak out openly about the poor quality food in the company canteen is because she really can't stand it any longer and she has had a number of bad experiences with the restaurant: "One night, a group of us went to the canteen for dinner and at first I ordered a tomato omelette, but there was a problem with the tomato and they swapped it for a roast pork omelette, but then there was a problem with that as well. Finally, they swapped for four cups of jelly for us and I feel that 'change it for you' is fast becoming their slogan. I don't understand why they don't just return the money, we can put up with it being nasty, but if there is a problem, then this cannot be tolerated."

Jessica also indicates that she knows of many colleagues who are unhappy about the quality of the food and service in the canteen, who have complained, but their problems have never been addressed: "I know that many artistes are afraid of causing trouble and daren't say anything and the backstage crew are afraid this will affect their jobs, so I will speak out for them! I could not say anything, but everyone works so hard in exchange for our food, so I don't want something bad to happen before I speak out, because that would be too late then. I have heard that the food during office hours is much better, but at night, it is a lot worse, so those who work in the offices probably don't experience the bad things as much."

With her sensitive digestion, although Jessica has been woking in TVB City recently, she will try her best to drive back to her home in Clearwater Bay to eat or just eat snacks if she cannot make it back in time. As for Jessica's co-star in "My Wife Your Honour", Sunny Chan, he says in response to the catering problem: "I can't be bothered to talk about it, but if I can, then I will go elsewhere to eat."


[Oriental Daily 30/09/04]

Michael Tse and Joyce Chen took part in a food carnival yesterday and played games with the audience. During the event, Michael revealed that he is currently preparing for his wedding and is rather busy, but has met with some setbacks: "This morning, I went on the internet to book my appointment with the registrar and I thought it would be quite easy, but I could not get onto the site because there are only just over a hundred slots per day and in order to book the day I want, I have to log in at 8 o'clock in the morning. It is even harder than going to work!" However, in order to book his required date of 14th January, Michael has decided to try again. As for why he has to choose this date, he explains: "That date is near the new year, but people have not yet left Hong Kong, so we hope to register and have the banquet on the same day." The future Mrs Tse's wedding gown has been sponsored by their friend.

Also, the currently single Joyce spent her mid-autumn festival asleep in bed. She says: "My mother was in the mainland looking after her business and my grandma was out celebrating with her mah jong friends, so I did not even get dinner and just went to bed. (Mid-autumn is all about joining together people with the moon though?) I had a joining with my pillow instead and spent the evening with Mr Chow. It's all just tradition, it doesn't matter really."


[Ta Kung Pao & The Sun 30/09/04]

Having been away filming in Beijing for a few months, Charmaine Sheh was back in Hong Kong yesterday as a judge for a model competition. As for the gossip that has surrounded the lead stars of "War and Beauty" since the show began airing, Charmaine, who has been embroiled in rumours of conflicts with Maggie Cheung and even slanging matches during magazine interviews, responded to the press saying: "I feel we really need to take a break. I am happy that everyone is supporting the show, but if we continue to be entangled in all these rumours then it is not a good thing. In reality, all the cast members got on peacefully."

Talking of the award for the female lead at the TVB anniversary becoming the target for all the female cast members, Charmaine says that until the company reveals that nominations then she does not know whether she will be up for the award and so it is too early to discuss this just now and each of the female cast members do stand an equal chance. As for the suggestion that Maggie has offered to 'let her have the award', Charmaine says: "I have already responded, I think it is a misunderstanding. (Do you not think that she is undermining you?) I have already responded to this in the magazine interview."

Maggie has also expressed that she does not wish to comment on these rumours to avoid it being used as promotion. When Charmaine heard this, she laughed coldly and said: "Why do I have to respond to what she says? I will just say the same thing and I hope that the rumours will stop for a while. (She says she does not want to be used for promotion.) Who is she referring to? (Are you not worried that someone is profiting from this?) I don't think so!" As for the arguments between her and Maggie's fans on the internet, Charmaine says she thanks her fans for their support, but arguing is an unhealthy way of expressing oneself. On top of this, the news linking Maggie and Alice Tang, hinting a possible lesbian relationship, Charmaine says: "I think this is just an untrue rumour." When asked if she felt that Maggie was 'touching up' other female cast members whilst filming, Charmaine laughs: "There was no such thing!"

Charmaine will be taking part in Saturday's special screening of the grand finale of "War" and when it was mentioned that Gigi Lai had offered to donate a camisole for the auction, Charmaine laughed: "If the public request it, then I don't mind donating a camisole after wearing it, maybe the fragrance will demand a higher price!"


[Ta Kung Pao & The Sun 30/09/04]

With the "Singers Celebrate TVB Anniversary" event abandoned for this year, Hacken Lee felt disappointed when he heard this news. He feels that this show would have been a rare occasion for all the singers to meet up and the show has traditionally been a good gauge of standards in the music industry and he would use this to check his own rankings against his peers and luckily he was continually improving. Hacken laughs that of course, he was never ranked as highly as Andy Lau.

Shirley Yeung was hosting a special show on mid-autumn and had a rare opportunity to meet her idol Jerry Yan that made her very excited. That nigh, she shook his hand and had her photo taken with him and this left her extremely satisfied. Shirley and her boyfriend were both busy on the day of the mid-autumn festival, so they could only celebrate on the next evening for 'chasing moon'.


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